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Have you ever wanted to just take a load off and relax? Well, now you can! This club will be a continuously-running tea party where you can drop in or out at any point. It isn't really a place for lewdness but for casual conversation. That said, if you do click with someone here and want to do something a little less safe-for-work, the option will be available to make a topic for the two of you... or three... or however many people are involved.

Yes, you can have coffee if you prefer.


Club difficulty: Novice to Expert, at least in the main thread. Members will be able to create side threads and may specify their preferred experience levels as they see fit.


Image taken from Wikipedia. It is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-ShareAlike, and as such may be used here. To comply with the EcchiDreams ToS, I will not link the article, but the image is taken from the Wikipedia article titled "Tea."

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