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Welcome to the Eastern Texas Commonwealth


This is a role playing club set in the universe of the Fallout video games by Interplay and Bethesda. In this group, one can roleplay their adventures through the wasteland, specifically on the eastern coast of texas, playing a range of characters from mercenaries, traders, raiders, Brotherhood of Steel Knights and much much more. What will you encounter in the wastes?


- For the most part, the only rules for this RP are the standard roleplaying rules set by Ecchidreams themselves.

-To play a character one needs to set up a gallery in the Characters Tab and set up an image of your character with a description. Preferably, use the example character sheet at the bottom of this page in setting up your description.

-Though it is probably obvious, try to stick as close to canon as possible when creating your characters. If your unsure whether something is allowed, check the Fallout Wiki and then ask me. If it breaks canon, but not too much, I might allow it. I just don't want superheroes flying around the wasteland, for example.

-Also, even within canon, try to not to powergame. There are powerful characters in the fallout universe, but I'd recommend trying to play as a more normal wanderer of the wasteland to make roleplay more interesting. An average Brotherhood of Steel Knight is probably the best upper limit for power level, maybe Paladin. 

-When it comes to character death, try to limit death to only when the person being killed agrees to it. If in a situation would logically entail the death of a character, but the player does not want to die, try to make an excute, such as the character gets captured, makes an unlikely escape, or is thought dead, but actually was able to survive. 

-However, if a character does actually die, that death is permanent. Create a new character.

-This club is Intermediate-Advanced. Multiple Paragraphs are allowed, but try to write a minimum of two full sentences per post.

-You can create personal RP topics in Gateport and Raider Rock to represent specific moments where you don't want to be interrupted, but try to stick to the already existing pinned topics when possible. A common exception is if you want your own personal home. You can simply post a topic that represents your home.

-Obviously, this doesn't apply to The Wasteland, where making personal RPs is encouraged.

-I will mention here that Fallout: East Texas is intended as a shared worldbuilding RP, so feel free to introduce elements of the world on your own as you roleplay as long as it doesn't directly contradict anything stated by another post.

Open Positions

There are certain key positions in the roleplay that give the player more power than your average character or are simply unique positions in the RP. To play any of these, one must first contact the owner of the RP, CuteNeko

-Mayor of Gateport

-Head of the Seafarers

-Head Paladin of the Gateport Brotherhood of Steel Branch

-Raider Gang Leader

-Radio DJ

-The Black Unicorn Owner

Example Character Sheet


Occupation (Raider, Mercenary, Wanderer, Bartender, Brotherhood of Steel Knight, etc):

Mutation (if any) (Ghoul, Super Mutant, Unique, etc):

sexuality (optional):


turn offs(optional):

Gear (Armor, Weapons, etc)(You don't need to specify consumable gear, like Stimpaks):



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