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Welcome to the postapocalyptic setting of Neuropa

It was 1945 and even though most would have believed it would not have come to pass and the
effects could be felt all around the world. Two nuclear bombs fell over Japan, in Nagasaki and
Hiroshima, decimating them and killing many thousands of people.

After these news reached Hitler in Europe, he decided to rush his own plans. Of course, this also
meant putting ressources and manpower from other projects into this one, but Hitler felt this was
more important and necessary.

Rapidly and with much intensity the German army would develop the means to deliver big blows
to the Allies: Jet planes and of course the atomic bomb.

Naturally such activity did not go past the eyes and ears of the allied forces and soon enough both
parties were in a race to get more nukes and planes. It seemed like the war itself was on hold as both
sides strived to be the one with the upper hand.

The fateful day arrived and bombs rained over Europe for days, blasting many parts back to the
stone age, leaving death and destruction in its wake. At first it was all trategic targets, but soon
enough even civilian targets were made on both sides.
Everything was in turmoil, but after the wave of bombings seized, a broken wo

rld was left behind.
The war previously meant to free the world from the nazi threat now instead turned into global civic
war in each country. Anarchy now the new world order where only the strongest survived. Great
unrest and uncertainty became part of the daily routine.

Over time the actual war between Axis and allies powers were forgotten by most people as survival
and personal power (for some) was a higher priority. People gathered up in minor self made states,
towns and so on as a result of this.

Shortage of ressources forced people to interact with other enclaves. In some cases leave their home
to trade with others or have their ends meet in other ways. These dire circumstances meant that
some people felt forced to do things they morally felt wrong about, while others felt the need to step
in and try to restore some sort of order in this new world.

Motorized vehicles is mostly history as the ressources and knowledge to run, maintain and build
such machines is very scarce and as such are reserved mostly for the biggest groups you will find in
the wasteland of Neuropa.

Now it is the year of 2045 and we are in the new world of Neuropa.

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