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Every now and then... you ever get that urge to do something a little darker than usual? A little taboo? A little risque? Or maybe you're all about that life 24/7? Either way, come here to satisfy the dark urges that taunt you. Whether it's some light bondage or good 'ol snuff.. Noncon? Dubcon? Mind break? Incest? Manipulation? Blackmail? Drugs!? Degradation? Humiliation? Dehumanization? Abuse? All of the above!? And things that don't violate the ToS, (I forget about ageplay and the like, which I THINK is okay in RP form, not okay in image form.) I hope that we can be civil and considerate to each other while doing horrible things in RP! We're not here to judge or to take our frustrations out on the person behind the characters. If you don't approve of a certain kink, then you are by no means expected to play it within this club. And this is especially true when looking for partners. A person can seem to check every box you're looking for but one, yet if you try to push them into something they don't want to do, then feel free to see yourself to the door. Remember, there's just a short space between a therapist and the rapist!

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Roleplay Club
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  2. I want to play a loli who acts frightened by males' sexual approaches, but secretly enjoys the feeling. If anyone would like to do this, please comment here first.
  3. Cheap dad buys daughter second hand computer Imagine the power you have! Dad bought me a computer off of an interned add. He thought he had scrubbed all of the old programs off before giving it to me but he was wrong. The previous owner (you) had secreted a hidden spy program that allowed keystroke logging and well as opening the camera. You were not sure what you would get but.... why not? It does not take long before you realize that the new owner is a pretty little preteen asian girl. It's not long before you have a detailed dossier on my life including; Parents and teachers names and email addresses, my friends names, my home address, my cell phone number, and the passwords to a couple of social accounts (that you are very sure my dad would NOT approve of). Carefully you watch for an opening and smoothly start with a messenger window. I am cautious at first but we are soo much alike that I instantly warm up to you and it's not long before you start leaving little gifts hidden in the yard. Perhaps a little something to wear? What I don't know is that when that little light on the cam is glowing, the can is on. Then one day the boom gets lowered "If you don't want these pictures and videos to get distributed. you will do as I instruct. Understand!"
  4. Django The High Shaman

    Broken Treaty

    Name: Shikoa Nashoba (Feather Wolf) Age: 26 Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Status: Polyamory Nationality: Choctaw (Panther Clan) Family: Chief Chochmo (Father), Tula (Mother), Kostino (Male Partner) Personality: Stubborn, blood thirsty during fight, intelligence, generous towards his tribe and others. Description: Shikoa Nashoba is about 180.34 cm, 14 stone, chestnut skin with tattoos on his arms and torso (those tattoos are black and blue having geometric designs ). Long black hair descends from his hair, braided and has feathers and beads among his hair. No facial hair but a scar on his bottom lip, noticeable but it does not effect his speech. Plot: It’s early 1700s in what is now Louisiana. Your father had the audacity move from the colony to the east, in what is now Choctaw owned. Big mistake. One night a war party "visits" your farm, killing your father and mother then turning you into a slave.
  5. I have an idea for a historical one. It takes place in early 1700s Louisiana/Alabama, you are a French girl from New Orleans and I'm a Choctaw warrior and Chief's Son. Your father breached the treaty, so it will pay, no matter what's the cause.
  6. This is all just fun and games with the theme of the club. Don't take anything personal or seriously, plz. Have fun, get horny. Being said, rape, abuse and humiliate each other to your heart's content!
  7. This sounds like it could be a very scary scenario to explore, a niece being trapped with her perverted uncle for an entire summer who just wants to degrade and break her solely to get back at her father... I love to explore the dark psychological effects of situations like this. I may be a male irl, but I love to play female characters a lot. I hope that's okay, but I understand not everyone is okay with that. I could certainly take you up on this scenario! But just a heads up, I sometimes go extended periods without replying so I can't guarantee consistent responses. I try to warn everyone I roleplay with about that ahead of time. Before I provide any detail on my perspective on contributions, do you have any preconceived ideas about this niece character? Age, personality, interests, appearance, etc.? If not, I can pitch you some ideas for characters! That is, only if you're interested in playing with me!
  8. Your father and uncle haven't gotten along for as long as you can remember. Always competitive and trying to out do each other. Your father seemed to opt in for the family life. Settle, get married and have a beloved daughter. Your uncle, however, didn't have settling down on his mind at all. Starting a successful company that rapidly expanded throughout the country and then world... he became very wealthy. Stupidly wealthy. Though he didn't get along with your father, he never attempted to stop you from getting to know him. Though you don't see him very often, it's always an exciting experience. Lets you hang out in his big homes he owns all over the world... play around with his cool stuff... from high tech gadgets, computers, to cars, boats, jetski's. Father always hated holidays, because your uncle would always get you such expensive gifts to which he couldn't compete. It makes you feel a little awkward, but you understand and try not to choose sides in the dispute. Though one time, you did ask your uncle why he and dad don't get along... the answer was... interesting. Apparently your mother and uncle were once a thing when they were young. High school sweethearts. Storybook romance. Believed they were made for each other, etc. All three of them were very close, your father being a good friend to your mother at the time. Until one night, on his way to pick up your mother, your uncle had an unfortunate accident. Hit by a drunk driver. It was horrible... so bad that most the doctors even believed he wasn't going to make it. At best become a vegetable if he survived the surgery. During this time, your father was the shoulder to cry on for your mother and they ended up... comforting each other... both thinking your uncle was as good as dead. But miraculously... he survived. Once he healed up, he was eager to get back to hanging out with his girl and brother again. They even led him on for awhile, until your mother couldn't take the guilt and admitted their affair. Uncle was rightfully furious, disowning his own brother in the process... calling him a traitor.. backstabber.. liar... etc. And it's been that way since. And if it if wasn't worse... your father has been saving up for ages for a romantic cruise with your mother and called in the favor to your uncle to take you in for the summer... knowing that he wouldn't refuse if you were involved. You hate being in the middle of this, but just go with it for now. But once you do... damn. Your uncle's private summer resort is fantastic. Anything and everything you'd want for summer fun is there. Though you notice your uncle watching you a lot as you lounge by the pool... hang at the beach.. go out on the boat... his eyes are always on you. Not shy about asking why, he apologizes and says you remind him so much of your mother at that age. The age when they were a thing. You're a little put off by this at first... as you should... it's a little.. inappropriate to be thinking of his niece like that, but... You can't deny that your uncle is an attractive man.. and wealthy. Whether you consider the opportunity or not... he has other plans. It'll be a hell of a summer... with an emphasis on hell. He's not thinking nostalgia or some inappropriate romance with his niece who reminds him of his former lover... He's thinking revenge against his brother by taking it out on you. By making his own niece into the object of his desire. Not only by taking you whenever he wants, but breaking you into his obedient little pleasure servant. He'll drug you, take you, humiliate you, berate you, degrade you... anything he can think of to make him feel better about what your parents did to him years ago. He has all summer to do anything he wants. May even keep you afterwards. When they return to pick you up, telling them that you belong to him now with a pregnant belly. Basically an amusement park of dark shit to do. Can discuss your do's and don'ts beforehand so we're on the same page and then hopefully have some uncle/niece fun. Hopefully with lots of swimsuits.
  9. Would love to be seduced and turned into a lesbian by a family member, preferably in an Indian family arrangement, but otherwise also ok. Instead of direct blood relatives its better if The girl or woman seducing me is a cousin, aunt, sister in law or any other relative. More details can be discussed
  10. May as well kick off in my own club. See the title? That's the gist. I COULD come up with a bunch of possible scenarios, but I can pull one out of my ass at the drop of a hat. Here's the basic formula: Add father and/or brother + daughter/little sister. Insert reason for male(s) to be a little fucked up. IE: Just released from prison. Traumatic childhood experience. Is just a general sociopath/psychopath. Drunk with power. Drug experimentation. Or forced into situation themselves without having a choice via blackmail, extortion, hostage situation, other crisis beyond their control. Or even they are unknowing at the beginning, the reveal to come later as a shocking TWIST! Add young female. (Not too young). Youngest I'm willing to go is 13. Prefer them to have some womanly features as I am not attracted to children. Naive/clueless to the entire situation until oh hey, I'm getting raped! Situation occurs where the male(s) realize the female isn't a little girl anymore, IE walk in during shower, see in underwear, have a pool/beach scene with swimsuit action, etc. and decide hey... it's rape 'o clock! The female is a cunt and 'deserves it'. (Yes, no one deserves it but this is why we pretend!). The female is just too damn hot for her own good and to be related to the males and the stupid bastards just can't resist! Essentially, I love incest. And I love getting dark with it sometimes. The more fucked up we can make it... the better! What's worse than fucking your daughter/sister? Try raping her! Worse than that? Smack her around and degrade her while doing so! Worse than that? Keep doing this to the point where she believes she deserves it then is willing to do anything you please. What could make it more fucked? Could date rape her. More fucked even? She's underage. A little more fucked than that? Let's get her pregnant! Then want to get more fucked? Let's time skip 13-15 years. The child of you and your daughter/sister is now the age she was when you took her. If it's a son? Hey, meet your 26 year old mother. Still kinda hot, right? Hey daughter/sister, this is your son all grown up. Neat, huh? Now rape the shit out of her! Hell, I'll join. Three generations going at it here. Hope the son gets his mother pregnant. Know why? That would grant him the elusive sister-daughter. A rare commodity among incest breeders. Kind of like Pokemons! ....or something, never played it. Was too busy doing drugs and having sex. Anyway, I know you're asking, what if the child of your child/sister is female? Well... wait til she's 13-15. Have her live a regular childhood, then take her to meet mom. Hey, remember that daughter you had 13-15 years ago? This is her all grown up. Now guess what? I'm gonna rape her like I did to you while you watch! None of that last paragraph is required I'm just... can't stop typing. If you want me to give you a scenario, I'll give you one. If you got one, let me hear it. If you want to come up with one together... EVEN BETTER!! I really have no preference as far as setting, so long as there's daughters and little sisters to take advantage of, I'm there... Kinks: Think I got most of them, but I can elaborate further: Incest, Noncon, Dubcon, Abuse (slapping, choking, etc), Mind Break, Ageplay, Drugs (real or fictional drugs that can serve a specific purpose), Impregnation, Degradation, Humiliation, Dehumanization, Objectification, Anal (Ask about the new Analgasm!), Double Penetration(Father and Brother to their daughter/sister), Age Gaps, Free Use, Obsessive/Creep Behavior (stalking, peeping, underwear theft), Swimsuits (give me a beach/pool scene and I'm all over that shit!), Cumming Inside (EVERY time!), Blackmail, mental/psychological abuse. Probably some others I'm forgetting. Got something in mind, just ask. There's only a couple where I'm like "No way" most of them I'll be like "Meh, Sure." Limits: Excessive violence (torture porn and gore. Although... I have done a schoolgirl snuff RP before... but it was more... fuck'em, kill'em, next!). Toilet stuff. (Poop, nah. Pee..... mmmmmaaaayyyyybbbeeeeee.... depends on situation. A father pissing on his daughter after raping her to drive the point home is pretty neat!) And get out of here with that furry shit. I mean... you do you, I'm just not into it. Bestiality may be on same boat as watersports... depends on situation... A father training his daughter's loyal German shepherd to rape and piss on her after the father just raped and pissed on her would be pretty neat... I mean... you got to set goals in life to aspire to! Where am I...?
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