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About This Club

The leading technological minds of engineering and neuroscience, as well as graphics design, collaborate to bring you the world's most advanced and immersive digital experience ever created, Altered Online! Join over one-hundred million players in a fantasy world unlike any other in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, where you literally step into your avatar's shoes! See what they see, feel what they feel and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and wonder! Free to play up to level 15! What could go wrong...?

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Adverse

    The Reaction Thread!

    All up to you. You can add more later if you want. We're opening in the next day or so.
  3. Adverse

    Login ID Required

    Let's get our characters up if we're participating, it's my weekend so we'll be ready to login in the next day or so.
  4. Multiversal

    The Reaction Thread!

    Lol, world of the amazons if he is the only boi around. I will also be adding characters that I’ll try to fit into different professions and categories. I already have PvP gal, but currently thinking about what type of profession should I have my new character be. Then probably think about the third one and think if I should add anymore.
  5. Adverse

    The Reaction Thread!

    I imagine I'll be throwing in several characters over time. Gotta fill the world after all and Ren can't be the only guy running around XD I mean, he COULD be...
  6. Multiversal

    The Reaction Thread!

    Might try to get a second gal set up, and maybe even a third if I’m up for it. Good luck on your characters as well @Generic Name!
  7. Generic Name

    The Reaction Thread!

    Well then, it appears I need to get my character sheets in order.
  8. Adverse

    The Reaction Thread!

    We'll be logging in soon.
  9. Multiversal

    The Reaction Thread!

    I’m pretty sure Merrill will be stoked about this PvP event! Can’t wait to see further details with the story! It is really interesting honestly, so I’ll be hooked on this train of hype!
  10. When you find out your punk ass software analyst starts a pop up event after you specifically tell her not to fucking do that.
  11. Adverse

    XC - Xel City

    Prologue Location: NexTech HQ, Xel City branch... "No.", Executive Director of Operations Edwin Michael chimed quite plainly as he swept through the office to the elevator, running on a tight schedule. He would need to catch a flight to another city to visit another branch where other servers were stored to check their status and speak...
  12. Adverse

    AO - Alteria Colosseum

  13. Adverse

    NexTech_Admin_Lydia Reese >> Eleven

    Name: Lydia Reese Age: 29 Occupation: NexTech Software Analyst Likes: - Video games - Power - Fancy gadgets - Intelligent men - Sleep Dislikes: - Overconfidence - Corporations (ironic) - Cold water - Negligence Important information: Lydia is a brilliant young woman who studied...
  14. Adverse


  15. Adverse

    Lydia Reese

  16. Adverse

    Login ID Required

    Altered Online will go live soon and is now accepting pre-registration for those that missed the beta! Submit your User ID now! - NexTech
  17. Adverse

    Altered Online > Ren >> Blink

    Name: Warren "Ren" Reid Age: 17 Occupation: Barista at Xel City Coffee Bar Likes: - A good cup of coffee. - Nerdy, shy girls - Music - Thighs Dislikes: - NexTech - Caffeine free drinks - Injustice Important Information: Ren and his twin sister, Libby, brought into the world just a few...
  18. Adverse


  19. Adverse


  20. Adverse

    Ren and Libby

  21. Adverse

    Before logging in...

    Once again, loathe as I am to break theme, in some cases I have to, such as this post, which contains general information and etiquette for the Game Server section, which is the "In character" role play section. - To start, there are various locations within the role play, some in game, some in the real world. I will create topics for each...
  22. Adverse

    Regarding About The Blade Class/Professions

    @Multiversal The User Manual section has been updated with information regarding classes and equipment per class as well as variety. Thank you for your feedback! - NexTech
  23. Adverse

    Classes and Professions

    Regarding Equipment The various classes have a wide variety of weapons available to them that can be found, dropped by enemies, bought in stores or customized with skins or blacksmiths in game. Skins are purely cosmetic and have no other in game benefit. Single Blade - One-handed swords and daggers are the standard equipment of this...
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