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About This Club

No matter what walk of life you come from or where the dusty trail takes you. People get thirsty, hungry, tired and lonely. You could cure all what ails you right at the Pearly Gates Saloon and Brothel. Where the drinks arent watered down, the food is hot, the beds are comfortable and the pleasurable company is always available. So if you find yourself in town and your pocket is a little heavy with a few extra dollars, come on by, the sins at our saloon are downright heavenly!

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
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  2. lakale


    Taken in at a young age by her mentor, Dr. Galen, Meditrina has traveled the past year as his nurse-in-training. Naïve and albeit a bit too trusting of others she places a strong and unbiased priority on her oath of helping those in need. Aptly goes by "Med" for short.
  3. lakale


    With a questionable history Dr. Galen is infamous for travelling to dangerous destinations. Some may even see his name pop up in recent war recounts. Assisted by his nurse Galen became curious about the Saloon and chose to become a local doctor for the time being.
  4. lakale


    With a questionable history Dr. Galen is infamous for travelling to dangerous destinations. Some may even see his name pop up in recent war recounts. Assisted by his nurse Galen became curious about the Saloon and chose to become a local doctor for the time being.
  5. Harmony Frost

    Day 1: Not Quite Heaven

    The scent of Jasmine oil hung heavily in the air as Coco rolled up her stocking, securing it with a white garter that had a tiny red rosette on it. Daintily slipping into her white heels. She was nearly done with getting dressed for the first day of the Saloon's opening. She had gone with an all white corset and a white bustle skirt lined with red ribbon in honor of the Saloon's name: The Pearly Gates. Plus, the color looked lovely on her chocolatey skin and she needed every advantage to get clientele. But then again, a scar was not enough to stop every man from wanting a piece of tail. And with her body she could afford to charge a little extra. Still, as she applied kohl to her eyes and rouge to her lips that jagged scar on her cheek threatened to cripple Coco's confidence altogether. Frowning, she tucked a rose in her hair, giving a pleased "hmm" at the way it looked with her ebony curls. She tied a pearl choker around her neck to complete the look. The pendant on the choker dipping into the valley of her breasts which were nearly popping out of the snow white bodice. "Showtime," she murmured to herself, heading out of her boudoir and downstairs. A smile formed on her lips as soon as she saw Mr. Weiss by the door. Coco sashayed towards him, a natural action for her at this point. "Looks like I'm the first one down. The ladies must be coming up with some dazzling looks for the first day. I hope I can compare...." That last part was more so to herself than him as she briefly looked away before gazing back up at him. "So, any first day jitters Mr. Weiss?" She wondered, idly smoothing out his collar. She doubted it, given his reputation, but she'd thought she'd ask nonetheless. Coco had a lot of gratitude and respect for the man because he not only freed her from her abusive ex, but he gave her an opportunity to support herself at his saloon. She had no real talent for other professions besides singing, but she figured that was out on account of her scar. But selling her body... Well, it didn't take brains to do that. "I confess, I may have a few of my own but I figure they'll disappear after a glass of bourbon.....or two. Please?" She asked, fluttering her lashes and flashing him a grin. A patron was bound to wander in at any point and she was in need of a little liquid courage.
  6. Mysthero

    The Office (OOC)

    Hey everyone, We don't have any activity requirements for this club, but I see I only have one other member with a completed character sheet. Is anyone struggling with their character? Not sure what to make? Or the character profile requirements? Feel free to ask!
  7. The Pearly Gates Saloon, six months had passed since it had undergone the name change with the appointment of new management. Two of those months being spent on repairs after a violent and destructive shootout had left the place rather uninviting. Another two months convincing suppliers that it was once again a legitimate establishment that would pay for shipments finally. An additional two months to get new gambling tables and hire people that could make the saloon profitable again. Six long months and it felt like hell just to get everything up and running once again. The new owner had never tried to run a business before, having made his living up until now as more of a gun for hire. Now he was in a position where people relied on him to keep the money flowing, the customers drunk, and the women loose. Honestly, it was even more difficult than it sounds. Dameon Weiss woke up to the rays of the early morning sun. Lately he had spent many of his nights in his office trying to learn how to keep a place like this running. He found out the hard way how expensive it was! Thankfully after six months of road blocks, delays and shaking a dissreputable reputation, he would finally be able to open the doors to paying customers. After getting dressed, Dameon left the back office to oversee the main room. He adjusted his trousers and shirt one last time before starting the process of setting chairs and tables. There was no grand opening ceremony planned, no fanfare, no party... and after all the time and money sunk into this place, certainly no discounts. He knew the service girls and lads would be getting ready for a few minutes yet, which was fine as it didn't seem like a roaring crowd was ready to come inside. Otherwise all preperations had been finished and Dameon found himself on the knife's edge between success and failure. With a lungful of air, he walked out the doors to the 'closed' sign that hung outside and he flipped it to 'open'.
  8. Alrighty, so this is going to work the same way as a suggestions box, if you have an idea that could improve the club or an exciting event idea please post them here, I'll add them to the ongoing list! ^.^ Also if you see something on the current list and have an idea on implementing it, feel free to suggest it. CURRENT IDEAS Currency - Spent of Club Activities, also could be used as a Point System Patrons - Role Players who don't want to make a character Profile but would still like to enjoy club activities. Either as one time visitors. Or semi-frequent! ((IMPLEMENTED)) Daily Thread - Instead of one massive thread for the saloon, it was suggested that it be split up into 'Days'. This would allow players to have easy access to back reading material by going to a specific day rather than sifting through the mega-thread.
  9. Harmony Frost

    Harmony's OCs

    People I'm roleplaying as.....
  10. Harmony Frost


    From the album: Harmony's OCs

    Name: Constance Corrington a.k.a. "CoCo" Age: 24 Occupation: Saloon Girl Background: Not too many people know her real name and she intends to keep it that way. She was the abused sex slave of the previous "owners". Those gang members that took over the saloon. She used to wish she could sing here, but after they marred her otherwise beautiful face with a piece of broken bottle, Connie lost her confidence. Who would want to hear music from a girl with a huge crooked scar on the right side of her face? Not many that's who. She was lucky enough to get a job as a saloon girl. She wouldn't push it for a try as a singer. Connie didn't want to endure the humiliation. However on quiet afternoons, some people say they can hear a heavenly voice coming from one of the rooms......
  11. Hello everyone and thank you so much for being patient with me while the club has been under construction! This is my first club creation, as such, I am still learning how to create and maintain it all from the tiny screen of my phone. (I can't wait til I get a new laptop.) So, here I want to welcome you all to discuss characters, plots, events, and the overall evolution of the Pearly Gates Saloon! I hope you all have a good time here and I look forward to your feedback!
  12. Rules: Post Length: This is designed to be a more laid back club for advanced Role Players. As such, I only ask for a minimum of one paragraph but feel free to go beyond. Gender/Species: Think of this as more of an AU rather than historical representation. Anthros, and all variations on gender are allowed. Violence: This is the wild west, so shooutouts are liable to happen. If you wish to engage in a violent confrontation with another player's character please consult the player FIRST. Any shootouts that occur outside the Saloon should be posted in their own idividual thread. Sex: The Pearly Gates is a Saloon and a Brothel meaning working girls will be walking the floor looking for clients. They will even try to flirt with gamblers to distract them off the fact that they are losing money. Normally however, Sex will occur in one of the rooms above the Saloon, so to keep the club organized, unless you are having sex on the saloon floor, please create your own thread. Player Behavior: This is more of a personal annoyance of mine. No one is obligated to RP with you. The site rules still apply but more so, I would like to add the following. You could play a billionaire and try to hire a player's Saloon Girl for a good time, but if that character's player doesn't want to RP with you, they are not obligated to do so. I would consider it good manners to discuss a plot with the player before trying to corner them in the RP and make an ugly situation. Other than that, please try to be nice and courteous to one another and have a good time! RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND ADDITION AS THE CLUB GROWS
  13. Mysthero

    Myst's Character's

    The people Myst plays!
  14. Mysthero

    location Kid Weiss

    From the album: Myst's Character's

    Name: Kid Weiss Age: 26 Occupation: Gambler Sexuality: Bisexual Dameon's younger brother, Kid, is the sort of idealist that can get a realist into all sorts of trouble. That's exactly what happened six months ago when Kid tried to convince his brother that this town needed their help! He may have lost the argument with his older brother, but the town would be saved anyway! All it cost him was a bullet to the back and a little over a month of recovery. Kid was thrilled when his brother took over the saloon, and while not officially working there. He spends a majority of his time there to help around the saloon and spend a little too much time with the ladies upstairs often spending whatever money he makes on them. Time will tell if Kid is ready to accept any real responsibility.
  15. Mysthero

    Dameon Weiss

    From the album: Myst's Character's

    Name: Dameon Weiss Age: 32 Occupation: Owner and Barkeep of the Pearly Gates Saloon Sexuality: Straight There was a time when Dameon Weiss was a name both admired and feared. Words like 'Gunslinger' and 'Bounty Hunter' often followed the name of Weiss. A man who would take any bounty, no matter the danger and always get his reward. The sudden change in occupation occured a few years ago, back when the Pearly Gates Saloon was just called 'Saloon'. Dameon and his brother rode into town to find that a gang had taken it over. The people lived in a constant state of fear as law and order was dictated on the whims of murderers and rapists. Dameon's brother, Kyle, refused to leave the town without helping them. Dameon being the more practical one felt that taking on over twenty gunfighters with just the two of them was not only unprofitable... but damn suicidal. After convincing Kyle it wasn't their fight and they should let the law take care of it, they prepared to leave town and move on to greener pastures. But word had reached the gang that Kyle intended to go to the marshall and get help in the next town. Kyle was shot in the back as the brothers were leaving. Dameon can forgive a lot, he was a sinner, a killer, a drinker and the occasional bastard. With that in mind, he doen't judge people for their vices or their faults. But when you try to kill the only family Dameon has left in the world, you had best pray to the devil, because God knows better than to get in Dameon Weiss' way. While the doctor tried desperately to save Kyle's life, Dameon did the only thing he was ever good at. Over the next two hours, gunfire rained down over the entire town as Dameon exacted his vengence on the gang. The hail of gunfire would come to a thunderous crescendo at the saloon. Dameon found himself facing the last ten of the gang in small quarters with little in the way of cover and almost out of bullets. When the dust finally settled, only Dameon Weiss remained. After so much bloodshed, the gunslinger decided it was time to put down his guns and took the deed to the saloon as his reward.
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