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About This Club

*NOTE TO EVERYONE!* The rules for 1-On-1 Roleplays have been updated! Anyone wishing to partake in a 1-On-1 Roleplay from here on out should take note of these new requirements to avoid any issues! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Smash Ultimate "cumming" out on December 7th, I decided it would be neat to do a group RP in the form of a Club. Primarily a club like this because there are over 60 characters in this game, and people want to fuck them. So, here are the rules: 1) Fuck the rules. And the characters. Make sure you get a room first, hehe... 2) Let's avoid using OCs for this. Use a character you're comfortable with. For example, I'll be using Little Mac most of the time, if not being Corrin. 3) A user picking a character does not lock that character out, but for continuity reasons, you should not have Samus fuck Zero Suit Samus! Anyone can be Bayonetta in a localized roleplay, but if there is a larger group, try to coordinate who is who well. Oh yeah, another thing! Characters who are actually different (male and Female Corrin, or Male/Female Robin) are going to be different characters in regard to this. Please no selfcest though, it's awkward. But I can't really stop you. (Keyword "I") So, have fun, sit back, relax, smash each other's assets, and cum on over!

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
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  2. Donkey kong pounded his chest looking at Rosalina ready to fight
  3. Hello everyone, Rucio here. It's been a while since anything's happened here, and I'll gladly admit I haven't been as active as I would like, but with a new year comes a new desire to Smash! Puns aside, I've realized actual rules for 1-On-1 Roleplays aren't really thing yet, and with @Commander Leafers bravely making the first post, I figured now probably is a good idea to set some ground rules. (Don't worry Leafers, you didn't do anything wrong, this is for future reference. You're fine.) 1) Standard Roleplaying Rules Apply! If something is not mentioned in these rules, the Standard Roleplaying Rules (from this point on referred to as "The Standard") will be the implied rules. The Standard can be found here. 2) Roleplayers in the title, please! When making your roleplay, please make sure to put the names of the roleplayers in the title, like so: Generic Roleplay(Rucio and Chiyako) Sorry, Chiyako, your name came up first in my head. Doing this allows for other users and moderators to know who is taking part in what side story roleplays. 3) Let a moderator or Rucio know when a 1-On-1 is complete! Doing so allows for us to mark it as such, lock it and archive it! It's a tiny thing, but it will allow for much easier management of the 1-On-1s in my belief. If there are any questions, feel free to send @Rucio an EcchiText, an EcchiChat, a strongly worded Discord DM, or even an explosive package! I'll be glad to help with any concerns you may have!
  4. Alrighty, just a quick update about my latest post in this RP. Firstly, I'm sorry I took so long to write a reply, I'm still interested in doing this and I hope the RP hasn't died out due to my absence. Motivation has been a bit of struggle for me lately, and I'm kinda failing at sticking to my New Year's Resolution of avoiding procrastination and just getting stuff done. Blahh. x.x Anyways~, I hope my post was satisfactory. I presume @Rucio, @Commander Leafers, and @kingddude are all still a part of this? Should we all relocate to this section to continue the RP? Additionally, I hope my second paragraph in my post, which detailed @Aura's departure from this RP, was okay. I hope I didn't come across as too "controlling" when I moved Princess Peach and Isabelle out of the foyer. I know I'm not really supposed to be controlling other player's characters, but in this case I figured it might be okay for the sake of advancing the Roleplay. If you would like me to edit the post, please let me know and I shall edit it accordingly.
  5. It seemed as though quite a crowd had gathered in the main foyer now. Rosalina nodded and glanced around at all of her potential opponents, curious as to who she was possibly going to be paired up with. Her train of thought was interrupted by yet another sudden, untimely entrance, this time it was Donkey Kong making all the commotion. She took a few steps back, giving her Luma an affectionate and reassuring pat on the head, and took another look around her. She had to decide what she was doing, quickly. The others were getting ready for a Free-For-All Brawl! Without a word, Princess Peach and a newcomer; Isabelle, were both lead out of the foyer and into an area unknown to Rosalina. She almost instinctively reached out and said goodbye to them as they wandered into the distance, but decided against doing so out of nervousness. She wasn't sure if she was going to see those two again... but regardless, she wished them all the best. A loud, alerting sound shocked Rosalina out of her deep thoughts. It was the sound of Link pressing the "Ready To Smash" button at a nearby control panel. The other opponents who had congregated in the foyer were beginning to part ways too. "Okay, who's here... Link, Mac, Donkey Kong, ...and Me." she tagged along behind Mac, catching up with the others and standing by another big red button. She was about to press it, lifting her head up to meet her opponents eye-to-eye. "Who's ready to Smash!?" she said in an uproarious tone of voice; something she rarely used.
  6. If you desire to roleplay as Ness, so be it. Make any changes to the character you wish, but if you make the character older, they become taller, and therefore easier to hit. (Yes, I'm taking this seriously)
  7. How come the children can’t become adults, but like barely 18 years old of age? If that could happen, I would also very much like to take control of Ness, If that is okay? Also, I just wanted to say goodbye Aura. Sorry this couldn’t work out for you.
  8. That is perfectly understandable and acceptable. I'm sorry this roleplay no longer aligns with your views. Thank you for giving this an honest try, it means more than you can imagine. I wish you the best of luck in future roleplays.
  9. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to resign from this roleplay for personal reasons. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I don't have any visions for this story that aren't entirely sexual and that simply doesn't fit with my views anymore. I suppose somebody else can take control of my characters if they so desire, but otherwise they can just fade out.
  10. Link, after trying to beat Ganon the Demon King 13 times, awaited a challenger, any challenger, to train him against the tyrant from the underworld. His best bet was the Mario universe, as it holds most fighters.
  11. (Sorry for taking forever) "heh.. Sorry." he turned to rosalina "Ganon is.. Remember his final smash? That's him, but he can hold that form for a long time..." He then said to Mac "I have more weapons than ever! Are those gloves new, by the way?" He looked over at Peach now "Hope I didn‘t startle you guys too much." Donkey Kong‘s turn "Kong! How has it been, old pal?" He now looks at Isabel "Oh? Are you new? Hi! Name‘s Link." He looked up now, at the roster. Three Links? Fun. It then struck Link, champion Link, that he could retire. He was, after all, over a hundred years old... he smiled at the idea. Zelda won’t mind as long as someone could take his place, right? “Anyway, I am ready to smash! Player four is in!” He tapped the “Ready to smash” button for himself, awaiting the other fighters.
  12. I thought that was just for Country, because the K. Rool trailer is not a tree house, unless I'm mistaken. Also the Snake Codec makes a return in Ultimate. But It's only for the characters in Brawl. And they just reused the audio clips. (The sonic one even says "He's in Brawl!")
  13. his name is kong donkey kong you see he's smash brother veteran who lives in a tree
  14. far above everyone something comes hurling towards you all the sound of whistling or ringing is strong as the closer it comes the louder it is looking up you see a barrel SMASH! in the middle of a platform the impact should knock a few of you back as a large ape raises and looks at all of you he wore a red tie with yellow initials DK
  15. Being a boxer from the Bronx, there were just some things Mac did not take kindly to. Someone showing up out of nowhere and crashing into the ground was certainly one. Someone shooting an arrow at him was another. AND THEN THE BOMB WAS PULLED OU- Oh, it's just Link. "Could you be any less armed? Would be nice not to be target practice before the match begins." Mac would start to say, being interrupted by a... Small, running dog? "Are you one of the newcomers?" He would ask, looking up to see a small yellow dog. "...Isabelle? Seems a bit dangerous for a little dog like you..."
  16. Of course! Just make sure to differentiate between the two! (I.e. font color, a dividing line, etc.)
  17. Would one player also be able to control multiple characters? I might want to try using Isabelle as well!
  18. "Oh, I don't mind." Peach spoke with a kind smile in response to Mac. "The medical support here works like magic! Serious injuries are hardly a concern. Besides, it's a fighting tournament after all, so everyone has to give it their all! Although, some fighters do tend to take the tournament a bit too seriously." She frowned a bit glancing back up at the roster and looking at some of the fighters such as Ganondorf and Dark Pit. "I worry about people like those." Peach giggled slightly to herself in response to Rosalina's comment. "Oh, Daisy isn't from the Mushroom Kingdom. She's from the neighboring Sarasaland. Although we are great friends and I'm happy to see she's gotten an invitation this time! As for the Piranha Plant... yes, it does seem a little silly." She paused for a moment, turning her attention back to the roster before being interrupted by a loud thud behind her. She quickly turned around to see Link standing there holding.. a bomb? She recoiled with a gasp. It seemed Rosalina beat her to objecting to his sudden, violent entrance. She had been quite startled, herself. "Yes, it might be a while before the tournament officially starts, we should all try to relax and get to know each other a little more. Especially the newcomers. I haven't seen any of them around yet.." As she spoke, Peach scanned the horizon in search of any other fighters who had yet to show up, of course, she was most excited to see her dear friend Daisy make an appearance, but the others would also be quite interesting participants as well. Just as Peach was looking around, a light jingling could be heard followed by the soft pitter-pat of tiny paws and the concerned panting of a young woman running as fast as her little feet could carry her. Unfortunately, it seemed her own feet weren't doing their best at catching up and the poor pup tripped over herself, crashing at the feet of everyone who was talking. "Ooh..." Isabelle groaned in discomfort, still laying on the ground. "I hope I'm not late..."
  19. Rosalina gasped suddenly, stumbling and almost dropping her precious Luma out of her arms. She was shocked by Link's instantaneous appearance, and twice as shocked that he pulled out a bomb right in front of everyone before the match had even started! Rosalina sighed, petting her Luma and shaking her head. "Link... why the sudden entrance? You frightened the Luma I am looking after, please~, be more careful next time." she cautioned of Link, taking a deep breath. "I remember you from the last time we did this, I am indeed Rosalina, and this is my Luma. I very vaguely remember who 'Ganon' was though... who is he, Link?" Rosalina asked, drifting a little closer to the elfin warrior as she waited for him to speak.
  20. A figure glides above you a couple times, suddenly dive bombing... with a sword...? Link’s down sword! As he comes crashing down, he glances at the roster, spotting Ganondorf. “What is he doing here? I thought he was Ganon last we met!” Link missed the fighters, and pulls out a bomb, about to throw it when... “Somethings off. But what?” He puts the bomb away and observes the others. “Little Mac, Peach, and... what was it, Rosaline and Luna? Deeply sorry, but... who were you, where are we, and what is different?
  21. You know what, I don’t need any picture, I am Link.
  22. "Why hello Princess Peach~, yes it has been quite some time... It's nice to see you here once again for another competitive round of 'Smash Brothers', as they call it. I can see on the roster above us that there are many more faces here than there was last time. I even see some people from your Kingdom joining the fight... Princess Daisy, and ...a Piranha Plant?" Rosalina couldn't help but giggle as she said that last bit. She thought it was funny to see such a... unique character joining the roster. Though she couldn't see any Piranha Plants wondering around in this big open space just yet... In fact, it looked as though the three, including Luma, were the only ones here at the moment. Rosalina watched on as Mac and Peach conversed with each other, occasionally looking over one of their shoulders out into the distance to see if any new challengers were approaching. She was still remaining on high-alert, curious about whether a match was going to start shortly... but she continued to wait and see if anything was going to happen. The Luma resting in her arms was growing weary and slowly closing it's eyes. Rosalina was quick to shake the little critter awake though. "N-Not now my dear Luma, we may be about to fight, and you have to be ready! I promise I'll let you sleep as soon as we're finished~." she gently lowered her head and planted a kiss on the Luma's forehead, cuddling it tighter against her chest~.
  23. Mac had nearly forgotten Peach entirely during his training, but upon seeing/hearing her, all those memories came flooding back. Oh dear god, that Side B... Not what he meant by getting ass... Turning to face Peach, he awkwardly smiled at them both. "Hehe, princess Peach, correct? Sorry about what happened last tournament, hope I didn't bruise either of you..." He would mumble, vaguely remembering a group of incredibly angry men, women and robots shouting at him for punching them with the force of a truck. It wasn't like he could control it, back when he went through that phase of not wearing a shirt during his boxing matches... He kinda missed those days, especially wanting to see how Nick Bruiser was doing... He was a nice challenge... But Mac had to focus. New tournament, new chance to win... And also two chances so far at making actual friends or more...
  24. This is the list of all the available characters, Assist Trophies that are requested will be added at the bottom. Mario:-- DK:-- kingddude Link:-- Commander Leafers Samus:-- Dark Samus:-- Yoshi:-- Kirby:-- Fox:-- Pikachu:-- Ness (I feel this is probably not suitable):-- Captain Falcon:-- Jigglypuff:-- Luigi:-- Peach: Previously Aura, may be inherited or Peach can be "reloaded" as a fresh start. Daisy:-- Bowser:-- Ice Climber(s):--/-- Sheik:-- Dr. Mario (does this count as unique?):-- Pichu:-- Falco:-- Marth:-- Lucina:-- Robin(Male):-- Robin(Female):-- Young Link(Also concerned):-- Zelda:-- Ganondorf:-- Mewtwo:-- Chrom:-- Game And Watch:-- Meta Knight:-- Pit:-- Edgy Pit:-- Zero Suit Samus:-- Wario:-- Snake:-- Pokemon Trainer(Male):-- Pokemon Trainer(Female):-- Roy:-- Diddy Kong:-- Lucas(SO CONCERNED):-- Sonic:-- King Dedede:-- Olimar(and all 5 Pikmin):-- Lucario:-- ROB:-- Wolf:-- Villager(Male):-- Villager(Female):-- Mega Man: Wii Fit Trainer(Male):-- Wii Fit Trainer(Female):-- Ike: Rosalina and Luma: Sunstone Little Mac: Rucio Greninja:-- Mii Swordfighter:-- Mii Gunner:-- Mii Brawler:-- Pac-Man:-- Shulk:-- Bowser Jr.:-- Each Koopaling because I can't remember:--/--/--/--/--/--/-- Duck Hunt:-- Ryu:-- Ken:-- Toon Link:-- Bayonetta:-- Inkling(Male):-- Inkling(Female):-- Ridley:-- Palutena:-- Corrin(Male):-- Corrin(Female):-- Cloud:-- Simon Belmont:-- Richter Belmont:-- King K Rool:-- Isabelle:-- Incineroar:-- The Fucking Piranha Plant:-- Joker(Yes, he's in, bois):-- If there's anyone I missed, please let me know. If I forget to update the list at any point, violently shout at me.
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