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An Erotic pathfinder game that uses Rise of the Runelords as a base campaign and spins off with other adventures and villains. Characters are created at 13th level using 25 point buy and armed with 140,000 gp worth of magic items.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. @Eros Angel Take your time, I am also connecting less. Heck I am just here taking a break from work. So don't worry do what you gotta do.
  3. I will come back, sorry, RL is just beating on me in multiple ways right now lol
  4. I hope the game comes back. I was really enjoying it, is so hard to find high level games and I think @Eros Angel did a fantastic job. If/when she is ready to GM the game again I will help her as best I can. Having said that I know she is very busy at the moment so I dont thinks that will be any time soon.
  5. Yeah, some of Kazumi's entourage may end up finding their way into their own adventures. But they're all still ready to come back here
  6. While I do miss playing Nishka, I understand if this will not be revived. I have been using her in other games, but in different version so to speak.
  7. I have no abandoned this either. It was quite entertaining for me to interact with everyone.
  8. Sorry I'm so late to reply, but definitely take whatever time you need. Obviously I know all about taking time. With that said, I was super excited to return here and play this game, so at least know that even in low energy mode, you were doing a fantastic job! I can't wait to continue this tale and find out what naughty situations I can get Kazumi in to help the group level up!
  9. Sounds good Angel! Take what time you need.
  10. I just wish you to recover from whatever is bogging you ^^ that is the only thing I think you should focus on and anything beyond that is a bonus
  11. Well now that I have more time I also want to apologize for my general low energy and also lack of response to social dynamic issues in the party. I've been running at like 10% for awhile now and that's bad as a GM, I'm kinda shitting my pants with this game, normally my play by post game posts are like novels, not one liners and that extreme scene setting is what let's my style of letting the PCs make whatever choice they like work because they have a lot to work with. Anyway once this real life crisis is over I'm gonna work to reinvigorate all I do. I haven't even had energy to wor
  12. *Darius who is the one who came up with the idea and has had much longer, much, much longer to think about it, knows why simply going to another, any plane isn't a better idea than the one he proposes* "Nishka, I know you aren't speaking to me, I know you dont like me. But I will say this, whether I get help or not, I will carry on with my plans. And my plan isn't simply to go to one plane, it is far more intricate than that. But I am hesitant to discuss it in the open. "
  13. I nod at that, very much agreeing with the man in heavy armour."I would love to. Conversations makes us better understand each other - for good or for bad, depending with whom we speak. I do have a sanctuary where we might be free of prying eyes and ears", I tell Jerell and then outline one of the new things the spirits taught me. Fey gate: "You have great wisdom Priest Jerell and I wish others would listen to you more as you have some good points indeed. I suppose diplomacy is something some master much better than others. Just don't be shocked should the evilness turn against us,
  14. "We should have a conversation sometime. However, having a place where the eyes of Shar don't reach could be useful." Jerell's tone switches from his jovial to very sincere "You are right the Mage does seek power for himself. Many mages do in my experience. The truth is, I think we all need each other right now, even though we may not see eye to eye. When this is all over then we can go our seperate ways... if we like. But for now, if it means a better chance of saving this whole world, I am for it. There is too much at stake. But I tell you, when this is all over, maybe a few peop
  15. As I hear the name of the juju caster, I roll my eyes and sigh."Ohhh, and you trust this fellow? I am not sure I wish to aid someone who is clearly evil and only seeks out power. I would happily help out anyone else here though. Are you afraid we are being spied upon priest Jerell? I have ways we can talk in private - if that is what we need"
  16. "We're going to attempt to... Ah... How to put this? The Red Mage is going to attempt a spell to aid us. Privacy from prying eyes and all that. Would you care to help out Nishka?" Jerell eyes Nishka hopefully.
  17. I understand our character's have their difference just thought I should mention it is an attempt to bring the party closer. Paused is the correct term, you are correct.
  18. Paused or fully stopped? Given how he is and how he has acted, Nishka might not be inclined to follow a clearly evil person.
  19. It's mostly a moot point since the game is stopped. Darius did just ask for help from the entire party and one of the reasons I did so was to bring the party together or at least try to.
  20. Am I really starting to think we ought to discuss how we bring the party together? Right now it just seems a bit all over the place and I think it's best to have a group that actually wants to work together and can somehow get along. Most often I think we are discussing rules rather than roleplaying between our characters and how we can make that work better.
  21. Yeah, shit. So I have two unexpected house guests coming over soon and they will be staying with me for I don't know how long so for practical purposes I will have to leave Ecchidreams mostly untouched for awhile. I am shutting down this game, at least for now, my deepest and most sincere apologies. I will return as soon as I am able! And if I have times when I can sneak on!
  22. Once we have returned I will return to my room shortly to return Snippers to where he can get some rest. Then I meet up with the others."So, what is the plan after this?", I ask whoever I either meet first or who cares to listen and answer.
  23. @agdiv "The spell I intend to cast requires 6 hours of great concentration, during which I won't be able to even swing my sword. For complicated reasons the spell has a significant monetary cost which may temp many to steal it, and that's just one of many reasons I can think for why I may need protection." *Darius says trying to explain, a sound of something heavy being dragged and metal hitting against metal can be hear in the distance and it's getting closer. Suddenly what appears to be a large bag of gold seemingly moving on its own arrives* (OOC: Unseen Servant is bring the
  24. @PsychoSexual @Balthier "What aid do you require? If I'm able, I am willing to assist you." Cernan speaks up.
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