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  (Before bringing up anything else, I will have to mention that this rp is extremely graphic in nature. Flesh will be torn, bones will be broken, and any other imaginable level of injury is liable to happen. This may be toned down for some individuals who ecchitext their concerns to me, but it will not be adjusted for certain scenarios or group combats. I should also mention that there will be themes and acts of non-consensual sex, primarily kept to ideas and mitigating description almost entirely. There will be a degree of the rp you can not control, left instead to statistical and random mechanics. Consequences of these losses will apply to the character in permanent, irreversible ways from heavy injuries and scarring to crippling debilitation and death.)


To those Unfortunates reading,

  I regret to inform you that this sordid land will be yours for the remainder of your time and this vacant church the last vestige of knowledge among it. I regret to inform you that you will be required to fasten your lips if you should survive the hostile home you find yourselves in and to discern the few allies from the manipulative enemies among these hallowed halls. I regret to inform you that if you believe it to be the end, it shall, and if you believe that there will be escape from the wretched realm, you will likely die trying to find it. I regret to inform you thst your hope, mind, body, and soul will be ground away, but I wish to inform you that you still have it now. Use it while you can...


  Unfortunates... that is what you've become, strangers in a dead land, one where nothing but terror and sorrow lie. It is a cold world, a merciless world, one where Hell and Heaven are the same. Death, The Fifth Strike, and even The Ninth Inning, all the same end, the same woe, to these many tales.


  (To those who wish to join, I'd like to ask for you to keep writing level to a well-developed paragraph at minimum, with less allowed for generally empty rooms and combat situations. However, I'd also like a highly detailed and developed character sheet, both for adjusting NPC interactions to match and for creating certain enemies tailored to your own fears and sorrows. This will primarily act as a Horror and Survival rp with emphasis placed on exploration, characters' interactions with others and their environment, and combat execution.)


  (A paragraph is expected outside of combat and revisited rooms, and an extensive character sheet is mandated.)

  (Site-wide terms of service still apply.)

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