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In another distant galaxy there is a planet, Airilia, where societies are ruled by hierarchies. There is a treaty among kingdoms to not interfere with one another as long as societies within said kingdoms are functioning. These hierarchies are free to rule however they see fit, within reason. No excessive cruelty to people, animals, or the environment is allowed. Trading between kingdoms is required for each society to prosper, therefore a trade agreement is intact and each kingdom specializes in at least one thing. The Roygolden cluster specializes in manufacturing things that use silicone such as sex toys, medical equipment, some implants, cookware, and other products. For the most part each cluster is technologically advanced, more so than the planet, Earth that you may have heard of. In a way Airilia is almost like a Utopia but it has taken much time to get here and there is still the occasional crisis. Humans are not the only intelligent life form on this planet, there are elves, human-animal crossovers like cats, dogs, birds, lizards, and more. 


Gaia, the current Queen and ruler of the Roygolden cluster which is mostly human, is recently widowed and is now in control of her country. She is doing things her way, including how she brings up her sole daughter, Titania. Queen Gaia is determined to not let Titania live the life she was forced into by having an arranged marriage. When her husband, the former King died, she was free to live her life however she wanted; it was one of the most liberating days of her life.  Some even rumor that she may have had something to do with it but there was no proof. The King wasn't a bad person and was a good, fair king. They were just better off as friends than lovers, but divorce was not allowed in the kingdom until Queen Gaia changed the law. Titania, just like her mother, has an almost insatiable sex drive which seems to run in the family. Maybe her mother is trying to live her life through her daughter but Titania has lots of freedom and only a few rules which are mostly agreeable so she is none the wiser. Titania is an only child as the King and the Queen had trouble conceiving, at least as far as Titania knows.


How will you seduce the Princess? Will you go through her mother, the lonely queen, to get to Titania? Maybe you will choose to work up your sex skills on the local townsfolk before trying your chances with the Princess. Possibly, you’re not even interested in the Princess and you want the Queen instead! Or you’re not interested in the drama involving the Royal family and want to just watch the Princess go on crazy sex-filled adventure before settling down!


Queen Gaia wants her kingdom to be sex positive place. There are a few laws and common sense she felt needed to be written out that were not before. 

1. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to participate in any kind of sexual acts. Masturbation is fine.
2. Sex between relatives is fine as long as no children are produced. 

3. Every one age 13 and older is given access to birth control if they so desire. There are various forms for both men and women.
4. Rape is not tolerated and if you are found guilty you will be ejected from the kingdom immediately.

5. Prostitution is legal and regulated like any other business.


This roleplay club is intended to be based heavily on sexual encounters between characters.


If you have any questions regarding the laws and rules you may message the Queen / @Imouto Kanna.


Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

At least one small paragraph per post is required, more is preferred.
A unique character ID is required before participation.
You can reuse original characters as long as they fit into the storyline, but you cannot use characters from other existing media.

Spelling and grammar skills are a necessity. 

General Rules of this Club
1. Always follow EcchiDreams ToS. Breaking ToS will result in a staff member being notified.
2. Try to keep roleplaying posts under 4 lines to a bare minimum. Short messages are fine in the OOC section. If you constantly post with only a few sentences each time you will be warned. If you keep it up you will be removed from the club.
3. You are not allowed to create a character that is in a position of power to affect the Roleplay on a large scale. (For example a long lost relative who will fight Titania for successor.) You will have to ask the permission from @Imouto Kanna before you can have your character have such a position of influence.
4. You have one week from joining to create a character profile. After one week I will shoot you a message offering help, from there you have 3 days to respond or risk being removed from the club.

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