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Dream Land is a place where roleplayers who write semi paras or paras, even multi para's. This is where you find the people who are advance in rp and the one liners. This group is full of random rp's so dont expect this group to be one big storyline. If you are new to rp and would like to know how to rp, join and I will gladly teach you. Any and all types of rps are welcome here.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. Blakesmith90

    The Experiments

    He sat in the seat towards the middle of the bus. "I got to get away, what do they want with me? These voices in my head wont stop and theres so many of them. How is it that I can hear everybodies thoughts?" He heard someone say. Only thing is, is that they did not physicaly say it, they were thinking it. A woman got on the bus and she looked to be in a hurry and she was obviously breathless from exertion. She looked around and caught him looking at her. She looked confused and started walking towards him. He grabbed the bag that was in the seat beside him and put it at his feet. "Sit." He off
  3. Blakesmith90

    The Experiments

  4. Blakesmith90

    The experiments

    From the album: The Experiments

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