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As some of you people would already know, I am a huge fan (and pervert ~) of monster girls. Having a beautiful smile and yet, having the body of another species like Lamias, Harpies, Spiders and more! I want to know the fans of these kind of girls (or boys?) and get to meet new people that appreciates the same things as me. welcome to everybody ~

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  2. Hey, little new to all this so sorry for any breaches of etiquette. Prompt is a little long, but you can check out the summary at the bottom. If you’d rather play a different monster girl (Lamia comes to mind) let me know and maybe we can work something out! In this world, succubi are gorgeous demon women who drink human semen for sustenance. The most potent, delicious semen comes from men who are sexually frustrated, so succubi frequently do their best to tease and edge men for as long as possible before they cum. I am a young, virile man, with dark hair and a lean, toned physique. I have just broken up my girlfriend and have not had an orgasm in weeks; my balls ache from how full they are. She’d ended things just days before my birthday, where she had promised me a blowjob - which would have been the first one in our two year relationship. After a failed masturbation attempt, I fall asleep alone in my bed, just wishing I could cum. I dream restlessly, and am awoken to find a nubile, irresistible demonic presence sitting in the edge of my bed. “Hey there,” you giggle. I begin to panic, but your hypnotic aura pacifies me long enough to hear your offer: you will drain my balls of everything I have, as long as every drop goes down your throat. I hesitate, my cock twitching in my loose shorts, as I attempt to use my better judgment. That is, until you lift your fingers to your lips, parting them to reveal your long, snake-like tongue, which slithers down over your hand and around your wrist and squeezing. My face flushes with heat, and I swallow hard before giving you the barest hint of a nod. You giggle again, your laughter deafening me to my sense of self-preservation. You begin to tease my body, kissing me all over as I shake and shudder in anticipation. Eventually you bring your head down low, your breath steaming over my groin. I groan as you kiss and lick my length for an agonizing eternity until you finally push the engorged head of my manhood between your pillowy wet lips. The feeling is beyond anything I thought a human could experience. Your cheeks hollow and you bob your head expertly, my cock gliding in and out of your mouth expertly. Your prehensile tongue extends, wrapping itself around my length, squeezing and tugging me in tandem with your tempo. It isn’t long before my eyes roll back into my head, my ass clenching and my body tensing up. My cock lurches and my balls churn as I unleash… nothing. Just before I unleash my pent-up orgasm, your tongue tightens to a vice-grip around my shaft, blocking my cum like a dam. I let out a whimper, and hear you let out a muffled, mirthful chuckle. I plead with you for a moment, but your grip remains firm. You tease me until I can no longer take it; all sense of self-preservation goes out the window, and all I can think about is cumming. I grab your hair and buck my hips into your face, fucking your throat in an animal attempt to free my manhood from your grasp - but your tongue stretches and sways with my wild movements, never letting up for a moment. I hear you squeal with delight, as if this is what you wanted all along. It’s going to be a long night… Hey! Like I said, a little new to all this, so apologies for any breaches in etiquette. If you made it to the end, congrats! But if you want a basic summary: you are a succubus who wants to drink my cum, but first you want to tease me until I lose control completely. You use your prehensile tongue (or the suction of your lips, or just plain magic) to deny my orgasm(s) until I am roughly fucking your throat - but always with the feeling that you’re getting what you want. Open to any suggestions or tweaks; let’s collaborate so we can both have fun General tags I think: throatfucking, throatpies, orgasm denial/cock ring, some light transformation/monastery stuff and some bratty femdom/roughness. Hope to hear from you soon
  3. Looking for a monster girl rp with
  4. Looking for three rps: 1. Mc is a demigod who stumbles upon a village of elves or monster girls and decides to help them repopulate their species because their men all died in war 2. Mc is an adventurer who travels around a fantasy landscape and meets different monster girls. It's one of those "let's make it up as we go" type of rps. 3. Mc goes on vacation to a tropical island only to discover the island is inhabited by sext monster girls~
  5. Hi. I am looking to rp as a young guy who runs into monster girl(s). It can be a one shot or a longer story if you would like. Here is the ones I am looking for from each of the monster girl games I am aware of. EcchiText me if interested. Monster Girl Unlimited: Alraune Amazoness Apsara Blue Oni Cheshire Cat Chimaera Creeping Coin Dark Elf Dark Mage Demon Dhampir Dragon Dryad Gargoyle Griffon Hellhound Ignis Jinko Kakuen Kejourou Kitsune-tsuki Kraken Kunoichi Lava Golem Lilim Liliraune Manticore Mermaid Minotaur Mothman Nereid Nurarihyon Ocelomeh Ogre Papillon Pharaoh Raiju Red Oni Satyros Succubus Titania Undine Werecat Wight Youko Lust Grimm\Friend\Memory (and Succubus Puttel and Succubus in Wonderland)): Succubus Harpy Spirit Mimic Succubus Officer Witch Succubus Dark Elf Bikini Succubus Mermaid Bubble Succubus Busty Phantom Fallen Angel Succubus Santa Desert Phantom Succubus Dancer Gym Succubus Succubus Nurse Hard Succubus Grand Succubus Alraune Alp Pirate Succubus Succubus Teacher Fess Ideal Manuve Rotkappchen Lust Reaper Shandilla Empress Lust Nightmare Honeybee Mushroom Girl Training Succubus Mother Succubus Milky Succubus Mega Succubus Holy Succubus Dark Succubus Citra Plana Carroll Lewis Hearts\Diamonds\Clubs\Spades Soldier Grand Succubus Yukionna Scorpion Griffin Honeybee High Succubus Knight Succubus Trick Succubus Dark Nekomata Cheshire Cat Queen of Hearts Shell Mimic Nudibranch Merrow Akaname Red Succubus Sorceress Gula of Gluttony Invy of Envy Iruda of Wrath Lux of Lust Super of Pride Monster Girl Quest: Dark Dryad Dark Elf Mage Demi-Nightmare Demon Monk Dominion Endiel Dryad Est Eva Forest Alraune Forest Dryad Fulbeua Gargoyle Girl Genitauros Gigamander Gigantic Girl High Minotauros Honey Pot Hornet Girl Jakotsu-Onna Kanon Kunoichi Elf Kunoichi Succubus Lampas Lava Girl Lilith Lizard Boss Lyla Maccubus Mermaid (General\Knight\Queen) Minagi Minotauros Mysteltainn Myusca Nekomata Nemea Nightmare (SQ) Nightmare (SR) Ogretooth Onahole Girl Mistress Oni Queen Alraune Queen Vampire Saki Samurai Elf Seraph Eden Succubus A, B, C, D Succubus Monk Sun Wukong Tarsa Valkyrie Vendetta Vouivre Girl Youki (If you are aware of another monster girl game I did not list just let me know.)
  6. White_Snake

    Ogre Women

    Never mind me just posting my favorite type of monster girls, ogres! they're so beautiful I LOVE ogre girls~
  7. Alzeroth

    Just a guy looking for a monster girl

    Always love a good monster girl rp, hit up my pm and we can chat!
  8. Dark Soul Opera

    Just a guy looking for a monster girl

    Still very much so looking for a Monster girl to rp with, been craving it lately and the two that I've gotten started have sorta fallen away
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