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Please delete, I am leaving the site

Pogimon Heroes is a group rp that has both Pokemon and Digimon within a story roleplay, i'm only searching for a select few to join this roleplay group possibly around 8 people.

Pokemon and Humans have always lived together for as long as they could remember, but no-one knows very much about them, their are researchers all over the world who study pokemon to try to learn more about them and why they have powers and why they evolve, also they try to find the reason how they evolve as well. However despite the world they live in there is also a rumor that there is another world that is hidden, but unaccessible to all humans, except maybe a select few, and these select few always happen to be children, why this reason is no-one knows, but the researcher have also been trying to find this hidden world and how to get to it, but it seems like only the select few are known to be chosen ones and have always heard the term of them calling themselves Digidestines, from these chosen ones they have often talked about creatures called Digimon, and how they obtained this strange device called a digivice which allows them to connect with their digimon and help them Digivolve, but even they don't know how it is caused or why they are able to digivolve, which make the researchers even more curious that there is an entire other world they can't reach and creatures who also can evolve, except these creature are also able to de-evolve and revert back into their other original forms, unlike pokemon. Now the question these researchers are asking is who are the next digidestines and how do they reach the digital world?

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