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The Ship

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Before you stands the largest working steam ship you've ever seen. The only working steam ship you've ever seen. Its large, rusted metal pipe extends from the center of the boat, releasing vasts amounts of steam from the top, the sign of its working fuel source, something that is so strange to see here in the wasteland. The metal that makes up the ship itself, also quite rusted, is otherwise painted a dark blue color with a white stripe. You can see the beginnings of an S.S., but the rest of the name has deteriorated throughout the years and the steamboat is now simply known as The Ship. Each side of the ship, foreward and back, also has a mast with an auxiliary sail. None of the original sails have survived and the sails are now made up of the stitched together cloth that the citizens of Gateport can scrap up together.

This ship is what has gotten Gateport into the wasteland map. Having access to the coast of the Texas Commonwealth means that Gateport can send a lot more cargo a lot more quickly than any other tradepost in the wasteland. Perhaps even the world. The ship travels pretty much anywhere as long as its got the fuel. Coal, Charcoal, whatever can produce enough steam. Sometimes it'll even climb up the Mississippi, if it has enough firepower to stave off all the raiders and ghouls.

How did the city of Gateport get something like this? The answer is simple: The Seafarers Guild. Previously just a ragtag group of traders, scavengers, and mechanics, they were lucky enough to one day came across the ship which had just kept together enough to be fixable. Putting their resources together, they got it up and running and the rest is history.

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