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It is the 1720's and piracy is at its peak in he Caribbean sea. Plenty of money and glory seeking pirates around, trying to claim the biggest loot and make their mark into history. This is the time of great opportunity, but also great risk and dangers as the powerful nations as well as mysteries of the sea aims to put a stop to anyone wanting to overreach for more fame and fortune than they may be able to handle. Will you succeed and enjoy the finer life of sea or will you be hung from the neck or worse? Only one way to find out: So set sail and try your luck!

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EcchiDreams Specific Community Club
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  2. The tavern is lively and with lots of people in it already. The music is nice and catchy. All sorts of stuff is happening around her, such as arm wrestling, gambling, 5 finger filet and so on. Among many other hardened sailors, most of which not fond of the navies, are very occupied with their various activities. There are a few here who could look like they are indeed captains. One of them being a rather loud mouthed and likely drunk female one. She appears to be in some kind of drinking contest as many empty shot glasses are turned upside down on a table and with plenty more to be emptied."H
  3. Giggling as she witnesses all the people going about their days noticing a variety of little wounds here and there, and licking her lips at the light violence Loving seeing people have fun hurting each other. As she continues to strut, her pointy ears make out the music from the Place, "Sticky Beaver huh?" She asks with a tilt of the head and a smile. "Sounds like an innuendo." She giggles once more before she heads off inside of it, hoping to find a captain in search of her services~
  4. Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well
  5. OOC: Equity acts? Please don't put in any lore out of nowhere please. Unless you are talking some sort of historic thing about the time period I am unaware of? It's stil fairly early at day, being around noon and there is already plenty of bustle, hustle and activity in general all around, No one has much time to look after and care about a single rowboat coming upon land near one of the coastal cities. With all of these people around here, there are good chances to find anyone seeking another crew member,
  6. Not sure Bruce wants to take any chances Hahaha!
  7. Even with the various Equity Acts that are in place for humans and non-humans alike, most places aren’t exactly safe when you are a 6’6 Minotaur. People are just as likely to try and kill ya because you scare the hell outta ‘em as they are to kill ya to prove something. That’s why Tortuga was better than most places. Minotaur or human priest...you have the same odds to be mugged or worse. Bruce had come to shore by small row boat. His last ship and crew were no more. One day you are a conqueror...the next you are conquered. He was happy to be alive, still have the clothes on his back,
  8. I think you are referering to his nickname - which mostly is aimed at big monsters wanting to kill him and his crew xD
  9. Aye, but ‘tis a pirate’s life for Bruce! So...Captain Muerta definitely seems the better choice. Captain Peterson doesn’t seem the type to be interested in a Minotaur. He is more likely to “slay” him then ask him aboard!
  10. Yes, those ^^ I did add one more captain just now as well - as I think I only saw one pirate captain. There are, of course, also naval officers.
  11. Do you mean the NPC captains? I didn’t see any other characters listed beside Blake and I.
  12. Character name: Cassia "Rum Belly" Muerta Gender: Female Age: 25 Role: Captain of the pirate ship "Angelo de muerta" Personality: Cunning, loves to make all the coin, very selective with her crew and loves the finest things in life Background: Going from a fully unknown and talentless street child, Cassia worked her way up through various crews during her life, until she led a successful mutiny against the old captain of the ship. She always wanted a life where she made her own rules and goals, instead of having any of these dictated upon her by others. Skil
  13. My various references for NPCs, locations and player characters.
  14. Oh, for sure. I do have one or two captains so far. Tortuga is definitely a place you could begin. Let me know if a captain of mine should interest you.
  15. Well I was first interested in High Seas or Sea Battle, but then I saw Tortuga. That could be a good place to start. Hopefully get hired on as part of a crew.
  16. Good to hear! Does any particular place or NPC interest you?
  17. So far I don’t think I have anything. I’m just eager to get started in this club. My character is obviously built to fight, but that’s his secondary role. He’s primarily the medic and carpenter.
  18. Greetings and warmly welcome to the kind and nice people here! I hope you like the setup of the place thus far! Do let me know any comments you may have @Cash Money Chad @BlakeRp@BenHawkinsLivesHere
  19. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    Characters of the Caribbean

    Character name: Bruce Bregan Pet name: Ska (vulture) Gender: Male Age: 20 Role: Surgeon/Carpenter Personality: Overall laid back attitude but has an explosive temper if his fuse is lit. As a result of his high intelligence he tends to act like the smartest guy in the room (show off) even when he isn’t the smartest person in the room... Sexuality: Heterosexual Background: Hailing from an island torn apart by civil war, Bruce comes from a strong clan. The Bregan clan was known for their dedication to tradition values. Bruce was no exception. He was made an a
  20. As per usual, there is always plenty of noises, people and partying going on at any harbour of Tortuga. This one is no exception either as plenty of drunken sailors try to walk around or even just sit upright in their current state. Thankfully, there is no obvious trouble around and the closest to it are some buddies who are just wrestling or doing light fisticuffs, but in a manner where it's obviously just for the fun of it. There are always plenty of places to drink, barter, hang out, drink, lodge, play games and to drink. One of the closest places near captain Blake being a rather warm
  21. Ahh Tortuga, where you're just as likely to get mugged on the street as propositioned by a hooker. The final bastion of lawlessness where a man could do as he wished whenever he wished. This was the town that Blake was entering. As she stepped off the ship, she took in a deep breath of the air, enjoying the salted winds as they carried the ocean's breeze through the streets, her knife like ears that denote her an elf twitching as she walks down the steps, face set into a curious smile as she begins walking down the streets. Now, she just needed to find some lodgings for the night, and she'd be
  22. NPCs: Today I have added 6 more NPCs to hopefully flesh out the world a bit more and give people for you guys to interact with. I have tried to make it fully even with 3 females (1 futa) and 3 males and hopefully hit a variety of roles as well. I hppe you will enjoy
  23. Character name: Mary Forrester Gender: Female Age: 12 Role: Novice nun of the Catholic church Personality: Shy, innocent, curious and very devout Background: She was found abandoned in the street by kind nuns who took her in. Thus they and she have no idea who are her real parents. Mary easily adapted into the lifestyle, beliefs and such of the catholic church. She aims to spread the word of God to all she can find as she is sure that her destiny was to be a beacon of hope, compassion, love and faith Skills: 1) True faith 2) Aura of Truth 3) Bless Beli
  24. Character name: Aldert Koopman Gender: Male Age: 37 Role: Merchant in San Juan Personality: Simply loves to accumulate coin and save money, is known to be rather witty despite his money loving, loves to party and drink (hppefully on someone elses expense) Background: As the rumors of grand coin to be made in the Caribbean reached him in the Netherlands, he would soon move here to set up his operations. Aldert aims to be the most famous and richest of merchants of all. Already having fame in the world of merchants, he quickly expanded his network from his grand sho
  25. Character name: Blake Morrigan Gender: Female Age: 27 Role: Doctor Personality: Sarcastic, witty, and fun loving. A little bit of a sadist. Sexuality: Yes (Bi) Background: Morrigan was born to a family of doctors, her father and grandfather were both in the practice before her, so she learned most of what she knows at a young age. But, on the side she likes to mix up the drugs as if she were an alchemist Skills: Surgery, Healing, "Alchemy" Beliefs: There's no grave but the see.
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