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abandoned The Yuri Way [Vergil x NyxAvatar69 x Angela Daring]

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"Hey, Alisa.  Wake up.  We're almost there." a black haired man said to a girl who was fast asleep in his passenger's seat.  The girl mumbled something inaudible before she let out a yawn and slowly opened her eyes, looking out the window.  "It's not anything special outside of the weird stuff that's been going on.  People dissapearing and dying, but it shouldn't concern you.  Then again, knowing you, you'll be spending a lot of your free time at old bookstores or the library of your new school.  You really need to make some friends.  Mom told me you didn't have any at your old school." the black haired man continued.  Alisa let out a low sigh in response to this.  "None of them were interesting.  All the girls there were boring.  You wouldn't understand, Matt." Alisa finally replied, looking away from her older brother as he let out a sigh and shook his head.  "At least try to make some friends.  I know you won't be staying with me until you finish high school, but at least make an attempt, alright?  It's the least you can do." Matt replied.  Alisa didn't reply, instead keeping her gaze on whatever passed by.  It took a bit longer for the two to finally reach the apartment complex where Matt lived, where Alisa would be staying for at least a year while her parents were away on business.  "Well, here we are." Matt said while getting out of the car, tossing the keys to Alisa.  "Go on upstairs and unlock the door.  I'll start bringing in your things." he said.  Alisa gave her brother a simple nod and started walking away from him.

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