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The Seafarer's Office

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You enter the building which the bright blue sign outside said was the Seafarer's Headquarters. This is probably the nicest, most well-maintained building in the entirety of the city. The floor has minimal rubble, the blue and white painting on the walls is only moderately scraped off, and the roof is, for the most part, not falling apart. That is quite the accomplishment for a building that isn't a Vault or a bunker.

Most of this building is simply a number of desks filled with computers, pens, papers, some surprisingly well-kept books, and some scavenged old world memorabilia. This is where are the regular workers of the Seafarers work, doing the day-to-day the organization requires, such as record-keeping, filing paperwork, etc, etc. There are doors in the back that lead to offices and a stairway that leads to a second floor, but only the higher-ups are allowed there.

You may be asking yourself: What are the Seafarers exactly? Well, originally they were a ragtag group of traders, scavengers, and mechanics. They did well for themselves throughout the Texas Commonwealth, putting all the skills to use in earning some kind of living out here in the wasteland. One day, however, they were lucky enough to find a steam ship, The Ship, that was just kept together enough to be fixable. Putting their resources together, they did just that. Like proper American businessman, they then began to sell space on their ship to local traders and with such resources on their hand, they are now one of the most powerful factions this side of the wasteland.  

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