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Welcome to the Ecchi Dreams Pokemon League, where the prize for winning is more memorable than a badge, and the challenge is tougher the further you go into your adventure~


"You must be new here, yes? Ah, it seems you're unfamiliar with the rules and happenings of the EDPL..." The firm, feminine voice belongs to a white-haired girl, who offers you a toffee whilst she recomposes herself. "I'm Honey, the administrator for the League; or, the Ecchi Dreams Pokemon League. My mother, Melony, is the current champion of the league."


"So, what is the EDPL? Well, it's like any other Gym Challenge; prepare a team to face Gym Leaders and fellow trainers, win, get a prize. But the catch is that there's two challenges in the EDPL: if you win the initial Pokemon battle, you can get invited into the second portion of the challenge; you earn the right to fuck 'em." Honey unwraps a toffee of her own, flipping back her braid.

"And if you manage to impress the Gym Leader in both battles, then your prize is their underwear. They serve as your badges. There's 13 Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and my Mom, each specialising in a type of their own. Oh, but don't worry, you don't have to challenge them all; if you can clear half of the league -- six Gym Leaders and two members of the Elite Four -- then you earn the right to challenge my Mom. So far, nobody's come close to beating her. But, here's the fun part: you can battle other trainers who have the respective Gym Leaders' underwear if you can't beat 'em. Sleep with them, and the underwear's yours.

Me? I'm taking care of the Pokemon Centre and helping out folks like you; but I'll be around if you need me. So, did ya get all that? If not, come see me. Best of luck in the league, cutie ❤️"

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