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This club is for the adventures of a group of people that hunt and research Crypto’s(Creatures that have not been proven to be real by science, but have had people say they have seen them). Started by a retired, wealthy man named Walter Rise, who had his own encounter with a Female Crypto that saved his life when he had been attacked by a bear on a camping trip. The man had been entranced by the Crypto, a alluring female that seemed to be a mix of human and tree, as she scared the bear off, before turning to him. Gentle hands made from soft living wood made sure he was unhurt, the creatures eyes filled with kindness as it looked down on him. After seeing that Walter was unhurt, the creature made to leave when it froze, looking off into the dark woods. It suddenly scooped up Walter and hugged him close to her body. Roots, wood and branches started to grow from the Crypto’s back, wrapping around her and Walter, formed a into a tree that hid them in the middle with a small hole for them to see out of. After a few moments a group of men, wearing armor and carrying guns appeared. The female crypto started to shake with fear as the men looked around and it didn’t take long for Walter to guess that the Crypto was being hunted be these people. After a bit they left and the Crypto pulled the things back into her body so she looked more human. Not wanting this creature to be hurt, Walter convinced her to follow him, which was hard since the Crypto did not speak, but he got her to his truck and inside it. He took her home, a massive estate and had a special garden built for her to live in. Determined to protect her and other Crypto’s from the mysterious hunters, Walter built a underground faculty to research and to house Crypto’s and reached out to top biologists, trackers and hunters to form a team to find and bring in Crypto’s.

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
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