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Captain's Quarters

Captain Venus' quarters are the richly appointed stateroom below the fantail. Broad windows with diamond shapes lights form the majority of the stern wall.

Her desk is a massive, heavy oaken affair with brass fittings, built into the deck and lacquered to a dark sheen. Glass baubles, silver treasures and various trophies, among them a skull rumored to belong to Monster's original master, hold down charts and prop up log books.

To one side sits a small dining table, suspended by ropes from the overhead. Opposite is her bed. For shipboard living it is large and covered by a tumble of cushions, quilts and comforters. The drawers under the bed show the corners of rich fabrics sticking out of ajar fronts.

Captain Venus herself is very likely lounging here, with her boots crossed on top of the desk.

Crew members may petition the captain by banging on the hatch and awaiting her permission to enter.

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