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FeeDtheUrgE.tv - The Dark Web's Premiere Streaming Service

New! Sponsored by an anonymous donor with lots and lots of money and resources, FeeDtheUrgE.tv is the first ever underground, illegal, all the bad things they don't want you to see... that you secretly want to see.. video and live streaming service. And not for the faint of heart, either! Rape? Abuse? Underage? Incest? All of the above? This is the place for you! And the fun part is... anyone can participate! But, here's how it works.

Our sponsor is a dark, twisted billionaire who enjoys seeing the fucked up side of humanity. He's willing to pay to see live footage of humanity's worst (or best?) side. And he wants it to be authentic. You and your girlfriend pretending to be brother and sister, fucking in a video won't get you shit. Things like family relations and age will need to be verified. Don't worry, you won't get reported, but it's to prove legitimacy that what's happening in the videos/streams is real, not just bad acting.

If you're say... planning to rape your sister, and it's verified... you not only get paid, but access to all kinds of supplies. Not just your zip ties and duct tape... but he has access to many experimental pharmaceuticals and drugs to enhance the experience. Want to keep going and going? Try Drain! Makes Viagra look like Flintstones vitamins! It doesn't cause you to be hard for four hours, but basically turns you into a primordial horndog with an insatiable urge to procreate. Expect to be incredibly horny for a day or so and blow some of the biggest loads you'll ever see!

Ever wonder "Oh man, date rape is so fun, but I wish they were conscious through the whole thing?" Well, you're in luck! Try Day-Ludes. Similar to the infamous date rape drug, but they remain awake and aware during the experience, yet highly immobilized. And once the drug wears off... they don't remember any of it. So it can be a 'first time' everytime, and you'll always get away with it! Tired of doing all the work? Try some Sway! It'll make them so susceptible to persuasion, they'll do what you say even if they don't want to! Any other supplies or tools needed can be provided if you're verified!

How far are people willing to go for money? And don't just think the more HARDc0rE!!! and eXtREME!!!11one you get, the more money you will receive. Sometimes simpler is better and the sponsor does appreciate quality and originality. So let's see the best of the worst of humanity, straight from all of you!



So what the fuck? It was an idea I had for a club... before this one? Inspired this one? Anyway. If I set this up properly (This is a big if) just use it as an RP forum with this theme. It doesn't even have to be an RP, got a good idea for a short story that would fit in here? Go ahead and post it! If enough people join in, (ha...) and it becomes a thing, I could play the role of the anonymous sponsor and do like a poll or something where we can vote for the best 'video/stream'. I don't know. Don't hold your breath, though.


"Rules" and stuff for Posting:

** Should be in a modern setting with the theme of recording/streaming a dark act to be posted on the Feed the Urge site. It can be a one off story, or you can continuously update it like a video blog of your niece you have tied up in your sex dungeon over the course of a few months, or something. You can grab a partner or two, and make it an RP. I don't really care WHAT it is you want to do in it, as long it doesn't violate ToS and all that.

** Being said of subject matter... I don't care, but if you go for extreme stuff. Poopy gore, etc., just put a tag on it so people know what they're clicking on.

** Partner search in the partner search section (Choose Your Poison), or OOC.

** Don't be dicks. Like... OOC wise. Be the absolute fucking worst humans possible in RP's and stories, please!

** Try to keep everything as 'real' as possible. Prefer no tentacles or cum-infested rape monsters. Being creative and inventive is fine. Not everyone is into drugs or drugging, but I like to use them AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE ....as story devices. Think of them like magic potions... again, within realistic context. No drug will turn you into a horny werewolf or a vampire who never stops cumming. Might make you SEE those things... but creating some unique effects that will help you take advantage of or manipulate your victims is neat!

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