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[Hi, Matty here~! As this group has grown larger over time I have started to notice that some people will join without spending some time becoming familiar with the rp group first, despite it being ongoing. Because of this, I have to ask that if you would like to join that you please take the time to read this introduction before creating a character, as well as anywhere else the intro might take you. Otherwise I will have to simply redirect you back to this page. I spent a lot of time making sure that everything anyone might need to get started is right here in the rp group, but I sometimes see people post or ask questions that show that they have not taken the time to read much of anything before hand. This comes off as a tad careless to me and results in me repeating myself a lot, and I don't care too much for that. This also results in some people posting things that don't make sense or add up in the world, which mostly prevents it from being considered cannon to the story progression. However, if for whatever reason you are confused, unsure of something or can't find something, feel free to message me or post in the ooc, we'd all happy to help~.]


One day in Quiq Quig, China, a "Luminescent Baby" was born with a unique power called a "Quirk". Then, around the world as time passed, humanity started to obtain Quirks and people realized that their dreams of being Heroes could become a reality with these powers. Now, 80% of the world is comprised of super humans and people's dream of being heroes became a profession which is under the spotlight. In 2000, an academy was rebuilt in Musutafu, Japan known as U.A. High school. To compete with the worlds leading "Hero" High school, the U.S.A. founded the U.S. High school of Heroes in Springs, Colorado, 2020. It is also know as "H.H." for short.

The bureaucracy and discourses surrounding Quirks as individual rights coupled with the inherently slow nature of a Constitutional Republic caused the United States to remain in the Era of Vigilantes longer than any other place the world. However, after the Meta Liberation Army lead by Destro, a rebellion that effected multiple countries, the U.S. quickly began passing laws regulating Quirks. Taking a que from Japan, and not wanting to fall behind on the world stage, the U.S. founded the U.S. High school of Heroes. To nurture its growth, it takes applications from around the world, but not without picking U.S. citizens first as all registered "metas" are funneled into the massive school complex or its many other branch schools. Both U.S. citizens and foreigners undergo thorough screenings while being placed under intense surveillance.

The remote location in the mountains of Colorado Springs has afforded the High school of Heroes a great deal of space and privacy from the outside world. Spreading from underneath the school is a massive network of super conductor tubes that are cooled with dry ice that provide almost instantaneous transpiration around the country through the use of "quantum locking", connecting its passengers from Colorado to New York, New York in under five minutes. Because of these things, the campus is known for its robust and massive accommodations as well as its state of the art technology and training grounds. Not to mention, the weather is wonderful and the lush forested mountains makes for an incredible vista!

H.H. is government owned and government ran. It is being closely supervised by the nearby Air Force base, as well as the C.I.A., F.B.I., JSOC an a number of other government agencies. Outside of government funding the school receives sizable donations from 3rd party interests groups. This, alongside the schools large population, quickly placed the U.S.'s H.H. in second place to Japans U.A. High school. The system of departments used to teach is similar to that U.A. High school, where students are allowed to choose their own roles if they qualify. While those who go on to be "Pros" are typically public servants, some are scouted out by corporations, hero agencies, and sometimes even branches of the U.S. military or intelligence agencies. This is where the U.S. differs from Japan on "meta" rights, where a super human can very well enter the private or commercial sectors instead of the public sector.

In this roleplay, players will choose the role of either Heroes, or Villains as well as their occupation, such as "Pros", teachers or students. Pros for both villains and heroes can also have their own businesses or scouting agencies. The villains have teachers and students as well. Just as there is a rising of the High school of Heroes, there are rumors of an underground Villain Syndicate located in the U.S. that is nurturing the next generation of Villains. The U.S. government has been trying to look into this to no avail but is doing it's best to suppress this information from the public.

The roleplay does have a general narrative direction that @Matty will be progressing over time by serving the role of a GM. There will be "Story Archs" as well, starting with entrance exams and then moving forward. There are a handful of key plot points that will be revealed as the story progresses but things are highly dependent on the actions and decisions the player characters choose to make. That being said, while there will be plenty of fighting, this is a roleplay on ecchidreams so smut is expected. Whether fighting or smut is more important, or if the two are to be on equal footing, is up to you. However, while no one is stopping any of the Teachers/Pros from getting down and dirty with the Students, if a Hero is engaging in that behavior they should make sure to keep it on the down-low. This does not apply to Villains and in fact, sexual favors may be one of the best ways to earn over a Villains support or trust.

While this is an Alternative Universe of Boku no Hero Academia that takes place in the U.S., very few things are different outside of location and the cannon time line. Think of this more of a collaborative fan fiction.

Additional Information: For those unfamiliar with My Hero Academia but are still interested in a Hero themed RPG, additional information will be supplied in these hyperlinked topic sections; Occupations, Quirks, Locations, Education


This roleplay requires a completed ID page to participate.

This roleplay requires that players reply with at least one paragraph.

This roleplay requires the players have read the Introduction and the RP Information topics.


  1. Length of posts are required. You have to be able to write a minimum of one paragraph or five sentences. People cannot move a story along if a segment is just your character nodding. Remember, we are all writing this story together. Let's make it entertaining for us an any outside readers.
  2.  If you join the group RP, you must make some kind of character. Player creation details are found within the Heroes/Villains ID's section and submitted to its album. Lurking is not appreciated as it inflates the groups numbers. If you're just wanting to read the rp as it progresses, that can be done without inflating our numbers. If you do not make a character within a two weeks of joining, @Matty will message you about it to help you out. If you do not intend to make a character, you will simply be removed. 
  3. Do not God-Mod. Sometimes, instead of smut, fighting happens between characters. This means being fair with both your character and other player characters is paramount. If a fight is to occur and you are unsure of how things should go, please double-check with the other player before doing something that prevents any sort of opportunities for retaliation. If a player god-mods and they do not edit their response after being called out by you, please contact the GM, @Matty, and they will mediate on behalf of the roleplay experience.  Everyone gets three chances, which is more than enough time to learn from your mistakes. An "Offense" in these regards is if you are caught god-modding and do not fix the mistake. Mistakes happen, but if you do not own up to the point where an admin must be called in, that is an "offense", unless it is simply a misunderstanding, or you have not actually god-modded. Three time offenders will be kicked from the group rp for the benefit of others. Remember, just like smut, fighting should be a fun, exciting and collobarative experience, not an annoying & stressful time.


  1. After you join, it is highly recommend that you post an introduction in the topic The Player Lounge. It can be a simple "Hello" or something more in depth. This is not required but it sure is a nice way to start things off, as player communication typically makes for a better atmosphere and roleplay experience.
  2. The topic The Player Lounge is also were players can communicate ideas ooc openly with one another, such as side stories or plot points. There is no judgement there and compromising on ideas, as well as brainstorming with others, is very encouraged. 
  3. Character creation is open but has restrictions. More details about character creation can be found in the respective Heroes/Villians ID's and RP Information topic sections.
  4. Character death can happen but that does not mean that is the end for your character, unless you wish for it to be. If a character is to die, that will need to be worked out between any of the involved parties. Deceased characters will likely be brought back by a specific and decided upon manner. When the character dies, what happens after their death will be discussed with the GM, @Matty. However, if you would prefer to just make a new character, that is more than welcome.
  5. If you have actually read through these thing then thank you so very much <3.



This Roleplay group observes and maintains Ecchidreams Rules & Terms of Service. Please do not infringe upon these conditions when roleplaying in the group.

The "Rules & Notes" section of this homepage may be updated or changed as the group rp progresses. If any updates or changes are made, a post will be made in the The Players Lounge section letting the players know.
If you have any questions about the Rules & Notes or the My Hero Academia AU group rp, just message @Matty and they will answer any questions you might have.
Thank you for reading & have a great time writing together!


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