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A My Hero Academia AU RPG.

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    I'm almost done making my character. I'm working on the art of her super hero outfit now ^^ but the actual descriptive part is pretty much done. @Matty I wanna send it over to you first before sharing it because I wanna make sure I understood the quirk part right, okay?
  3. Hunter’s anger melted into surprise when he saw just how anger the ruined pizza had made TV Head. He had never seen anyone get so upset over a ruined pizza before. It almost looked as if the demise of the pizza caused him physical pain. Then in a flash of the eye, there was a splattering of blood against the door, walls and ceiling. One moment, Hunter was looking at the mans head, and the next he was looking at a fountain of blood that sprayed enthusiastically from his neck. He then felt the warm spray of blood on him, soaking his clothes. He reached up, wiping some of the crimson liquid from his face so that he could see again as an expression of disgust etched itself onto his features, “Ew. Hero blood.” He muttered to himself before he looked over as TV Head again as he zapped the body, frying it out of existence. He stepped forwards so that he was standing beside TV Head, looking down at the smear that was the remains of the unknown hero. Hunter would have preferred a body to have kicked to use as an outlet for his anger, but he settled to spitting on the smear before he turned and went over to the pizza and squatting beside it as he looked a little mournful, “Fucking fuck that guy,” He echoed before tutting, “This is just further proof as to how much heroes are self rightious assholes. There’s an unwritten law. Don’t. Fuck. With. The. Pizza.” He then stood up and turned back around, now feeling angry as well as hungry, “The pizza place I got this fucking ruined beaty is only a few minutes away. I’m sure we can… convince them to give me another one.” He then headed out through the hole in the wall, spitting on the smear one last time for good measure. A hero had not pissed him off this much in a long time. Normally, he would have been annoyed that the hero had been given a quick death as he would have loved to have toyed with him however his means of death had been so violent that he was rather satisfied in that regard.
  4. Karma turned her hard gaze on the battle suit as if glaring at it. "Bite me" she muttered. She then put her hands behind her head as she started to walk back towards the gates. "I'm sure this place has like a pool or pond or something I could always try out" she said, half joking. Part of her serious due to not wanting to be anywhere near the rooms. It made her uncomfortable, feeling like she'd get murdered in her sleep. But she stopped in her tracks and thought for a moment. Ugh what a drag, she rolled her eyes and turned back around. She stalked back towards the complex. Glaring heavily at the suit as she passed it. "I hate this," she muttered as she found her way back to Takeshi, with still the hint of a glare in her amber eyes. She stared him down before huffing. "Well..show me so I don't kill myself trying to shower" she grumbled at him, avoiding eye contact as she took this as a defeat. She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for her teacher to show her around and how to use everything.
  5. "Ah! So I see you're a connoisseur as well!" TV Head laughed as he turned to face Dark Star. He had just finished sticking the hero with the railing when Dark Star had arrived with his pizza and it was the pizza that caught his gaze first. He had just begun to float his way down to ask Hunter to eat a slice in front of him, hoping to watch, when a fire ball sailed through the air and torched the entire thing. It was then that TV Head felt true rage. He had been looking forward to seeing that pizza get eaten! He couldn't taste a thing but he definitely could smell in a weird way an even next to the dead body that pizza still smelled amazing! If TV Head had been of more sound mind he would have played with the hero and saved him to question before offing him. But now, now he was angry. Furious. Wrathful. "Itwasrightthere.Iwasgoingtoseeit. Icouldhaveimaginedwhatitwaslike! AllIwantedtodowasseethepizza! Seethepizza! Thepizza! Ohgod!" TV Head rambled, his words mixing together as his cradled himself forward and backwards. With the anguish and rage of a demon, TV Head let out a pained wail, grabbing at either side of his head. He slowly pulled his legs against his chest, his body straining against itself as twitched and contorted with anger. It didn't matter who that person was or why they were there, TV Head didn't care about that. All he knew was that he felt absolutely livid. There wasn't so much thought as there was raw emotion that guided TV Head for that instant. It was just a second but it was a second of pure, unadulterated murderous intent. TV Head moved like he had moved to evade so many of the heroes back in L.A.. Back then, TV Head was able to even evade the lightning strikes from the #2 hero in the U.S., Nimbus. Now that speed was being used to bring a carbon-steeled fist to the side of that heroes skull. In an instant TV Head had left an after-image of himself dashing to the left before suddenly appearing on the heroes flank. The hero hadn't even turned to face the villain by the time TV Head's fist had made contact. His knuckle was pushed out like a jack-knife, directing a great deal of his force into 'flameo's' temple and popping his head like a water balloon. It sounded like a fire cracker going off as it exploded with a -crack- as a gust of air shot out in a cone from the impact. The machinery on the flank of the hero crumpled and bent against the sudden concussive blast. Blood splattered against the door and the walls, just barely missing Dark Star and TV Head, but just as the decapitated hero's body began to buckle at the knees blood from its exposed arteries began to spray out sporadically. It felt to its knees, cumpling to the ground and spraying the villains in a crimson arc of warm blood. Once it fell, TV Head zapped the body with a cone of laser energy, leaving behind on a scorch stain and the smell of burnt hair. TV Head stood there for a second, hunched over and seething heavily as sanguine liquids dripped from the brim of his head. "Ehm-. SO. I know I said keep a low profile, but we're getting you a fucking pizza. Fuck this guy." TV Head said after clearing his throat. He was still a bit peeved and, at this point, TV Head was heavily considering robbing every pizza shop with a ten mile radius.
  6. Her head nodded. Hard water. It was the best explanation for it really. Water that hurt! Although remembering who did it was trickier. There was a lot of water. So much water. And she'd been so hungry! Tired. Hungry. Weak. Lots of water. Dainty shoulders gave a single unknowing shrug. Wait. "Wear blue?" Thats right. They were wearing blue! And really thats all she remembered. Maybe she'd ended up eating them already? Who could say. She was just happy to be where she was now, with who she was with! A slight shiver ran down her spine as they entered the large showers. They felt familiar. Cold. Wet. She shivered again when her naked rump touched against the slightly chilled ceramic bath. Red orbs briefly shot towards the water that raced out from the faucet. It was steamy. Warm! She didn't really mind warm water too much. But she also didn't want to be alone. So with a wiggle she slid off the tub and made her way quietly over, taking a seat behind TV Head. Her tail wagged excitedly while she watched him. Was he getting naked too?! She'd honestly never seen anyone else naked before! At least not that she could remember off the top of her head. Everyone else always wore clothes. So many clothes. "It okay. Nilaa with friend. Nilaa safe! Like be with friend."
  7. "Hard water?" TV Head repeated back to Nilaa in question. What, had someone thrown ice at her? Or was she saying that the water she was hit with was "hard"? TV Head couldn't be too sure but really all that mattered was that Nilaa had associated being bathed with getting assaulted. Although, it did make TV Head wonder who would have done something like that to a child. That didn't sound very hero-like and for someone to do that to a kid with no remorse probably meant that whoever did that was either malicious or callus. "Who the hell hit you with the hard water? Do you remember who did that?" TV Head asked Nilaa as he carried her into the showers. His tone repressed, like when someone speaks through gritted teeth, doing his best to keep his composure. It was his natural inclination to throw a temper tantrum but he really didn't feel like letting himself get all worked up right off the bat. He decided to wait to find out if the person who did was worth getting worked up over because, if the people responsible was enough to piss TV Head off, then he would direct that anger an aggression towards those deserving of it. The shower room that TV Head and Nilaa had entered was of decent size. It was a square room of white tile floors and smooth white walls. Despite it being made originally for officers, the showers offered no privacy for those who wanted to take showers at the same time. There were eight shower heads, four on either side with a single square carved out of the floor at the back of the room with a faucet hanging over it. There were two benches against either wall parallel to each other an on one of them was a change of clothes TV Head had left out for himself for when he got back from his business that day. He hadn't planned on bringing anyone else here but he figured that he would just share his clothes with Nilaa for the time being. Just thought of her wearing one of his hoodies like some oversized pajamas was enough to him all giddy. It almost made him forget what he had been talking to Nilaa about. TV Head brought Nilaa over the square bath and set her down at its lip before bending over to turn on the faucet for warm water. As it slowly began to fill up, TV Head moved over to the bench with his clothes and started to tug at the top of his hoodie to pull it off when he realized something. . .He was going to have to be naked in front of Nilaa! With his back turned to her, TV Head suddenly lurched over, grabbing at his chest as he the sudden realization began to wash over him. 'I can't believe I'm getting naked in front of this girl! No! No, it's fine. Everythiiing's fine man. You're gucci, golden. Don't think anything about it. There's nothing wrong with bathing a little girl, even if you're ten years older than her. It's fiiiine. But-. . .what if she's never seen a guy nude before? Oh god she's going to ask so many questions. . ." TV Head steeled himself, ready to face this new challenge, and continued to undress himself.
  8. Hunter pushed the door to the pizzaria open, before stepping into the restaurant. The same girl that had been behind the counter earlier was still there. She smiled when she saw him, picking up a pizza box, and sliding it onto the counter, “Still toasty hot.” She told him. “Ta.” Hunter said, gripping the box and pulling it off the counter. He gave her a slight nod before he turned and left the shop and retraced his steps from earlier to take him back to the warehouse where he presumed that TV Head was still waiting for him. He opened up the box of pizza and pulled out one of the slices, ignoring the fact that it was hot enough to burn his hand. He took a bite from it, letting out a soft moan at how good it tasted. It had a good amount of meat on the top, and the spiced mince was properly spiced, not like most places that claim that it’s spiced but instead made it slightly peppery. It was insulting. By the time he reached the yard, he had eaten four slices of the pizza, and the edge of his hunger had been sated. But as he stepped into the yard, he paused for a moment with a frown. He could feel eyes on the back of his neck which gave him a slightly unsettled feeling. As he stepped through the gap in the fence, he turned his body sideways allowing him to glance behind him without being obvious about it. He could see someone on the street corner, watching him. He frowned a little in annoyance but then grinned a little when he realised it could be someone else that he can TV Head could have fun with. Pretending that he had not noticed anything, he slipped completely into the yard and walked further into it. He picked up his pace a little as he moved around the rusted buildings towards the warehouse. When he arrived at the hole again, he glanced behind him. At first, he couldn’t see anything but he then noticed someone trying to hide in the shadow of the building. He turned and stepped back into the warehouse and into the shadows. He looked around, at first seeing no sign of TV Head before he then looked up and saw the hero that he had killed earlier hanging upside down from the wall, where TV Head seemed to be pining him to it. “Wow. You’ve got a talent for art.” Hunter commented with a twisted grin before he then warned, “I think we’ve got company. Someone’s following me. I don’t know whether or not it’s a hero, but he was sure being shady about it-” He was interrupted when he heard something behind him and he turned just in time to avoid a fireball that had been aimed at him. While he managed to avoid the attack, his pizza wasn’t so lucky. He watched with wide eyes as the box caught on fire as it dropped to the floor, completely ruining the pizza within. He turned to the the hero standing in the gap of the door, wearing a dark coloured coat and a hat as if to try and look incognito, “Hey! Asshole! What the actual fuck! You just ruined a perfectly good pizza!” He shouted, getting a blank stare from the hero in return as if the hero was a little taken back by the fact that it was the ruined pizza that Hunter decided to focus on, rather than the fact that he had been attacked.
  9. Lillian watched as TV Head moved out of the way of her attack as quick as lightning, a speed she was familiar with. She had seen him display that speed at L.A. and it was something that most heroes couldn’t keep up against and in such an open room like this, he certainly had the advantage here. Her best bet was to try and slow him down, remove the advantage from him, so that they could fight on more equal grounds. She shifted a little when she saw the lights shifting on the television screen before a wide beam of light erupted from his head. It was just as deadly as the last, but wider reaching. She quickly ran to the side to avoid it but noticed that he moved his head to cause the beam to follow her which meant that she needed to keep moving to avoid it. She dashed off, dancing out of the way of the beam to avoid being hit. With each step she took, she planted yet more seeds into the ground. Along with that, she reached into one of her pouches and began to scatter seeds around, tossing them indiscriminately. She then poured energy into them, manipulating them into beginning to grow and swell. They began to crawl against the ground, covering it in a layer of thick vines before they began to grow up, filling the arena. She slipped into the vines, allowing them to block the attack as she reached out and gripped onto one of the thick thorns as the vine suddenly shot upwards, allowing her to quickly move out of the way of the attack. For a moment, she looked up and saw TV Head floating above her before she jumped off of the vine and disappeared into the sudden thorny forest that had erupted out of nowhere. The vines shifted and undulated, allowing her to move with ease among the vines without being spotted. At least, spotted by normal means. She came to a pause, leaning against one of the thick vines as she took a moment to catch her breath. Creating this many vines in such a short period of time consumed a lot of energy. She looked up to see if TV Head was still using his attack, and to see if he was directing it towards her.
  10. Suddenly a finger was pointed straight towards her! Both ears perked right up, eyes focusing in towards the extended digit! It seemed to be a good way of getting her attention. She took in the woman's words, drilling them into her memory. "No eat soop. No eat shumpoo." She nodded her head a couple of times. Of course Nilaa could eat anything! But some things she wasn't supposed to. For example, the other people in the villain complex! TV Head told her not to and she obliged willingly. It seemed as though TV Head listened to this woman and so, naturally, Nilaa would do the same! It was a hierarchy even she could understand! Regardless she was swiftly carried away by the very excited villain. Arms wrapped as best they could around the man's neck, legs clinging to his sides while she held on tight. During the entire journey her tail whipped around behind her. Being close like this was kind of nice! As the door they arrived at hissed Nilaa's ears suddenly folded back into her hair! She let loose a low growl towards the source of the noise, tail stiffening behind her. But then they entered and all was fine, the wolf instantly returning to her previous happily excited state! She didn't even know why she reacted the way she did. It was just instinct. In any case the room they arrived within was quite massive! At least, it certainly was to her. There were all sorts of strange and interesting things, and the entire room looked super comfortable and smelled super delicious! It actually had her salivating just a bit. "Nilaa get hit. Hard water. Not like." Even for someone like her a firehose was not a fun way to take a bath.
  11. "YES" TV Head exclaimed as he pulled Nilaa into this arms. He dashed for the door with the little wolf clasped tightly to his chest before spinning around to face Althea. He saluted her and then dashed out of the storage room with Nilaa still held against him, his extension cord sailing through the air with the two. TV Head didn't even think twice about what the implications of Althea's offer was, he just wanted to take whatever chance he could have to get out of cleaning that disaster of a mess. He had figured that it would be better for him of all people to wash Nilaa off, especially since Althea was a stranger and Nilaa seemed to have taken a liking to him. But, at the same time, TV Head had never bathed with someone else before. And at that, he had never bathed someone else before either. He wasn't nervous but actually rather excited. Nilaa was precious and the thought of giving her the first good bath of her life sounded quite pleasant. It didn't take long for TV Head to make his way through the Proving Grounds to his own room. TV Head's room was a chamber separated from everyone else's and was instead connected to the Observatory room. To get there, people would pass through the main chamber of the Proving Grounds which served as a sort of nexus for the entire complex. From this massive hexagon chamber extended a number of corridors and tunnels, each leading to different parts of the underground campus. The easternmost corridor lead to the student chambers while the nothernmost corridor lead to the teacher and pro chambers as well as the villains Observatory. It was from the Observatory that one would find TV Head's lodging. The observatory was once a forward operating base of what was assumed to be for the commanders or officers from decades ago, whereas TV Head's room was the now retrofired officers barracks for the Observatory. Of course, he had changed it to his own liking. Now the lengthy room was covered wall to wall in plush pillows and colorful blankets while the walls were sprawling with a myriad of posters ranging from anime to Hollywood films. There wasn't so much as a bed for TV Head to rest on as much as the entire room had been practically turned into one big bed. There was a large television on top of an entertainment system to the front of his room with a small table just below it for TV Head to eat at when watching his programs. The room also smelt of pina calada candles! Across from that his room an extending from the Observatory was what had once been a large shower for multiple people but now it solely belonged to TV Head. It was there that TV Head would bathe Nilaa for the first time. But first, the two would need to enter and get Nilaa acclimated to the new environment. TV Head taken the two from one end of the Proving Grounds to the to other quite quickly in an attempt to avoid any wandering eyes but, TV Head was certain that had seen them. He put that out of his mind and rested his hand on a keypad to the right of the metal Observatory door. With a hiss and the whirling sound of gears the door opened with a loud -cer-chunk-, revealing the Observatory to the two. Inside was a long rectangular room with a lengthy oval shaped table made of chrome at its center. On either side of it were several chairs for the top pro villains to sit at for meetings an at the far end of the room were rows of monitors stacked on top of each other inside of the wall. There were several control panels beneath them but their bright lights and glowing monitors were turned off for the moment, leaving the only light to come from the overhead lights that were nailed to the ceiling. To the left far end was the showers an adjacent to the right was where TV Head usually spent his time when he was out an about. TV Head brought the two into the Observatory, the metal door shutting and locking behind them as TV Head made his way over to the showers. "So, you've had some bad times with showers, is that right?" TV Head asked Nilaa, looking down at her in his arms as the two approached the threshold of the showers.
  12. What even was TV Head supposed to do in this down time? It was twenty or so minutes until Dark Star would be returning an even then he would have to wait for him to eat before taking him back to the Proving Grounds. As TV Head wondered what to do with himself he levitated from one end of the warehouse to the other. It had surprisingly cool in there compared to the out doors, thanks to the shade and plenty of ventilation from the broken windows and dilapidated walls. The warehouse itself seemed neglected much like a great deal of Chicago was these days. Despite all the heroes in the U.S., especially the Windy City, places like this and the suburbs that surrounded them were still in dire need of renovation. Although, TV Head knew that likely wouldn't happen. Sometimes you'd get a hero like Nimbus or Technomancer that would take some of their resources and donate it. Technomancer had been known to held up smaller towns, but he usually stuck to the South like the States of Texas, Arizona and Louisiana. Meanwhile, towns on East or West coasts as well as the North tended to go unnoticed. The heroes figured that any progress was good progress and so did some of the people as well. TV Head, on the other hand, saw this merely as a display of the neglect encouraged by so many other heroes. Despite all the wealth and power they rarely involved themselves in political or societal matters. Why were those at the top of the societal latter so low in its influence? Where they just supposed to follow along the ebb and flow of societies whim? It made no sense to TV Head. The train of thought started to bore TV Head since it was something he had already thought about before. Dwelling on questions with obvious answers to himself wouldn't do much for entertainment. That was when TV Head noticed Icicle's blue corpse on the ground. Usually people buried the dead but TV Head a different idea. TV Head had been flying around the top of the warehouse when he broke off two rusting bars from the railing of the walkways. He brought himself down, grabbed the corpse by its ankles and carried it up to the second floor of the warehouse wall. TV Head took Icicle by his ankles in one hand and then slammed one of the bars through his feet into wall, pinning the body upside down to the wall. He took the other rail out from his arm pit, moved Icicles hands together and then slammed the last rail through the corpse's palms. This wasn't something TV Head usually did, if ever, but with the boredom pressing down onto him like that leaving a message for other people sounded fun. Now, if anyone showed up, they'd clearly understand what had happened here. For the criminals, a sign of sanctuary and retribution but for the heroes, a warning.
  13. Yes, taking something like Rocket Racoon into this rp would be akin to the 3 option. The use of the word "Quirk" from BNHA is a bit strange? It's being used kind of odd. Whereas it means a particular behavioral habit, BNHA uses it to mean the particular power someone has. I'm not sure why BNHA calls it a "quirk" outside of it just sounding cool and more original then saying "power" or "mutation". Perhaps the word "quirk" was just the closest English could get to whatever word BNHA was originally using in Japanese ?
  14. Fortunately for TV Head a 1v1 was his specialty. In a duel like this he didn't need to worry so much about his energy consumption like he would in a fight with multiple opponents. In such a scenario the likelihood of the fight turning into a battle of attrition was great which always put him into the position of holding back. But when it was just him and Trip Star he could be as fast as he wanted. He would just have to be careful about when he used his gamma rays. Using that at the wrong time could leave him open for an attack or worse, drain him of energy when he would still be needing more. There was two options for TV Head, either wear the hero down through an onslaught of attacks or end her quickly but, he couldn't just rush in. Trip Star knew that TV Head's specialty was close quarters duels so she probably had counter measures in place to ensnare him if he got too close. TV Head's best bet would be to wear her down at range and take whatever ever opening he could create as a chance to get an attack in. But at the same time, Trip Star was most effective at range so TV Head would have to alternate between close quarters and long ranged combat. She was a tricky opponent but TV Head could rely on his speed and wide arsenal to handle this fight. The best bet would be to keep the pressure on Trip Star to keep her on the back of her feet, or so TV Head had reasoned this to be the best course of action. "Fast!" TV Head hissed when he saw shrubs leapt up from the ground and spring out a torrent of thorns at him. But they weren't fast enough, not for TV Head's speed. In a flash that rivaled lightning TV Head zipped to the side an avoided the attack, placing himself at Trip Stars flank. Even in the battle of L.A., the lightning hero Nimbu's couldn't even land a direct blast onto the villain. It took multiple attacks from different angles to corner TV Head to land a scratch on him. This meant Trip Star would have to follow a similar course of action; bate the villain into a corner with multiple attacks. Unfortunately for her, TV Head knew this as well, meaning he would be doing everything he could to keep her from taking the initiative. As TV Head appeared on Trip Stars flank from above, the tiny pixel at the center of his screen suddenly multiplied into dozens of dozens of pixels until his face was full of the red light. With another bright flash a massive cone of ardent energy fired down at Trip Star like a giant spot light. The heat from the attack was just as immense as it was quick. It was just as fast as the last attack but now wider and more devastating in scope. But it wouldn't stop there. TV Head expected Trip Star the throw up another wall and use that as a chance to escape. TV Head would keep firing the cone of deadly light, intent on pushing through whatever defense she might bring up and to follow her along the path she would take if she dodged. He didn't expect to catch her with it if she ran or dodged but he had planned to force Trip Star into making a counter attack in the hopes of using it as an opening. This was TV Head's plan now, keep attacking to force Trip Star into creating an opening for him. If he got lucky maybe one of the attacks would wing Trip Star but, how well it would work was up to her, and TV Head was so very excited to see how she would respond to this barrage.
  15. Althea let out a sigh, seeing TV Head’s unusual soft side for the newcomer who was still rather hesitant for bathing... however at least he managed to convince her to take a bath. A clean patient will have less of a risk for disease, as well as clean her body properly before vaccinations and blood draws. Still, she wondered why TV Head has such a care for the girl. Emotions weren’t her strong suit, so maybe it was something they knew but she didn’t. “I am glad that Nilaa has decided to take a bath, even if she’s still reluctant. Though she isn’t injured in any way, so she should be able to clean herself properly... however...” Althea would point a finger towards Nilaa, wagging it slowly. “Would you kindly not eat the soap or shampoo. Those things aren’t edible, nor that great in taste. I’m tasking TV Head to wash you up, as I’ll be in here... cleaning after I call for additional help from others. That’s unless he wants to stay behind to clean this up instead.” She glances towards TV Head, expecting him to go along with washing up Nilaa. The girl seemed to be rather soft hearted, something she wasn’t too familiar with when people who had it interacted with her. TV Head seemed to be the best choice as Nilaa seemed to be more attached to him than anyone else.
  16. So many big words were exchanged once more! The bag was also closed up. She did wonder what the shiny pokey things were for, but then the thought simply evaporated from her head. The word 'wash' was thrown around again, but she was already snuggled up to her best buddy. All was fine. Surely he wouldn't allow her to be sprayed down like she was before! Right? While she didn't quite understand what a bath was she had to at least assume that it was related to wash! After all that had been what they were speaking about, right? Perhaps even some of the bigger words thrown around were in relation to it. TV Head was saying that they were good though. Maybe she had it all wrong? A hesitant shrug was her simple answer to his question. She didn't know if she was thinking about the right thing and even if she were she didn't know if she really wanted to try one. Still, the patting atop her messy head was nice! Within an instant her frown disappeared, replaced by a smile and an excited wag of her tail! "Nilaa try?"
  17. Thank you. Well, that clears up things. Like if I had to take Rocket as example. (He was once a human but I think he got put in a racoon body), it would count as 3? (Animal with developed intelligence). I'll be honest, I had to google the definition of quirk. I know english considering the time I've been roleplaying but I have to admit I still don't know many words (that I see less often).
  18. Finally, he stopped his postering and attempts to endear her towards him. Her patience had begun to run thin by this point, and she felt a sense of relief when he suddenly flew past her and into the arena. She followed him at a more sedate pace, digging her heels into the ground to plant seeds where she was walking. Her sharp gaze watched as he moved up high into the air before trying to make it appear as if she was the bad one here. He was merely turning heroes into the villains of his world, as if they were the source of all of his problems, when he couldn’t even take responsibility for his actions. He called her a hypocrite, but it was like the pot calling the kettle black. But the time for words was over, and her body tensed in anticipation for combat. She took a breath, letting out out softly as her stomach clenched a little as it always did when she was about to anticipate a tough fight. Her eyes remained fixed on her opponent, every sense alert for whatever move he was going to make first. She completely ignored the cameras that were dotted around the arena, as they held little interest to her. Despite the fact that she had come here to fight him, she would allow him to fire shot as she always did when it came to villains. As her father had said to her once, he didn’t start fights but he as sure as shit finished them. Her gaze noticed the shifting of light on his screen, and knew that he was about to strike with one of his laser bolts that she had seen during those terrible two days in L.A. Her hand shifted, slipping into one of the pouches at her belt as she drew out several seeds. Her gaze was locked on the screen, waiting for the moment just before the bolt leapt from the screen. When that moment came, she jumped back, manipulating the seeds that she had planted down with her feet to grow up in twisting, thorny vines that coiled and formed a thick wall between her and the attack. Despite that, the blast still tore the vines apart but by the time it had fought its way through, she had moved out of its range. Even if it had hit her, it had been severely weakened by the wall of vines that absorbed most of the force. She threw down the seeds she had been holding, causing them to swell and grow into a thick looking bush. Several pods on the bush began to swell to a large size before they suddenly exploded, firing sharp shards of thick thorns at TV Head with frightening speed and accuracy.
  19. @Multiversal I'm more than happy to help if you want it for creating a character. The characters you've already developed at pretty interesting. I also wrote a guide a little while ago that might also be helpful for you. I basically did a step-by-step guide on how I do a character creation.
  20. Ah, yeah. It is slightly complicated but the short answer is yes. They would either have to, 1: Have a mutation quirk that has made them a furry. This means that they would have a power associated with the mutation. 2: Have the physical mutation passed down but have a separate quirk. This means that they would not have any powers related to their physical mutation and the physical mutation would be purely cosmetic. However, this means that they could have a transformation or emitter type quirk. 3: they were an animal that developed a quirk that made them highly intelligent, resulting in an anthro furry.
  21. Well, it was simply a question of "Is a furry accepted or not" but it seems complicated to answer. lol... Even with reading the mutation guide whatever, I don't have a clear answer... =/
  22. Oh hun you're a-okay! Your consideration is appreciated but no need to apologize! Mistakes and misunderstandings happen ~
  23. I'd like to apologize to everyone for a recent mistake I've made. It's my first time having joined a club, so I wasn't aware of the fact that I couldn't post in the thread that I did...and due to not having completely read through everything in this club so far, I have also made a few mistakes regarding the lore of the RP. I hope it's not something that people were bothered by, since I've now deleted it (or rather, edited it. I can't seem to delete it, please help). In case my mistake halted the progress of the story...I am truly sorry and will do my best not to repeat that mistake.
  24. "Oohohohoh, I see that you're no better than the rest then!" TV Head chortled as he flew past Lilian into the arena. The last thing TV Head wanted to do was kill Trip Star of all heroes. She couldn't understand it but he had a deep admiration for a hero of her caliber. It was true that he had killed her lover as though he was an after thought but that was an act of the heat of the moment that TV Head likely regretted. TV Head had brought up himself high into the air, putting considerable distance between the two. Now that the cameras were on them it was time for TV Head to flip his switch and put on a show. He threw his arms out wide, tossing his head back as he shouted down at Lillian. "You would deny people their natural selves! Call them monsters for being unable to make themselves what you want them to be. Selfish! I will be the one the set you straight!" TV Head turned his head back to Lillian and brought a hand around to point to her, his other arm still outstretched in proclamation. "You are a hypocrite! Telling people not to kill when the very nation you uphold does it so easily! And you fucking "heroes" just signed your souls over for it. You're nothing more than a jack-boot, another dog of war!" TV Head brought his pointing hand onto the hilt of his blade, the other hand falling between his legs as he crouched down into the air, ready to spring his body into action. "I'll enjoy tearing you apart!" The time for diplomacy was over, if it had ever started. Now there was no time for consideration or feelings. How TV Head felt about killing someone like Trip Star would only get in the way. Now he put on a mental war-mask, a diabolical state of mind. What had been a calm and considerate host had been traded out for sadism and blood lust. It was easier to kill someone if you were enjoying it after all. A sinister laugh erupted from TV Head as rings of light began condensing into his screen over an over. Each ring brought with it a different color from the light spectrum until it reached a photo-negative. The light from his screen shrunk to a single red pixel before erupting in a flash of light, from it flying a crimson laser bolt at startling speeds. It was poised to strike right at Lillian's center mass and that was just the first shot. There would be more to come after that as rings of light continued to pour into TV Head's screen. He was manipulating the surrounding light to condense inside his screen that he was using as a lens for the attack. This gave him a few offensive options but usually one laser bolt was enough to finish a target. TV Head was ever hopeful that it wouldn't be the case with Trip Star. He wanted to draw this out like cat playing with its prey. He wanted to enjoy making her suffer.
  25. "Oh man it's fine, I'll make sure nothing happens to-. . .Hey what are you getting at Althea?" TV Head tilted his head at the nurse. "You stop thinking like that! Nothing like that is going to happen!" Just the thought of someone taking advantage of Nilaa was enough to put TV Head on edge. He couldn't really blame someone, she was cute as heck, but for some reason TV Head felt an unusual amount of discomfort when he thought about that. If someone had their way with Nilaa and she wasn't okay with it he would most definitely pop their head like a grape in a microwave. But the more Nilaa shouted that word the more TV Head shrunk back into himself. It's not like he could make himself smaller but he sure could try. He never could have expected that Nilaa would have clung to that word the way she was and, while it could have been hilarious, having anyone around hear her shout that was just too embarrassing. Despite this, TV Head noticed how Nilaa reacted to the two mentioning giving her a bath. It was hard not to notice with that kind of reaction, especially with her clinging to TV Head. But even then TV Head still thought it was cute. "Awh, what's the matter? You don't like baths?" TV Head cooed, bringing his hands down an over her head, giving her a gentle pet between her ears. "Bath's are great! They can feel really good." TV Head said as he continued to pet Nilaa. Then again. . .maybe having Althea bathe Nilaa wasn't the best idea? TV Head feared just how forceful she might get with Nilaa.
  26. Perhaps that's for the best. I'm not sure what else there is to say to your question, sorry m8 //:
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