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•´¯`•. Rules of this Roleplay .•´¯`•

  • EcchiDreams Standard Roleplaying Rules, plus:
    • Interaction with Blackberry Falls or related Roleplays will be considered “Non-Canon” to that Roleplay.
    • You may not enter someone's house without their permission.
    • You can roleplay in which ever perspective you prefer. First, or third person. 
    • Your posts can be as long or as short as you like as long as it's part of the RP.
    • You don't need a Character ID you just roleplay as your forum account.
    • Side Story's must have the tag "Side Story" and well tagged.

•´¯`•. EcchiTown Bylaws .•´¯`•

Moderators and Administrators of this club, may use NPC's as Police Officers when a crime has been committed. Below is a list of things you cannot do in this town in RP, aside from the obvious (Murder, Property Damage, Etc). If you need help or assistance, please use the OOC or "Help?" section of the club. We're happy to help. This list will change over time

  • Driving cars inside the town:- This is agreed to when your character buys or rents a house. There is a path from the town that leads back to the main road, which goes to the motorway/highway that goes back to Blackberry Falls. But at the end of the path is a multi storey secure car park where residents can store their car or bicycle. CCTV is in operation here. 
    • When moving in, a truck will come up the commercial road, and is allowed, although they have to drive slow, to go to the house in question to unload the cargo to the property in question. This is the only exception.

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