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Welcome to Takamiya High School, your youthful memories start here!

Welcome to our school RP club, and please take a moment to read this introductory page.

First things first is a brief description of the RP setting:

  • Takamiya High is a Japanese High school, with 3 grade levels, 1st years (Freshmen), 2nd years(Juniors), and 3rd years (Seniors).  Each Grade level has it's own homeroom, but students may mingle together as they wish.
    • Note: You may make a character of any nationality, but write them in as as such (Ex. Family moved to Japan, Adopted, Foreign Exchange Student, etc.)
  • As this is a mundane roleplay, you will be playing as humans only (so no superpowers, magic, or monster girls, as much as that pains me to say). 
  • There are multiple Teacher, Staff, and  Student NPCs, who you can ask questions to. If you have an out of game question please contact a moderator or the owner. 

Next is school rules:

  1.  No illegal or immoral activity on school grounds. (Interpretation of infractions of this nature are at the discretion of Staff/ Student Council )
    1. Infractions and Punishment will only count in RP terms, they will not count against your profile, unless it is in violation of site Terms of Service
  2.  Please respect your fellow classmates and staff members.  

(I will add rules and regulation if the need arises, but for now the above is all you must follow.)

So, now go ahead and click on the Student Roster tab, and create a gallery. In this gallery you can post a photo of your character, and use the description area of the photo to write in their Character Identity Info. Keep in mind you should only be playing character at a time, but can have as many as you would like. Note: as a member of the club you may create students only, Teachers and staff are Npc's that may be run by Moderators, Administrators, and the owner. 

Then, go to your characters Homeroom and introduce yourself. Then feel free to explore the school and make new friends and memories.

Club Rules

Standard Roleplaying Rules

I am making this club Intermediate-Advanced level, so multiple paragraph posts are allowed if you wish, but do try to at least write two full sentences per post, even if it is just conversational.

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