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A place for people like me who can't get enough of the Embarrassed Nude Female genre and want to start up some great RPs ! If you know it, you know it. It's addictive, and cute, and sexy. If you don't know it, stop by and ask. It's a friendly community I've found.

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Roleplay Club
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    Sonja Petronov

  3. onearmeddruid

    Bio: Sonja Petronov

    Name: Sonja Petronov Gender:female Age: 21 appearance: https://www.deviantart.com/unknown-amelia/art/Sonja-Petronov-563895237 Nationality: Russian/Hungarian Bio: Sonja has always been an odd child, she was reclusive and a little violent when she was a little girl. After her parents died in a fire she never smiled, her serious persona frightened many of her teachers. Over time she became chipper happier even, if not a bit naive. More like a child than an adult she skips around most days joyfully singing in her Father's tongue. though there is a glimmer of a darker side to her personality, only clue to it is when she is nude, when she is 'normal' she becomes a whimpering mess desperately trying to hide her rather large assets from the public, while dark she seems to care less in fact she seems to enjoy it a bit, though that look she gets with the ever so calm smile frightens others
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