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The leading technological minds of engineering and neuroscience, as well as graphics design, collaborate to bring you the world's most advanced and immersive digital experience ever created, Altered Online! Join over one-hundred million players in a fantasy world unlike any other in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, where you literally step into your avatar's shoes! See what they see, feel what they feel and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and wonder! Free to play up to level 15! What could go wrong...?

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Roleplay Club
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  2. Adverse

    The Reaction Thread!

    All up to you. You can add more later if you want. We're opening in the next day or so.
  3. Adverse

    Login ID Required

    Let's get our characters up if we're participating, it's my weekend so we'll be ready to login in the next day or so.
  4. Multiversal

    The Reaction Thread!

    Lol, world of the amazons if he is the only boi around. I will also be adding characters that I’ll try to fit into different professions and categories. I already have PvP gal, but currently thinking about what type of profession should I have my new character be. Then probably think about the third one and think if I should add anymore.
  5. Adverse

    The Reaction Thread!

    I imagine I'll be throwing in several characters over time. Gotta fill the world after all and Ren can't be the only guy running around XD I mean, he COULD be...
  6. Multiversal

    The Reaction Thread!

    Might try to get a second gal set up, and maybe even a third if I’m up for it. Good luck on your characters as well @Generic Name!
  7. Generic Name

    The Reaction Thread!

    Well then, it appears I need to get my character sheets in order.
  8. Adverse

    The Reaction Thread!

    We'll be logging in soon.
  9. Multiversal

    The Reaction Thread!

    I’m pretty sure Merrill will be stoked about this PvP event! Can’t wait to see further details with the story! It is really interesting honestly, so I’ll be hooked on this train of hype!
  10. When you find out your punk ass software analyst starts a pop up event after you specifically tell her not to fucking do that.
  11. Adverse

    XC - Xel City

    Prologue Location: NexTech HQ, Xel City branch... "No.", Executive Director of Operations Edwin Michael chimed quite plainly as he swept through the office to the elevator, running on a tight schedule. He would need to catch a flight to another city to visit another branch where other servers were stored to check their status and speak with the programmers and security teams managing them. "No?!", Lydia Reese, Senior Software Analyst shouted, making haste after her boss, fuming through the office space and drawing the attention of the programmers around them. "That's what I said, Miss Reese.", Edwin replied as he stopped at the elevator to press the button to go down. The button illuminated and he stood, patiently, looking at the floor counter rather than the woman pestering him, "Alter forms are to be kept for rare events and low-chance drops from high-level encounters. It keeps the players interested and makes them a commodity, which in turn makes us more money.". "Out software has been he cause of fatalities, Director!", Lydia hissed, "We can't let the informaiton on what's happening in game get out to our players, but they need to be able to fight! Keeping a digital item almost completely unavailable except for premium subscribers is signing their death certificates!". "The Alter form enchantment item is made to make players almost unstoppable. Balance issues would draw more attention and arouse more suspicion of the circulating rumors. It could be taken as a distraction.", Edwin pushed his glasses up on his nose, "Besides. Out of over one-hundred million players, a few casualties isn't a heavy toll. After all, nothing has actually been connected to our hardware. Just a few cases of flashing images inducing seizures, a common risk.". Lydia took a deep, deep breath. The director knew exactly what was going on, but he was treating the fiction spun by NexTech as fact and it deeply disturbed her. She stood there, shivering with fury, her blood boiling that he could be so cold towards something that was the fault of the hubris in their own programming. "... A contest.", Lydia finally spoke up, quietly. "A what, Miss Reese?", Edwin asked, looking over his shoulder. "A contest. In the arena.", Lydia repeated with specification. "A player-versus-player contest?", Edwin asked, "The colosseum is still under development and is not ready to host a contest.". "Our game was clearly not ready to host players.", Lydia chided, her eyes narrowing behind her glasses. "The answer is no, Miss Reese.", Edwin said as the elevator chimed and the doors slid open. He stepped inside and said, "Don't do anything rash while I'm away. This is your only warning. Seeking your own justice will not only get you fired, it could get you arrested or worse.". Lydia stared down Edwin as the doors slid closed and she glanced up at the floor counter, watching the numbers descend before she spun around and said, "Team, let's get ready to host an event!". (Continued in Alteria Colosseum)
  12. Adverse

    NexTech_Admin_Lydia Reese >> Eleven

    Name: Lydia Reese Age: 29 Occupation: NexTech Software Analyst Likes: - Video games - Power - Fancy gadgets - Intelligent men - Sleep Dislikes: - Overconfidence - Corporations (ironic) - Cold water - Negligence Important information: Lydia is a brilliant young woman who studied hard to enter the competitive world of game design, finding her passion at a very young age. When not screwing or drinking in college, she was busy studying hard to make sure she knew as much as possible about her interests until she got her degree and started immediately looking for work. Unfortunately, work wouldn't find her for a while in the field she really wanted. The video game industry was a dying pipe dream and slowly it was being forgotten with no studios hiring or expressing interest in starting a new one, she had to settle for supervising development teams for security programs. She hated her job and she hated the people she worked with, until the breakthrough. The technological world saw a rebirth with breakthroughs in various scientific and engineering fields, video games had been revitalized and she was ready to leave her shit ass job to finally live her dream, but when she was ready to leave, she was approached with a huge opportunity, recognized for her talents, for what was supposedly the greater technological achievement of their time, or any other time. She accepted and became a part of the development team for a company that would be known later as NexTech. After showing off her knowledge opposed to the rest of her team, she was promoted to senior software analyst, assisting with development while also making sure everything was running smoothly with it. It was a game after all and Lydia couldn't be happier to be a part of it, she was able to wake up with enthusiasm, go to work with a smile and leave work with a smile, she was even assigned the role of being an in-game administrator to monitor and regulate the activity within the game, she even got a custom Alter, which were almost impossibly rare for players. It all seemed too good to be true, especially with the magic of the Altered Online launch and the passion it was met with by it's player base... Until the incidents began. As the senior software analyst, she felt heavily responsible, as though she's gotten lazy, until the investigation team realized that their programming was perfect... A bit too perfect. While NexTech wants to keep the situation hush hush, Lydia is adamant about her own off the books investigation into this problem to understand it, find it's origin and either delete it, or integrate it into the existing living environment. She feels like time is running out... Screen Name: Eleven Class/Profession: Element Magic Character Level: 40 Signature Abilities: - Call of Nature - Ancient roots shoot from the Earth and pull enemies below a certain size under the ground, instantly killing all within the area of effect. - Mist Me - Becoming one with the moist air, player assumes a mist form, gain in invulnerability to all attacks that don't deal electric damage. Weapon: Scales of Justice - A powerful staff customized just for her avatar, granting her a +100% boost in all elemental damage and defenses as well as a significant boost in SP. Altered Online History: In game, Lydia investigates painstakingly while maintaining her duties as an administrator to the players. She can be found from time to time investigating trouble areas reported. Alter Abilities: - Judgement - The scales of Justice weigh am enemy's sins and unleash the fires of hell from below, summoning a gigantic demon to wreak havoc on anyone in it's way who isn't an ally. God help you in the PVP arena against this so-far unstoppable behemoth. - Elemental Mastery - Inherent +400% elemental damage for all elements - Misfortune - Enemies in the surrounding area have a high chance of being afflicted with confusion.
  13. Adverse

    Lydia Reese

  14. Altered Online will go live soon and is now accepting pre-registration for those that missed the beta! Submit your User ID now! - NexTech
  15. Adverse

    Altered Online > Ren >> Blink

    Name: Warren "Ren" Reid Age: 17 Occupation: Barista at Xel City Coffee Bar Likes: - A good cup of coffee. - Nerdy, shy girls - Music - Thighs Dislikes: - NexTech - Caffeine free drinks - Injustice Important Information: Ren and his twin sister, Libby, brought into the world just a few minutes before him, lead a relatively rough childhood. Their parents went through divorce when they reached their early teens and fought endlessly for years prior. With new laws passed on legal adult status in recent years, at the age of sixteen the twins left their home and got their own apartment, where they lived quite happily. Ren got a job working in a coffee bar and Libby, with her irrefutable charm and infectious smile, started a streaming channel for gaming. While she was just minutes older than Ren, she took her role as his older sister seriously, added to her love of EDM style, she adopted the gamer handle NeonNeesan. Her popularity increased quickly and soon, she was contacted to beta test the new online game, Altered Online, which she read about and jumped at with excitement, even scoring Ren one of the sets of Beta hardware. He gave in and decided to play with her, creating a character under the name Blink, a Click Trigger while Libby chose the name Echo, a White Mage. The game was incredible, they had a lot of fun playing it together and experiencing the technological marvel of it, sometimes even finding it overwhelming as Libby's popularity grew and grew, people started to know Blink as well. They continued to the full released after the beta closed and they received the new hardware. Less than a month in, however... Something happened that Ren still can not explain. The two of them were attacked in game after they found a new area, and beyond that, Ren's memory is a complete blank. All he knows is that he and Libby both seized and that Libby didn't survive the trauma. Ren was shattered by this and went offline for a long time, spending his time alone in silence, staring at the places Libby used to be, where she used to stream, her headset that was now cold and gathering dust. Finally, he decided it was time to start living again. He couldn't help but notice, though, when he signed into her Switch streaming account to deliver the bad news... The stream for the day was gone. He knew they were streaming that day, at least. Upon further research, the video had been deleted due to streaming datamined environments within the Altered Online game world. Knowing that was complete bullshit, his own investigation began. He knew something was wrong, so he prepared for battle, adopting his sister's electric style of clothing and wearing her bizarre goggles in her memory before signing into Altered Online once more... Screen Name: Blink Class/Profession: Click Trigger Character Level: 15 Signature Abilities: With the beta testers out given to his sister, he customized his character's 'Fwoosh' ability, making his character turn invisible for the duration of the dash with white elecricity in the beginning and end of the animation, making it appear as though he vanishes from one place to appear in another, thus his name, "Blink". Weapons: Two black pistols that emit a small white flash of electricity with every shot - Neutral damaging despite the animation. Altered Online History: A beta tester for Altered Online, given a key to start an account with his sister, a professional streamer. He and his sister encountered a strange enemy and the rest is history. He hasn't logged into AO in over a month after his sister's death, but he is on to something, he knows it. While Ren is quite reserved and somber in person after Libby's death, Blink is wild, erratic and nothing like Ren. He likes it that way.
  16. Adverse


  17. Once again, loathe as I am to break theme, in some cases I have to, such as this post, which contains general information and etiquette for the Game Server section, which is the "In character" role play section. - To start, there are various locations within the role play, some in game, some in the real world. I will create topics for each significant location and tag/headline them with AO (Altered Online) or XC (Xel City). - Side threads can be started for private interactions, such as someone's home or hotel room or whatever the case may be. Be sure to inclue AO or XC at then start of the topic name to identify where it takes place (ex: XC - Username's House, XC - Insert Topic Title), what characters are there and add tags for the content that the thread might contain, such as sex or whatever else might be significant. Also be sure to say when your characters appear in that location where they are coming from, and where they are going when they leave any given area - Scientific accuracy means nothing in this role play, this could never actually happen but that is the point. Don't be harping on me about it. Player Characters -Variety in in-game classes, please and thank you. Ultimately, play as who you want, but a role play full of the same type of character would be sort of lame, don't you think? - Male characters can play as female characters in AO, and vice versa. Voices can be changed in-game to fit. - You may be wondering what brings out particular characters together. Easy. Like in some real life MMORPGs, there are groups that team up that live in the same area. We could go that route for ease of characters out of game interaction. Or your character could live nowhere near them and visit. It's really up to you. In this case, the out of game main plot takes place in Xel City, which will have it's own location posts with info about it. - Sex can happen in game, AO is that advanced. Of course, it's not as intense a feeling as in the real world, but close enough. Yes, I do understand that males playing as females and vice versa can trick the brain into making the body feel some weird shit considering there are organs that aren't there. - You can play as anything you want. Bunny girl? Sweet. Neko? Nice. Monster girl or guy? Awesome. Human? Go for it. Elf, or literally anything else? AO has customization options for everyone to be exactly who they want to be, as long as your character is humanoid. - Your character can have a reason to be suspicious something is going on in AO that isn't quite right, or they can be no worse for the wear and learn as they go. - Stats and skills DON'T EXIST per character, all of that is just for flavor. In role play they exist, but make things up. I'm not gonna dictate what your character can and can't do completely. Just don't be OP and follow the guidelines and information about Classes and Professions. - Who gets access to an Alter and when will be highly determined at random, depending on how many active players we have and what conditions for obtaining the enchantment change. Anomalies "Anomaly" or "Anomalies" are the current terms used by NexTech when referring to the creatures in game that were not put there by the designers and are the cause of the core conflicts of the story. The admins of the game monitor Alteria with vigilance looking for when an Anomaly might pop up, or when a portal opens to a new area that is not authorized or designed by them. Anomalies don't display enemy names or HP when attacked or scanned, they don't disappear when killed and do not respawn, but occasionally drop rare items. Anomalies weren't designed by NexTech, but they do seem to have to abide by the rules and restrictions of the game world in at least some capacities, meaning they can not interfere with existing coding, but can come from other areas they create. In contrast, the coding was not written by NexTech and thus, they have no idea where to find the lines in the game's coding, this they can not delete them outright and they don't know what part of the game's coding they DID write would make the conditions in the Living Environment program right for the Anomalies to exist in the first place. The only way they've found to get rid of them is to kill them, which is not always easy. Conflicts with Anomalies do not inherently cause issues for players, a player has to be killed in game by an Anomaly, usually of high level, or spend too much time in an area created by Anomalies in order for things to go wrong. That's all the information NexTech currently has. Accidents Since the launch of Altered Online there have been unusual accidents that NexTech had linked to the game, but has been diligent about covering up the moment they know something is going wrong. Whether this be players having gaps in time they can't account for, memory loss, loss of control over their actions for a certain time all the way up to seizing and death, NexTech is trying to find out how all of this is possible while trying to keep everything quiet about the Anomalies.
  18. @Multiversal The User Manual section has been updated with information regarding classes and equipment per class as well as variety. Thank you for your feedback! - NexTech
  19. Adverse

    Classes and Professions

    Regarding Equipment The various classes have a wide variety of weapons available to them that can be found, dropped by enemies, bought in stores or customized with skins or blacksmiths in game. Skins are purely cosmetic and have no other in game benefit. Single Blade - One-handed swords and daggers are the standard equipment of this profession, such as katanas, rapiers and the like. Skins can be found in game or purchased from stores to make the weapons in game become Axes, Scythes, flails and other One-handed melee weapons. Dual Blade - One-handed swords and daggers are the weapon of this class, though a different type of weapon can be held in each hand. Skins are available in game from enemies and vendors to give weapons the appearances of axes, scythes, flails and other One-handed weapons. Heavy Blade - Heavy blade weapons available in game include large two handed swords, oversized swords, large axes, pole arms, lances and halberds. Skins can be found or purchased in game to give any given weapon to appearance of other two-handed melee weapons. All Magic class characters have use of any staff, wand or other augment they find for their class, though they can be enchanted in shops or with items to give bonuses for skills of their professions. Skins can be found in game and at vendors to alter the appearance of their equipment to fit a variety of aesthetics, such as large candy canes or other festive objects. Bow Trigger - Bow Trigger characters can use the traditional bow and arrow combo, either a short or long bow, or large crossbows. Skins can be found in game and purchased at vendors to customize the appearance of these weapons. Click Trigger - Weapons available to Click Trigger characters include pistols, revolvers, energy weapons and flintlocks. Skins can be found in game or purchased at vendors to alter the appearance and customize these weapons. Heavy Trigger - Heavy Triggers have access to two-handed sniper rifles, missile launchers, assault rifles, railguns and bowguns. Skins can be found in game or purchased at vendors to customize the appearance of these weapons.
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