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*NOTE TO EVERYONE!* There are new requirements for contributing to the main thread! Please try to make your posts at least 3 sentences that at least makes an attempt to contribute to the story! Simply pointing at another Dreamer's character is not going to contribute to the story in any way that will allow for a thoughtful reply to be borne of it! Thank you for listening! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Smash Ultimate "cumming" out on December 7th, I decided it would be neat to do a group RP in the form of a Club. Primarily a club like this because there are over 60 characters in this game, and people want to fuck them. So, here are the rules: 1) Fuck the rules. And the characters. Make sure you get a room first, hehe... 2) Let's avoid using OCs for this. Use a character you're comfortable with. For example, I'll be using Little Mac most of the time, if not being Corrin. 3) A user picking a character does not lock that character out, but for continuity reasons, you should not have Samus fuck Zero Suit Samus! Anyone can be Bayonetta in a localized roleplay, but if there is a larger group, try to coordinate who is who well. Oh yeah, another thing! Characters who are actually different (male and Female Corrin, or Male/Female Robin) are going to be different characters in regard to this. Please no selfcest though, it's awkward. But I can't really stop you. (Keyword "I") So, have fun, sit back, relax, smash each other's assets, and cum on over!

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
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  2. *Is sad this doesn’t exist anymore*
  3. Link walked to the rulebook and started to change some things. "Stamina mode... 3 stock... No time... Battlefeild type only... Uhhh... 500 stamina. Do we need items?" He looked back at pretty much everyone, waiting for a response.
  4. This may have been not on of the best ideas in practice, huh? If you want to join, posting something in the World of Dark is a good way to start.
  5. Link went on to explain; "This, Simon, is probably different from what you are used to! This is Super Smash Brothers, the best fighting tournament there ever was and will be! Currently we are deciding rules." Link looked around. "Does anyone have any rule suggestions or rules they don't want?"
  6. Yeah, it's not easy to keep something like this going without a good set of active players. What prevented me from joining for quite a while was the fact that I don't typically play canon characters from a universe. Usually prefer to make my own. If we are still doing this however, I can try my hand at Bowser if yall want! (And doubling as Bowsette if that's allowed, lol)
  7. Mac merely shrugged, not having much of a preference as to the rules. "As long as it's a stock match, I don't really care. I hear there's Battlefield versions of every stage, so that's nice." He remarked, trying to ignore Simon... Man, he really was out of the loop... A whip? Seriously? Simon, however, was much farther out of the loop than anticipated. "Everyone, stop for a moment! I demand to know what everyone is speaking of! Stock? Stamina? Stage? Battlefield? What is a tie? A miserable little pile of fabric? Where am I?" He shouted, clearly not one to mince words. At least he was straightforward in his anger. But if forced, he would not hestitate to use a few bottles of Holy Water on these arguing individuals...
  8. So it would seem... Losing a good half of the "roster" certainly didn't help much, and it seemed too much was bitten off to chew...
  9. Ok, so, I have said it before, but this thing might be dead. I really hope not, though...
  10. (Mewtwo will not join in any time soon, but he will be here later) “Well, whatever they are, I will be- say, was that box always there?” Link walks over to the box, remembering fights with Snake, lifts it up and... “Oh, I guess it was.”
  11. It’s cool, see you around some time later than!
  12. Hate to break it to you all, but I might have to let this RP go. I can't really do any RPs at the moment, I've been way too busy and I'm not going to be any less busy for quite some time. I'm really sorry if I've let anyone down.
  13. Link was so prepared, he did not notice the light blue eyes looking angrily at simon, and vansishing in a flash of light, like some characters teleport.
  14. "Before we start, Mac; what are the rules, what stage are we on, and how long do we have if this is time, how many stocks do we have if this is stock, or how much health do we have if this is stamina? I only ask you because you are player one." Link looked at Mac while saying this, prepared for anything.
  15. So, this is partially a joke, but in the event that two characters actually decide to fight, how do we decide that? Should we actually settle it with a game of smash? If so, what rules? In the event a person does not have Ultimate, but has a different game that can play online, do we settle it then? If we are going to settle these the legitimate way, I want to make sure we do it right. Also, @Commander Leafers, pretty sure Simon's first line was "Good morning. My name is Simon, of the Belmont Clan", correct me if I'm wrong there. I fear for the safety of literally everyone now. Whips, Bombs, Arrows, Axes, Crosses, Flaming Holy Water, Punches, Swords... It's an entire arsenal!
  16. Link smiled at the newcommer, and the way Rosalina was exited, but Simon's weapon worried him. Just what is that? "Nice to meet you, my name is Link. Got a name yourself?" Link looked up and saw he was now player 3 instead of 4. "When you are ready, head over to the door that says Player 5. Also, Donkey Kong is wearing a tie."
  17. Donkey Kong tried to make a tieing motion with his hands and pointed to the thing around his neck hope to tell Simon it was a tie
  18. It took him a while to realize it, but Link had finally put the bomb away (thank god, that would have been a mess.) "Yeah, old ones were a bit of a mess after last time... Doc made sure these ones would survive a few swords and stuff like that!" Mac chuckled, looling around to see -OKAY WHAT THE HELL DONKEY KONG IS FALLING FROM THE SKY - aaand he's already trying to fight Rosalina... Well, fair enough, but he'll likely get his chance in the tournament mode... "Wait... What's that cracking sound? New fighter?" New Fighter indeed. The Holy Whip was not known for getting chinks in it, but ever since it morphed into a full chain flail instead of the metal tipped leather whip he was used to, it was increasingly difficult to use it. It had all started when that strangely wrapped paper had arrived, addressed to him, with two lines through a circle... "Good morning. My name is Simon, of the Belmont clan. My bloodline is devoted to destroying all that is aligned with the darkness. You all seem well prepared, save for the gloved man, the ape and the princess." Simon opened his greeting fairly poorly. Of course, he had no idea that he had somehow transcended time itself, and was actually in the year 2019, and not 1691 as he had thought. 328 years of difference, and he was completely unaware- "What in the name of God does that ape have around his neck?" Oh, conversations with Simon would be interesting indeed...
  19. Alrighty, just a quick update about my latest post in this RP. Firstly, I'm sorry I took so long to write a reply, I'm still interested in doing this and I hope the RP hasn't died out due to my absence. Motivation has been a bit of struggle for me lately, and I'm kinda failing at sticking to my New Year's Resolution of avoiding procrastination and just getting stuff done. Blahh. x.x Anyways~, I hope my post was satisfactory. I presume @Rucio, @Commander Leafers, and @kingddude are all still a part of this? Should we all relocate to this section to continue the RP? Additionally, I hope my second paragraph in my post, which detailed @Aura's departure from this RP, was okay. I hope I didn't come across as too "controlling" when I moved Princess Peach and Isabelle out of the foyer. I know I'm not really supposed to be controlling other player's characters, but in this case I figured it might be okay for the sake of advancing the Roleplay. If you would like me to edit the post, please let me know and I shall edit it accordingly.
  20. It seemed as though quite a crowd had gathered in the main foyer now. Rosalina nodded and glanced around at all of her potential opponents, curious as to who she was possibly going to be paired up with. Her train of thought was interrupted by yet another sudden, untimely entrance, this time it was Donkey Kong making all the commotion. She took a few steps back, giving her Luma an affectionate and reassuring pat on the head, and took another look around her. She had to decide what she was doing, quickly. The others were getting ready for a Free-For-All Brawl! Without a word, Princess Peach and a newcomer; Isabelle, were both lead out of the foyer and into an area unknown to Rosalina. She almost instinctively reached out and said goodbye to them as they wandered into the distance, but decided against doing so out of nervousness. She wasn't sure if she was going to see those two again... but regardless, she wished them all the best. A loud, alerting sound shocked Rosalina out of her deep thoughts. It was the sound of Link pressing the "Ready To Smash" button at a nearby control panel. The other opponents who had congregated in the foyer were beginning to part ways too. "Okay, who's here... Link, Mac, Donkey Kong, ...and Me." she tagged along behind Mac, catching up with the others and standing by another big red button. She was about to press it, lifting her head up to meet her opponents eye-to-eye. "Who's ready to Smash!?" she said in an uproarious tone of voice; something she rarely used.
  21. If you desire to roleplay as Ness, so be it. Make any changes to the character you wish, but if you make the character older, they become taller, and therefore easier to hit. (Yes, I'm taking this seriously)
  22. How come the children can’t become adults, but like barely 18 years old of age? If that could happen, I would also very much like to take control of Ness, If that is okay? Also, I just wanted to say goodbye Aura. Sorry this couldn’t work out for you.
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