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A World Asunder

The Rules

  1. EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules apply here.
  2. We are an intermediate roleplay club; therefore, we expect decent grasp of the English language from our writers (grammar, spelling, etc.). Also, while we don’t have a word count, one liners are not appreciated.
  3. Our dystopian setting encourages non-consensual RPs under several contexts. However, it is important to remember that this is only within the RP. OOC, always respect your fellow RPer’s preferences. If you are not sure, it is always a good idea to confirm before including it in the RP.
  4. We do require Character IDs before you can begin RPing. You must fill out the character template (found below) and post it in this thread.

The Setting

The year is 2318. Ever since the epidemic (or curse, if one is inclined towards the supernatural) three centuries ago, the female population in the world had dropped to one in several hundred males, and almost all the males began turning into overtly bold sexual deviants. There were only handful women in every region who were immune to the disease; with the current state of the world, it appears these were the ones who were cursed. The dead simply are just that: dead. While the living women experience much worse things than death every single day. They are either bought as sex-slaves by the royal houses or gang-raped by the commoners in the streets. Women, what remains of them, have become nothing but a precious commodity. The government puts a front that tries to make the people believe they are working on curing the disease, but everyone knows that is just a front. It is a well-known fact that the government officials are corrupt and simply seek to use the women they find for their own pleasures, while the high command is busy looking for fertile women to keep the human population from depleting at any worse rate. Nobody is working on the cure. The virus seems to be too intelligent and evolves to counter any cure that the scientists come up with; it is as though it was engineered.

The epidemic struck the entire world. However, it first began from the small island city, called Arcton. What was once a major metropolitan had now diminished into a hellhole of rampant crime. Despite that, this city remains the most populated in the entire world; this was the place for survivors. Anyone who left the city, either never returned or returned only to warn others to never leave Arcton.

Arcton is a rather huge city, but most commercial buildings remain empty or are taken over by gangs. There are no real jobs and the living conditions deteriorate every day. Residences are split between the wealthy and the poor. The royal rich took the urban region, while the poor commoners were shunned into the slums and sub-urbans where the epidemic pushed men’s attitude back to the stone age, but with guns and ammo. They roamed in packs and always were in the lookout to loot the other gangs for valuables such as food and women. Arcton’s mighty army of police force has only one job: to protect the rich from being assaulted by the commoners.

In this dystopia, most women resort to their fate and seek shelter among the gangs that is least cruel to them. Some are lucky to be scouted by the wealthy men, where their lives are a relatively better compared to the streets. However, there are a few courageous ladies who band together and fight for their freedom. Most men submit to their uncontrollable base needs, using any women they set their eyes on for their pleasure. Men who still honour and respect the rights of the other sex is a rarity, but not extinct yet.

Character Template

Name: (Your character’s full name.)
Age: (Must be 18 or above)
Gender: (Male, female, etc.)
Profession: (This is completely up to your discretion. You can be a billionaire or a delinquent; a sex-slave or a sex-slave trader; a willing sex-worker or a freedom fighter… you get the idea. However, note that if the social status of a woman is high, you must provide a valid reason why, considering the circumstances.)
Appearance: (You can write down a paragraph describing how you look or put a picture. Up to you.)
Alignment: (Choose one: Lawful Good/Neutral Good/Chaotic Good/Lawful Neutral/True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil)
Personality: (Describe your character’s personality briefly. Need not be extremely long; just about 100 words is good enough.)
History: (This is optional. If you wish to add any major events that shaped your character to who they have become, you are welcome to add it here. Can be paragraphs or bullet points.)
Preferences: (Put a link a to your roleplay preferences thread, if you have one. If not, at least put down what you absolutely won’t engage in here so that fellow RPers can take caution.)

Face Claim: (If you are using a face claim, mention it here in the following format: Character Name - Series Name. We accept only anime/original art as faceclaims. Please no real life celebrities.)

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