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Please delete, I am leaving the site

I am only looking for a select number of people to join, around 3 people at least, this is a horror, mystery, detective type roleplay, this roleplay will mostly be story more than anything else. Mature content is allowed, and will have some tags of what kinds of content there may be, however, please remember this will mostly be story more than erotica. If your interested in a horror, murder mystery, detective, sci-fi antasy type roleplay then then this might be what your looking for.

Warning, the stories of the Haunted House Series may be a little dark and gruesome. Please note even though gore is a tag, it will not be used as a sexual tag, it is mostly for story.

Every Generation 2 ghost whisperers are born on Earth. They live up to 100 years old. They were created by god to help pass over ghost. A ghost whisperer that is very skilled is called a Ghost Seeker, one who seeks ghost. If a ghost whisperer does not do their job, they go back to a normal human and die around age 70.

70 years ago the kids in the Haunted house had lived there with their older brother for quit some time after their parents past away in their old house, but just 3 years after they moved in they all died, the mystery for the house is that no-one could figure out who killed them, and why. just a couple day later the police went into the house and found the childrens bodies, Jakes body was found in his room with his head blown of by a shot gun, and the same shot gun found in his room, Sarah, Kiwi, and Iris were found in the dining room sitting at the table with their eye's cut out and their throuts cut open, Annie was found in the basement and seemed like she was starved to death, Halley was found in the kitchen and was stabed to death and then was hung to the cieling, and then they found the youngest boy Timmy, he was actually ripped into 4 pieces and his head was on the stairs, his right arm and chest was found in the library, his left arm and chest was found in the office, and the rest the lower half was found in the living room. after 10 years people thought the place was haunted because they could here strange noises coming from the house like screams, and gun shots, howling, and sometimes the lights would come on in the house. some who went in never came back out.

20 years later a couple of kids heard about the rumors of the house and decided to try and figure out the mystery to the Haunted house as they were getting deeper into the mystery they all died in the amusment park, it seems they were close to solving it, but they died before they could solve it, a couple days later the police found the kids bodies in the amusment park, Mattew was found shoved in the cotton candy machine, Brianna was found smashed between 2 bumper cars, Miya was found hanging from her neck in the house of mirrors, Timmy was found in the circus laying on a spike bed he fell on, and Macy was found on the roller coaster whith her head chopped off, her head was found on top of the welcome sign at the Amusment Park Entrance, and since they never found the killer, they gave him a nickname, he was known as Shadow, and ever since then no-one has set foot in either the Haunted House, nor the Haunted Amusment Park, until 47 years later Lexi arrives in town with her friends and hears about the rumors of the 2 places and her and her friends decide to solve the mystery, but along the way she meets another person who can also see ghosts his name was Kale, but he never done anything with them, until he met Lexi...... will Lexi, Kale, and their friends figure out the Mystery? or will they suffer the same fate?

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