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The Gateport Radio

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 A block from the Gateport town center is the Violet Corner Radio station. From the outside one can see the VCR station makes it home out of the blown out corpse of an old wartime building. Half of the building is made the old Golden Age metal, chipped blue paint accented by its red rust. The other half of the building, which is gone, has been built over. From it protrudes a large and powerful refurbished radio telescope as well as the stations antenna. The rebuilt walls of the other half are made off wood and scrap metals, reinforced with steel plates at major structural points. The outside of station has a wraparound porch with a couple of benches for people to gather and relax around. From the outside the radio station plays its current tracks for passbyer's to hear and enjoy. 

On the inside the radio station is broken into multiple parts. In the front are the three primary and largest rooms of the building. To left sits the Public Library and Archive in the old walls of the destroyed building, where people may relax to read or checkout different things. To the right is the added public observatory and telescope's, only closed at certain hours for Jericho, and down the hall past the front desk is the added Gateport Radio. In the back rooms one can find the music archives, locked store rooms of Jericho's sensitive information, and the booth from which Jericho mans the radio. In each part of the building there is at least one Mr. Handy or Protectotron and one assistant to handle the robot as well as to provide assistance to whomever. Upon entry the guest is greeted by an employee at the front desk who checks people in-and-out, as well as sets up appointments with or delivers messages to Jericho.   

(OOC: Any broadcast made through here can be heard by anyone who is either near a radio or has a pip-boy in any other location in Gateport, Raider Rock, or the Wasteland, so make sure to check back here regularly if you wish to check what's being said on the radio.)

(Owner: Blanca)


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