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About This Club

As some of you people would already know, I am a huge fan (and pervert ~) of monster girls. Having a beautiful smile and yet, having the body of another species like Lamias, Harpies, Spiders and more! I want to know the fans of these kind of girls (or boys?) and get to meet new people that appreciates the same things as me. welcome to everybody ~

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Fan Club
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Leaf~Lover

    Ghost girl

    Anyone up to a RP where you'll be a ghost girl that's possesses and does whatever you want with ppl? I would be the guy who owns the house and you would live with e doing whatever came to your mind.
  3. anybody up for RPing as a monster girl with me, mainly looking for succubus or manticore girl, but if you'd rather be something else still feel free to message me I'll consider it
  4. Atrexity

    Monster Girl Island

    Its a game that is still in development it is meant to be played via VR rig and stuff, there are a lot of videos all around the internet and i my self have played it a little, what are your thoughts about it? Anybody else played it? Whats your favourite character in it so far?
  5. I've seen somebody play parts of it on Youtube but of course it was censored like mad. I have no idea where to get the game, or I would play it.
  6. these are nice suggestion. Obviousely the dragon maid counts :p as fro the squid girl, i tried it but never could get into it that much It's a shame too haha
  7. If Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon counts, Shinryaku! Ika Musume has too as well...
  8. Would Squid Girl count as a Monster Girl anime? If so, I would recommend giving that a try.
  9. Haha, i wasn't even the first one VVV VVV As far as centaurea, I find it ironic that they gave made her the one with the biggest breasts of the series, since (unless you have piccolo's noodle arms) there ain't no fondling or groping those any time during sex haha (or even really checking them out unless she's on top and you're pretty tall. But, rather ironically, I'm pretty sure horse anatomy would make riding cow girl incredibly difficult, if not outright impossible for her) Considering the porn I've come across: not easily, but it would shock me if it didn't still happen frequently. Interesting bit of trivia, did everyone know that Centaurs were actually just an ancient tribe of dudes really good at hunting on horseback, and that the surrounding people sucked at describing what that looked like, eventually leading to rumours of half-men, half-horses roaming around with bows and arrows? :) A complicated waifu to have. Absolutely beautiful, but the lack of body heat would make intimacy (and the fluids that come with it)... problematic >.> I'm just imagining trying to go down on a metal pole in winter, essentially. Edit: my wife reminded me that Oglaf was already way ahead of me on this one haha
  10. Me personally, I love Snow Women the most. Also known as Yuki-onna in Japanese folklore.
  11. Old Coyote

    Suggest a monster girl anime here!

    I think I would vote yes for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. (unrelated but it’s one of the shows that always makes me happy when I watch it)
  12. Arguably Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon? It has dragon girls in it, at least, though I don't think I'd qualify it as strictly a monster girl manga/anime? Honestly, I read more manga than I watch anime, but I could offer suggestions on things to read, aside from the obvious (i.e. manga versions of Monmusume, etc.). However, after a brief Google I found a few anime that I haven't watched but sound amusing: Petopeto-san A Centaur's Life Kaijuu Girls Jashin-chan Dropkick.
  13. Starting with the obvious ones that I know hehe - Monster Musume No Iru Nichjou (Harem, Comedie, Romance, Ecchi, Fantasy, Seinen) - Demi-Chan Wa Kataritai (Comedie, Vampire, Fantasy, School, Seinen) - Rosario to Vampire (Harem, Comedie, Romance, Ecchi, Vampire, Fantasy, School, Shonen) - High School DxD (Comedie, Demons, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School) Do you guys have more to tell about? Please do share :3
  14. I'm curious about whether male centaurs can breed with humans... Uh... I mean... >.> <.< Nothing. Forget I said that. xD
  15. I wonder about Centorea. Female centaurs in that world can breed with both male centaurs and humans... maybe not that bad.
  17. You mean like this, @Bio_cock420? xD
  18. I was really surprised that no one even mentioned centaurs, because they are my favorite type of monster girls! (also lamias are my 2nd fav type)
  19. Yep slime girls are awesome. Flexible and so magically slippery. All monster girls are good but I would prefer to avoid the ones that would strangle, crush or bind me.
  20. Everyone likes slime girls for some reason haha Just thinking about being sucked up on our parts is really satisfying :3
  21. You mean Monster Girl Quest 2? If so, I've played even to the 3rd one with english translations ~
  22. Love slime girls! But I also like moth girls and mermaids.
  23. Slime girls are queen. Snake girls and frog girls are also quite good. (particularly these two ) I also find that cephalopods (squid girls and octopus girls) can be quite hot. To be perfectly honest, though, it'd be faster to make a list of monster girls I don;t like (never could get into centaurs mainly cause once you get down to the action, you really may as well just be doing it with a horse. No shame if that;s what your into, mind.) Oh!, almost forgot, while i generally don;t consider kemonomimi as 'monster girls', the idea of werewolf girls is fairly appealing. Who doesn't want someone protective, loyal, and prone to heat ;)
  24. Always true. Feel free to drop me an EcchiText, or even an EcchiChat, any time.
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