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Brotherhood of Steel Office

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As you pass two armed to the teeth Brotherhood Knights, entering through a metallic vault door, you find yourself in the Brotherhood of Steel Local Branch. The place is quite drab, to be expected from what is essentially a military barracks. Grey walls, little light other than a few light bulbs that occasionally malfunction, and a singular military-style desk. Not exactly the happiest place on earth. Civilians aren't allowed outback, but you can catch of glimpse of bunk beds and lockers which most likely hide weapons and ammo inside.

Its rare to see the Brotherhood of Steel be so friendly with a settlement like this, but Gateport is kind of a special situation. Originally, the Brotherhood wasn't exactly keen on letting some wastelanders hold onto a piece of tech as rare as The Ship. They sent out some Knights and even Paladins to take care of the problem, killing the Seafarers and capturing The Ship for the Brotherhood. Unfortunately for them, however, the Seafarers had already accrued quite the reputation, and with it quite the resources and protection, by then. The BoS could of most likely still taken down any amount of mercenaries with their firepower, but they would have lost many Brothers in the process. Instead, they decided to cut a deal. The Brotherhood would keep an eye on The Ship, making sure it wasn't misused or got into the wrong hands, and, in return, the city of Gateport would receive the protection of the BoS. The Seafarers wouldn't say no to an opportunity to have so much firepower under their belt and, so, a deal was made.

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