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A roleplay club just for players who adore fictional kidnapping and abduction scenarios.

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  2. Vanessa leaned over in the chair, gazing intently at the naked and struggling girl. "Please," she said..."continue fighting, I enjoy watching a girl struggle, however fruitlessly....welcome to my home. This is where you will spend the rest of your life as my slave...by 'bed slut', if you will....your nipples will be pierced, you'll be branded and collared. The only task you will need to learn---your'e only reason for being, if you will---will be how to serve and sexually please me." She got up, undressed and began walking slowly around the cage, now as naked as the captive inside,
  3. Gambit was sore but extremely happy after the game as she made her way to the parking lot. She thought she heard something but as she looked around someone grabbed her. She tried to buck against the person but quickly everything became dark. Slowly as Gambit began to wake her whole body hurt she tried to move her arms but couldn’t. She lifted her head, everything was so blurry and as it came into focus she saw a woman on the other side of bars just sitting and watching her. “Who,WHere” her voice sounded far away. She pulled against the ropes that tied her and looking down she saw
  4. Vanessa kept a close watch on the attractive 18 year old blonde on the school's lacrosse field. Good, athletic....that meant she had a strong body, perfect for the 30 year old's needs. She had been stalking the girl long enough to know her study habits, her classes, where she went after school to hang out with classmates and where she worked afterwards. She knew that the game was about to end so she had to hurry. Vanessa started up the van and drove to the side of the field where the girls left. Soon, her young teen target gathered up her equipment and left, thankfully alone, a mistak
  5. clumsylemongirl

    Government Agents Take Advantage Of Alien Girl

    Doctor A is given a large file and has been watching the house camera for almost a month gathering data since Doctor R had been impaled by one of the girls horns. She picked up her phone and called the Agents who lived with Subject Blue. "Please restrain Subject Blue in the basement Lab I will be over in an hour to conduct experiments'' The agent on the other line agreed “Oh and the subject will no longer be granted clothing in the home as it interferes with my work” Again the agent agreed. The Doctor leaned back in her chair to watch the Agents grab the subject quickly and pull her down to th
  6. SilverGirl20

    Government Agents Take Advantage Of Alien Girl

  7. KinkyKathy


  8. Julie knew that despite Mindy's begging to pull the dildo out of her tight ass, she was hoping that with the fresh batteries---and the toy on full power---it wouldn't be long before Mindy experienced her first anal orgasm. Julie continued to tongue fuck her squirming, feebly struggling friend....despite her claiming to want Julie to stop and pull out, Mindy was making noises that made it clear that she would soon have a delicious orgasm. Julie had no intention of letting up....if anything, she became more determined. In addition to using her tongue, she also slipped a finger inside her
  9. A pained groan left her lips as the dildo was pushed farther into her ass, a burning in her ass from the stretch that was was completely unprepared for. "Please stop..." Mindy cried softly, sure that she was going to break if her friend continued to push her like this. The pleasure brought about by Julie's tongue made Mindy arch her back slightly, the pain from her rear gone for just a minute. It made her moan softly and pull at her binds slightly, distracted suddenly. It went on for minutes, the pleasure building within her, but she didn't want it. She didn't want to cum, not from this.
  10. Julie loved hearing the soft cries and moans coming from her friend.....it was obvious that Mindy was enjoying it, despite her claims to the contrary. Julie was determined to seduce the girl, no matter how long it took. She could feel the vibrations from the powered dildo imbedded just inches away in Mindy's ass....with the help of a finger Julie had pushed it in so deep Mindy would have a hard time pushing it out. In and out of Mindy's pussy her tongue continued fucking her.....it wouldn't be long before she was forced to orgasm. Julie felt the raised nub inside, the fabled 'G' spot
  11. As soon as Mindy saw the dildo, she panicked, but nothing could prepare her for the fact that it went into her ass instead of her cunt. A loud scream of pain left her lips as it was left inside of her, buzzing away. The tears continued to flow down her cheeks as she felt the lips of her friend slowly moving up her legs towards her pussy. “Leave me alone,” she said weakly, tired from all of this. As her friend’s tongue entered her, Mindy couldn’t help but moan softly, pleasure coming to her even as she hated what was happening to her.
  12. Julie decided it was time to change tactics. Reaching into her bag, she brought out a powerful vibrating dildo, lubed it up and pushed it inside Mindy's tight ass, switching it on full power. As it went buzzing away, she knelt down between the girl's outstretched legs and began to lick and kiss the inside of her thighs. Slowly, inch by teasing inch she traveled upwards, grazing the inside of first her left thigh then the other. Closer and closer she approached Mindy's pussy. She playfully nibbled gently on her folds, then kissed them....she licked the length of her slit before finally
  13. Jim

    Kidnap my character?

    Gonna bump this I'm still interested in writing some kidnapping scenarios.
  14. Mindy had said nothing the wholetrip to the apartment. She had not said a word once they got there and her friend walked away. As soon as she saw the woman come towards her from the kitchen, however, her eyes widened and her attempts at unlocking the door quickened. "No!" She yelled when the woman got to her and pulled her away from her only escape. "Fuck off, Julie, fuck you!" She cried out as her friend drug her away, tears falling down her face in earnest now. As her friend got her pinned by the table, Mindy lay on the floor and screamed, her throat hurting afterward. How could she be
  15. Julie was busy rummaging through the kitchen cabinets, finally finding 2 glasses. She poured some wine then took the glasses out to the living room. "Here...this should take the sting out of being tied....HEY! WHAT THE FUCK??!!" She ran to the door. Thankfully it would be almost impossible to unlock the door and escape. Julie grabbed her by her bound wrists. "I tried to be nice....even confessed that I love you but NO, you just HAD to piss me off..." She kept a firm hold of Mindy while she looked around. She had to find a way to punish her....then she had an idea. She
  16. Mindy said nothing, not allowing herself to care about what her friend said to her. Just because she apparently loves her doesn't mean that she has the right to do this! It angered her to hear that she thought that Mindy would eventually say 'yes' to being tied up by her- as if! Though, Mindy had a thought in the back of her mind that said she did enjoy the predicament she found herself in- with her arms tied behind her back and forced to allow the intrusion between her legs earlier. The woman would never admit that out loud, however, and instead said nothing in response to her friend. It was
  17. Julie drove on for a while then glanced over at her captive passenger. "Look Min," she said...."I didn't want to tie you up like that but it was obvious that you weren't going to cooperate. I know you don't believe it, but I really do love you....I'm a dominatrix and it's so damn hard to be soft with people....maybe if I knew you'd make an honest effort to stay with me I would stop tying you up.....ok, guess I should rephrase that. I'd still want to tie you but at least I'd ask you first...." They drove on for a while until they arrived at an apartment complex. Julie took her out
  18. Mindy couldn't help but moan as the woman licked and sucked all of the juices from her leaking pussy. It felt good- it shouldn't have, but it did. She didn't want this. She didn't want to be tied up for the pleasure of her friend, but Mindy could do nothing about it for now. As Julie stood from the bed and went to the table to look over a map to find where they would go next, the young woman moved to lay on her side, her body still bound in the position it was in, and cried silently. The woman still didn't know why her friend was doing this to her and was scared as to what Julie's next steps w
  19. Julie enjoyed watching Mindy squirm and wriggle, her legs pulling at the ropes holding her wide open. She finally came...Julie quickly sealed her mouth over the girls quivering pussy, sucking out every drop that flowed, enjoying as it glided down her throat. "Only a woman knows another woman's body," she said softly. She got up and sat on the side of the bed. "Now, what should I do with you next?....we can't stay in this fleabag hotel forever, but I can't go back to my place...I'm sure my ex fiancee is still looking for me....for us...." She left Mindy bound on the bed as she
  20. At the threat of being gagged, Mindy whimpered slightly. She didn't want to be gagged again. It was uncomfortable and not something she liked. Not that she liked any of this, but at least with her mouth free, there was a chance she could alert someone if given the chance. The woman was so stuck in her own mind for a moment that she did not realize a finger was being pushed into her pussy until it was being thrusted in and out, her body reacting positively to the intrusion. Her friend, if Julie could be called that after this, began to kiss her then and Mindy could do nothing by close her eyes
  21. Senshi

    Lost on the wrong side of town

    She tried to curl into herself as hands kept touching her body. She was lifted from the floor and placed on 1 man's lap, one of his hands sliding between her legs and teasing her roughly before he slid a few fingers into her. She bit her lip to hold back a moan as her body quivered in his grip. A second man came forward and began to lick around her breasts, causing her to finally let out a moan, making the men laugh. The van came to a stop inside a large warehouse as the driver got out. He opened the door for a few guys to hop out before Senshi was handed over to them, her inner thighs m
  22. FieryDreams

    Lost on the wrong side of town

    Any point of struggle was pointless, out numbered and out gunned any fight in her would be out match immediately, but this didn't prevent the woman from trying. Immediately trying to push past the guys she was thrown back onto the ground. The woman's breasts smushed into the rugged cold metal floor of the van. Weight press against her backside as 1 man pinned Sandhu to the floor. Against her will her arms were brought behind her back and tied with rope and zipties. Next came the kicking. But that didn't matter either as her ankles were strapped shortly after. The men just giggled, their b
  23. Senshi

    Lost on the wrong side of town

    She continued to flinch away from the roaming hands upon her body, the grip on her arms and neck keeping her firmly in place as they continued. Her body shivered as one hand slid lower and between her legs, rubbing her inner thighs slowly and teasing her private area with the slightest touch. She let out a few moans as her chest was fondled roughly and one hand began to tease her relentlessly. A few of the guys still in the van yelled for her to be brought over so the real fun could begin. Senshi began to struggle as she was dragged over to the van, her clothes littered the ground a
  24. FieryDreams

    Lost on the wrong side of town

    The men pulled tight at her skirt a small ripping sound echoed off the brick walls. They began to comment regarding the woman's tight figure and admiring the womanly assets Senshi possessed. She could only thrash so much before her arms were restrained behind her back. The man behind her wrapping his strong hand around the back of her neck. His strength was well noted, he could snap it like a twig though he wouldn't. Moment after moment shreds of clothing fell to the ground soaking into the pavement. The cool fall air bristling up against her soft skin. Goosebumps protruded everywhere as
  25. Senshi

    Lost on the wrong side of town

    She slowly began to back away from the figures moving closer, her hands shaking as she tried to hit the emergency call button on her phone. She tripped over a box and fell backwards onto the ground, her phone dropping and breaking apart. She kept scooting back and looked over her shoulder to see an unknown amount of figures in the van. Quickly reaching into her purse, she tried to find something to use in her defense before having it yanked away by one of the figures. She let out a gasp as one figure pulled her up and held her again his chest, the sound of laughter filled the area as he s
  26. FieryDreams

    Lost on the wrong side of town

    3 large shadows rise up from the farside of the alley. The only option would be for her to return to the street and take her chances with lone figure. However with each passing second that option disappeared. A ref of an engine can be heard as tail lights illuminate her backside. That van you scurried past has been brought to life pinning the young woman in the alley between the shadowed men. A buzz can be felt on the young woman's thigh. Maybe this would be her saving grac, her roommate coming to save her life. <message undeliverable> What poor timing to have no signal? The three s
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