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rp: extra information Blackberry Falls: Zombies Lore Thread

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Blackberry Falls: Zombies Lore Thread

This roleplay is a non-canon version of one of my other roleplays; Blackberry Falls. It has been a year since the beginning of the end, with this roleplay set in 2020. Your characters will find themselves stuck in a post-apocalyptic world. They saw their comfortable and safe lives shattered before their eyes, only to be plunged into a world of confusion and danger. 

It all started innocent enough. One night, as your characters were watching the news, an innocuous news report came into the studio. A mere hour before that report, a meteor had come down and struck the country of Ashaea, in its lush and abundant countryside causing minor damage. For a little while, people excitedly spoke about it, as it wasn’t often that such occurrences happened. But soon enough, like with everything, it faded from the minds of people and they no longer thought about it. However weeks later, strange reports begun to spill in about a strange new flu that was spreading quickly throughout the country. At first, people would begin getting flu like symptoms with a fever, cough, headaches and chills. A couple of days later after the first symptoms started to manifest themselves, victims started losing their minds, becoming aggressive and even biting others. After a couple of days of this state, the victim died. Or seems to. A week after the first reports of this strange flu started coming in, more reports came through claiming that the dead were walking again. 

Absolute chaos resulted across the entire country, with panic-stricken people trying to flee. The UFF completely closed off their borders and would shoot anyone on sight, making their country inaccessible and a certain death trap for those trying to seek shelter there. The government tried to rally together, to save as many of their citizens as they could, as the wave of dead kept growing. But their efforts were in vain, as they found themselves completely overwhelmed by hordes of the deceased. This is the world that your characters find themselves in, and this will be the story of their attempts to either escape Ashaea or to forge a new life for themselves in this wasteland.

More detail about the disease, the spread and events leading up to the roleplay have been deliberately left out because it is the task of your characters to uncover the story if they so wish to. The more your characters travel, and the more they explore, the more of the true story will be uncovered.

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Roleplay Locations

This post outlines the locations within the roleplay, as well as the routes that are available to characters which are indicated in the map below. Characters cannot diverge from the routes that are on the map.


City and towns:

  • Blackberry Falls
  • Hermitage
  • Tiloga
  • Ryntur
  • Luthulla
  • Kalath
  • Darvere
  • Leria
  • Vortase
  • Taiom
  • Delwore
  • Havenborough

Locations of Interest

  • Science lab
  • Blackberry Falls General Hospital
  • Ashaea Military Base
  • Bunker 1
  • Bunker 2
  • Bunker 3
  • Bunker 4
  • Survivor Hut Near Blackberry Falls Zoo
  • Evacuation point A
  • Evacuation point B
  • Evacuation point C
  • Evacuation point D

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This post outlines the types of zombies that characters will likely to come across while within this roleplay. These will be enemies of any character, and will attack them. A character can attract attention to themselves, by either being seen by line of sight, or by creating enough noise for zombies to hear. If your character comes to their attention, the zombies will approach them and attack. It is very possible that your character may indeed become infected with the virus that has caused the zombie outbreak, so your characters must be careful when engaging with them. The more your character engages with zombies, the more likely they are to get injured, receive a life threatening injury or become infected.

When a character attracts the attention of zombies, the number of zombies that appear will be rolled for by the Game Master, or the Admins using a d20 die, so that the outcome is from 1-20. The number that appears will be the number of zombies that will appear during the encounter to attack your character(s). However, if the die lands on 20, then it will trigger a horde. The number of zombies that will appear during the horde will be dependant on the location that the event is triggered;

  • Countryside/woods (Generally non-populated areas): 20-25
  • Countryside populated areas (Farms) and roads: 23-30
  • Towns: 50-80
  • Blackberry Falls City: 100-200

The infection

This lore post will only contain bare bone information about the virus, as much more detail will only be available within the actual roleplay, if characters come across them. The information provided below is enough so that your characters can accurately display the symptoms that the disease caused, or reference it within others such as family members.

Disease name: Necrosis Virus (Or N-virus for short)
Incubation period: Two days.
Infection method: There are two main ways that this infection spread. The first is through bodily fluids. The main source of this is in the saliva, as zombies like to bite their victims which introduces the saliva straight to their victims blood stream. But exposure to infected blood, mucus, urine and cum can also cause infection. The other method is through tactile, through the zombies scratching deep enough to draw blood however the infection chance is much lower than that of a bite.
Symptoms: On average, a couple of days after the initial infections, flu-like symptoms begin to appear with fever, cough, weariness, aches in the bones, headache and chills. Five days after infection, they begin to start losing their faculties. They start to become aggressive towards others, and attempt to bite people. It is at this point when they start becoming infectious to others. A week after infection, the victim displays all the signs of death. No heartbeat, no brain activity and complete lack of movement. However, roughly a day after this death state occurs, they reanimate as a full blown zombie with no mind of its own.

If your character has been bitten, or scratched by a zombie, then the Game Master, or an Admin will roll a die out of ten, to determine if your character has been infected. Five and under means that your character is not infected, but six and over means that your character becomes infected. Infection through tactile means that your character has a buff that decreases your characters chances of becoming infected, while being bitten or exposed to the bodily fluids will give a buff that increases the chances of infection. The rate of the infection may be different in some people, than others. If a character becomes infected, then the Gamer Master or Admins will roll out of ten to determine the rate of infection, with ‘5’ being average. Below five, would slow down the infection allowing them to perhaps buy more time with ‘1’ being twice as slow. But over five means that the infection would occur very quickly, with ‘10’ being twice as fast. 

All is not lost for characters, though. As long as they are able to consume Necrotacin before their faculties begin to degrade (Day five) then they will be able to fight off the infection. However they can become infected again. Once they have gone past the point of day five infection, then they have no hope of a cure.

Types of Zombies

This section of the post deals with the actual types of zombies. Some are missing images though, as we were unable to locate any. So you’re going to have to use your imagination with them. When a person has recently turned into a zombie, they are referred to as a ‘Scavenger’ zombie. They are the fastest of their type but are less aggressive, and less persistent in the pursuit in their prey. As they decay, they become slower in their speed but far more aggressive, and will pursue a target for days. These are known as the ‘Ravener’ zombies and are the most infectious of the lot. At the time of the roleplay, the Ravener zombies are rarer.



Rarity: Very common.
Speed: Slow.
Aggression: Average.
Description: The slowest and more stupid of the zombies, however they are the most abundant that characters will encounter. They are rather easy to fool, and tend to move at a more slumbering pace than their counterparts making them very easy to outrun and outmaneuver. They do not move faster than a shambling walk, and never run. They are the hardest of hearing, so they are slow to react to noise created by the players. However what they lack in smarts, and hearing they make up for in numbers. They tend to overwhelm their victims by surrounding them on all sides, or backing them up against a wall, clawing and biting at them. They will work together to mindlessly pull their victim apart, even when they’re still alive. Unless a character is making a lot of noise with guns, powered tools, cars or shouting, they tend to only notice characters through sight. 



Rarity: Common
Speed: Average
Aggression: Average
Description: The Neko is another common type of zombie that is likely to be encountered by characters. They are slightly faster than the human zombies, but they still cannot break into a run. Again, they are easy to outrun and outmaneuver by the characters. But their hearing is a lot sharper than that of the human zombies, and thus they are more easily attracted by noise which in turn, can attract the human zombies. Due to how common they are, they have the same tactic of overwhelming their prey and attacking them at the same time, to tear them apart. 


Rarity: Common
Speed: Average
Aggression: Average
Description: In terms of speed and maneuverability, they are much the same as Neko’s. They also have the same heightened sense of hearing which will allow them to hear a lot more than a human zombie. The Kitsune, however, is shier than their Neko counterpart. They often tend to hide in places, such as cupboards, cars or under houses so that they are out of sight. Due to how common they are, this makes them quite dangerous, as they are hard to notice and when they become aware of a characters presence, they will start moving towards them. 

Fox Anthro

Rarity: Uncommon
Speed: Fast
Aggression: Skittish, but aggressive when close. 
Description: The Fox anthro tends to prefer to eat animal meat than human meat. When it notices a character, it will often move away to avoid a confrontation. However if a character comes near, then it will turn extremely aggressive and attack. Due to their speed, this makes them hard to run away from, and it makes them difficult to fight against. It is best for characters to avoid them.

Wolf Anthro


Rarity: Uncommon
Speed: Very fast
Aggression: Very aggressive
Description: The Wolf Anthro is arguably the most dangerous type for a character to encounter. Not only do they have hearing more sensitive than the Neko’s and Kitsunes, but they also have a sensitive sense of smell which they use to hunt their prey. They also hunt in packs, the members working together. This means that they can widen their range to include a wider area in which to hunt characters down. Due to their extreme speed, and aggression, they are very hard to fight against if one does not have a gun. The most dangerous aspect about them, though, is once they have locked onto a character, they will let out a howl that will attract a horde of zombies to them. This can sometimes spell certain death unless a character was to somehow escape.

Dragon Anthro


Rarity: Rare.
Speed: Very fast.
Aggression: Extremely aggressive, and extremely ravenous even in early stages.
Description: The Dragon anthro zombie is built like a tank, and will require guns to be taken down. Their speed and extreme aggression makes them extremely deadly especially as they can deliver powerful blows using their jaws, claws and tail. While in terms of hearing, they are almost disabled, they have very sharp eyesight which can easily home in on characters. The moment they see a character they will go in for the attack. While they do not have a summoning howl like the wolf anthro does, they usually generate so much noise that it will attract nearby zombies, however the chances of a horde is rather low. One of the saving graces about this type of zombie, is the fact that they also attack other zombie types, and they are usually always a loner. It would be extremely rare to find more than one of them together, unless they were fighting one another. If they spot a character, they will relentlessly hunt them down unless distracted already by hunting other zombies.

Sentient zombies


Rarity: Extremely rare.
Speed: Average walking, and average running.
Aggression: Some are, some are not.
Description: A sentient zombie is an individual that has become infected and even died to become a zombie, however they’ve kept much of their cognitive thinking. The changes for this are extremely rare, but it has happened. Their aggressive is entirely dependant on the individual before their infection, the psychological effect the change would have on them, and their personality. Basically, they are fully sentient and aware of the world around them. It is possible for characters to turn into one of these types of zombies upon infection, but is something to be determined by die roll of the Game Master and Admins. Over time, a sentient zombie can become more feral, especially if they do not consume flesh. This will result in them becoming like any other type of zombie, and they will forever lose their sentience. A sentient zombie is still able to pass on the infection to other characters.

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Stats and Items


Unlike my other roleplays, this one will tag on stats to the characters that can be depleted or fulfilled by the actions with the roleplay. At the beginning of each post, the stats should be posted to show the current status of your character. On your first post with a character, all their their stats will read as completely fulfilled. They range from zero percent, up to one-hundred percent.

There are four stats:

  • Health: This will determine the health of your character. If it reaches zero, then that will result in death for the character.
    • Increasing actions: Common medicine (+10), Uncommon medicine (+30), rare medicine (+60). Tea/Coffee (+5), Vitamins (+5). Health will slowly go up per post if food/hydration is over 80.
    • Decreasing actions: Attacks (dependant on zombie type + kind of injury). Minor injury (-10), medium injury (-30), major injury (-60), life threatening injury (-90)
  • Hunger: This is pretty self-explanatory. If the hunger and thirst are above eighty percent, then the health of a character slowly increases.
    • Increasing actions: Snack (+5) small food item (+20), medium food item (+30) and large food item (+60). 
    • Decreasing actions: Time. Each posts the character is involved in, the hunger will go down by one percent.
  • Hydration (thirst): This is pretty self-explanatory. If the hunger and thirst are above eighty percent, then the health of a character slowly increases.
    • Increasing actions: Water (+30), Soft drink (+20), Tea (+20), Coffee (+10), Hot Chocolate (+10).
    • Decreasing actions: Time. Each posts the character is involved in, the hydration will go down by one percent. Salt Water (-20), Medicine (-20), Alcohol (-30).
  • Sanity: This metre affects the mental health of characters. Some can be more resilient than others, but the world of death and decay will have some kind of effect on them. The lower this stat is, the more mental problems a character is likely to display. This is somewhat discretion, as it largely depends on what the personality of the character is like. 
    • Increasing actions: New member of a group (+60), find a rare item (+30), find uncommon item (+20).
    • Decreasing actions: Zombie attack (-10), get attacked by other humans who steal items (-40), be betrayed by a member of the group (-20), be raped (-30)
  • (Sentient zombies only) Feral: This bar replaces the Sanity bar for sentient zombies. Unlike the four bars above, it starts at zero percent and works its way upwards. When it reached one hundred percent, then the character will turn into a feral zombie. 
    • Decreases: Eating flesh (-20)
    • Increases: Not eating. Goes up by one percent per post.

State changes regarding sexual side stories:

Unlike with the main thread, the stats of your character will not go down per post. Instead, there is a set stat change that will be incurred on your character, thus they should not engage in sex unless they have stable stats. The state changes are as follows:

  • Hunger: -20 points
  • Thirst: -30 points
  • Sanity: +20 points for consensual sex. -30 for non-consensual sex (rape)

If your characters are too loud during sex, then that will trigger a zombie encounter that will be rolled for by the Game Master, or Admin of the roleplay. 


Within this roleplay there are certain items that characters are able to find and loot within the roleplay that has some kind of effect on your character, from feeding them to allowing them to defend themselves from any zombie attackers. This post contains a list of items within this ‘game’. We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, to avoid making it too confusing. The list is open to expansion, so it you have any suggestions, please send them to the owner of the club, or any of the admins. 

Starter Items.

When a Character starts in the roleplay, they have four item slots. The Game Master, or one of the Admins, will use a die to decide what items your character receives. It is down to complete chance and they cannot be changed. This is per Character, not per Roleplayer. Some items also have different values associated to them, like the baked beans item. Some characters might only get a single meals worth. Another may get four meals worth. You are able to sacrifice one of your item slots if you wish to give your character a specific item such a a unique weapon. But you are only allowed to trade in a single item slot, so pick carefully. You are also allowed to give up an item slot, or all if you wish to challenge yourself by giving your character almost nothing to work with in the beginning. The items are down below, along with the chance of receiving them:

  1. Weapon.
    1. None - 25%
    2. Small knife - 15%
    3. Baseball bat - 15%
    4. Machete - 10%
    5. Crowbar - 10%
    6. Hunting Dagger - 10%
    7. Woodcutter axe - 10%
    8. Gun (Pistol) + bullets - 5%
  2. Food item (All but the Mac and Cheese are small food items)
    1. Can of baked beans - 20%
    2. Can of Spam - 15%
    3. Can of soup - 20%
    4. Box of cereal - 10%l
    5. Box of crackers - 15%
    6. Instant noodles - 15%
    7. Instant Mac and Cheese - 5%
  3. Medicine (All common medicines)
    1. None - 25%
    2. Half a box of paracetamol (8 tablets) (4 doses) - 20%
    3. Full box of paracetamol (16 tablets) (8 doses) - 10%
    4. One full bandage - 20%
    5. Vitamins - 20%
    6. Half a bottle of Tylenol - 5%
  4. Random.
    1. Map - 20%
    2. Clothes in addition to set they’re wearing (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) - 15%
    3. Clothes in addition to set they’re wearing (One top, one leg cover) - 20%
    4. Blanket - 10%
    5. Compass - 10%
    6. Rope - 10%
    7. Flint and Steel - 5%
    8. AA batteries - 10%

Along with the starter items, one of the Admins of the club will roll a die out of a hundred to give your character a starting amount of cash. This will be done for each character, unless you decide that you wish to skip it and start with no money.

Common items

  • Medicines:
    • Box of Paracetamol
    • Box of Ibuprofen
    • Box of Aspirin
    • Bandage
    • Box of plasters (10 plasters)
    • Disinfectant
    • Cotton buds.
    • Flu/cold medicine.
    • Vitamins
    • Healing creams
    • Tylenol
  • Food and drink
    • Cans of food such as soup, baked beans, spaghetti, fruits etc. (Small food)
    • Tinned meat, pies, fish, etc. (Medium food)
    • Boxes of crackers (Small food)
    • Crisps/chips (Snack)
    • Cereal (Small food)
    • Instant Noodles (Small food)
    • Pot Noodles (Small food)
    • Coffee powder (Drink)
    • Tea bags (Drink)
    • Hot chocolate (Drink)
    • Chocolate (Snack)
    • Dry pasta and rice  (Medium food) (Large if with something else + Hunger score of other food)
    • Jams/Jelly (Small food)
    • Bottle of water (Drink)
    • Alcohol drinks (Wines, spirits, Beer, Ciders, etc)
    • Juices (Drink)
    • Soft drinks (Drink)
    • Some dry food ingredients such as flour, sugar, yeast, salt, pepper, other herbs.
    • Biscuits (Snack)
    • Cookies (Snack)
    • Oatcakes (Snack)
    • Flatbreads (Snack)
    • Sweets (Snack)
    • Dried fruits (Snack)
    • Small ‘homemade’ snack (Snack)
    • Small ‘homemade’ meal (Small food)
  • Weapons
    • Small knife
    • Baseball bat
    • Crowbar
    • Axe
    • Hunting dagger
  • Misc
    • Maps
    • Blanket
    • Clothes
    • Gloves
    • Rope
    • Compass
    • Duct tape
    • Non-powered Repair tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, saws)
    • Matches
    • Scissors

Uncommon items.

  • Medicines (Can only be found in Pharmacies and Hospitals, although Necrotacin can also be found in evacuation centres)
    • Antibiotics (Penicillin, Amoxicillin, Necrotacin among others)
    • Seizure medication
    • Antidepressants
    • Allergy and Hayfever medicine
    • Diarrhoea relief
    • First aid kit.
    • Splint
    • Bottle of Insulin
    • Needles
    • Box of Co-Codamol
    • Basically most forms of prescription medication.
  • Food and drink (Most found in Supermarkets and other food shops. Rarely in homes)
    • Box of instant Mac and Cheese (medium food)
    • Packets of dry pasta meals (medium food)
    • MREs (Large food. Can be found in military bases, and evacuation centres)
    • Box of cake mix (medium food)
    • Box of Cereal bars (Each bar is Snack)
    • Peanut butter (Small food)
    • Medium ‘homemade’ meal (medium food)
  • Weapons
    • Pistol (various): Found in homes, usually in a locked safe, or in gun shops.
    • Rifles (various): Found in homes, usually in a locked safe, or in gun shops.
    • Shotgun (various): Found in homes, usually in a locked safe, or in gun shops.
    • Machete: Found in homes, and weapon shops.
    • Taser: Found in weapon shops and Police stations
    • Baton: Police Stations
    • Riot shield: Police Station
    • Fireman's axe: Fire station
  • Misc
    • Sleeping bag: Usually found in residential houses, and certain camping shops.
    • Sewing kit
    • Power Tools (drills)
    • Tent
    • Pots/pans/bowls/plates and other such items.
    • Functioning torch (Will require 2 AA batteries to work)
    • Batteries (Of all types)
    • Binoculars
    • Cans of gasoline

Rare items.

  • Medicines
    • Defibrillator.
    • IV bag (Intact)
    • Blood bag (Intact)
    • Casts
    • Doctors bag.
  • Food and drink
    • Preserved Ready Meal (Large meal)
    • Frozen food (Large meal)
    • Large ‘homemade’ meal (Large meal)
  • Weapons (Only found in military bases)
    • Grenade
    • Flash bangs
    • Claymore
    • Armour which can protect against bites and scratches
    • MK192 + bullets
    • Light Machine guns + bullets
    • Sniper Rifles + bullets
    • Rocket launchers + ammo
    • Mortars + ammo
    • Chainsaw (Also counts as tool, requires gasoline)
  • Misc
    • Working campers stove (Requires gasoline)
    • Functioning Tablet (Requires power)
    • Functioning Phone (Requires power)
    • Functioning Laptop (Requires power)
Edited by Neptune
Added information regarding stat changes during side stories.

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      Cyclone - A short range area of effect attack where your character spins around rapidly, striking enemies within range of the surrounding area for standard damage, delivered at a much higher rate than standard attacks might per enemy effected. 4 min. Cooldown
      Quick Escape - Find yourself in trouble and surrounded by a group of enemies and your hit points aren't looking so good? Drop a smoke pellet and slip away unnoticed to heal up and return to battle! 10 min. Cooldown
      Heavy - Slow, but tough and powerful, Heavy Blades prefer the use of large, two-handed weapons with incredibly high damage output per hit to make up for their lack of speed. Usually built with high defense to be the "tank" characters of the group with their close-to-mid-range attacks suited for getting the attention of groups of enemies. Note: Heavy Blades can have points assigned to Dexterity but this won't be much help with their rate of attack.
      Examples of skills for Heavy Blades include:
      Single File - Have a group of enemies rushing toward you, one following step with the next? Raise your large weapon over your head and bring it down with such force that the Earth below is scarred from the impact, dealing massive damage to effected enemies. 4 min. Cool down
      Mighty Swing - Heave your weapon and swing it with such force, enemies within the surrounding area of your season's range are devastated with high damage and knocked back with chance of stun. 10 min. Cooldown
      Magic class characters act as support for their team, either with buffs for allies, debuffs for enemies, heals for party members or curses and status ailments for enemies, these witty classes keep their distance whenever possible to stay out of the eyes of foes while they keep their fighters protected and healthy. All Magic class characters receive an inherent bonus of +20 Skill Points to ensure they can adequately support their team without running out of SP too quickly per spell cast.
      White - White Magic characters are the backbone of any good party, serving as the primary providers of attack and defense enhancements as well as protective and healing spells. They're not much good in a close-up conflict and are rather fragile unless their defense is increased with level ups. 
      Examples of skills for White Mages include:
      Blessing - Heal a party member between 35%-50% their maximum HP value, certain equipment can be found to help that number remain constant or even raise the rate healed. 3min30sec. Cool down
      Armor of Light - Single target - target character is coated in a suit of thin armor made of solid light, increasing their defense by up to 50%, effectiveness inherently increases with caster's level. 20 min. Cooldown
      Black - Chaotic and irreverent, Black Magic characters tap into the forces of darkness to bring ruin to those who would oppose them and their allies. Black Mages work opposite to White, rather than healing allies, they cause harm to enemies in various capacities and instead of protecting allies, they weaken foes and even cause damage over time. Like all Magic class characters, they are best suited to fighting from a distance, but an enemy would be lucky to get close enough to attack.
      Examples of skills for Black Mages include:
      Soul Rend - Single target, the enemy is afflicted with a dark curse that tears away at their life force from the inside, causing 3% of their maximum HP to be lost every second over 10 seconds. Effect and duration increase with level of caster. 5 min. Cooldown
      Try it - A dark haze surrounds your character, damaging enemies around them at a low rate but also compels them to flee, making a tight situation a little more managable. 10 min. Cooldown
      Element - Element Magic characters master the forces of nature for both attack and defense, or specialization in one or the other. With some spells suited to inflict elemental damage and exploit elemental weaknesses of enemies and some made to protect the caster and allies from the additional effects of elemental damage added to attacks, an Element Mage is suited for specialization in raiding parties, but is also great to have in a party in general.
      Examples of skills for Elemental Mages include:
      Flashflood - Close-long range area of effect, the caster summons the raging waters of rivers and lakes to wash away opponents and put out fires, both dealing damage with additional water elemental damage as well as pushing enemies back a short distance with the rushing water. 10min. Cooldown
      Lightning Rod - Once cast, lasts 3min. All electric elemental damage is nullified on the caster and party for the duration of the spell. 5 min. Cooldown
      As dangerous as they are unpredictable, Trigger characters are the swifter of any class, able to maneuver around an enemy and pepper them with short-long range attacks using ranged weapons of varying effects. While made to be fighters, they are tougher than Magic class characters, but have less longevity than Blade class characters, making them optimal secondary attackers and constant defenders of support characters. All Trigger class characters receive an inherent bonus of +10 Dexterity, keeping them quick, agile and easy to manuever, but not to follow.
      Bow - Bow Trigger characters favor the ancient and dependable art of the bow and arrow to take out enemies from a distance. Bow Triggers have a unique advantage where their arrows can be enchanted with elemental damage for a limited time at the user's choosing to add elemental damage and exploit weaknesses, which can be combined with attack skills to best suit any given situation! 
      Examples of skills for Bow Triggers include:
      Arrow Rain - Short-long range area of effect, the user shoots a special arrow into the sky that splits into a hundred smaller arrows, which then rain down on enemies in a container area. Area of effect and number of hits increase relative to level. 5 min. Cool down
      Roll - At-will skill, the user rolls in a selected direction, granting them invulnerability for the duration of the dodge, but can be hit when on their feet before the next roll of the user chooses to roll in succession. Dependable, but by no means a method of constant invincibility.
      Click - Bang-Bang! Click Trigger characters are gunslingers who use handguns and variations of them, one in each hand. Their attacks are effective from range but generally low in damage per hit, making a battle one-on-one potentially lengthy against a high level enemy when not in a party. They have the unique trait of being able to equip weapons that deal extra elemental damage of a set type per weapon and can use a different type for each hand.
      Examples of traits for Click Triggers include: 
      Fwoosh - A quick, short range dash that projects the user in the selected direction, making them highly agile and hard for enemies to follow. They are vulnerable to attacks during the dash. 2 sec. Cooldown
      Point-blank - Inherently active skill, every shot fired at an enemy within a close range distance is a critical hit, dealing +100% damage per hit before elemental effects, if any.
      Heavy - Heavy Trigger characters are the ranged equivalent to the Heavy Blade, dealing incredible damage but at a very slow rate between short and long range depending on their equipment. They use larger guns such as assault rifles, sniper rifles and the like. Like Click Triggers, their weapon may inherently deal extra elemental damage of a single type per hit.
      Examples of skills for a Heavy Trigger include:
      Burst Fire - Assault Rifles only, fire three rapid shots per attack with no damage penalty. 5 sec. Cooldown
      Headshot - Inherent active skill, when an enemy is hit in the head with an attack, damage is increased by 200%.
      Blunt - A master of blunt weapons or unarmed combat, built to do damage and nothing else and made to be suitable for advanced players who are better off alone.
      Mind - Telekinesis, mesmeric ability and the ability to project illusions into the minds of others, Mind class characters are made to disorient the enemy for an easy kill.
    • TheSourestPatch
      By TheSourestPatch
      Greetings, Username! 
      We're glad you've taken the time to join us in this exciting adventure through the vast fantasy world of Altered Online, the world's most advanced digital experience ever! 
      Altered Online is a fantasy role-playing game that is played online with over one-hundred thousand players (and counting!) inhabiting the biggest digital landscape ever conceived. Our special accessories (included in the package for your copy of the game) are designed to fully immerse you in the world of Alteria, a fantasy world like you've only imagined in your dreams!
      Your senses become your character's senses, your character's senses become your own, you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky, the warmth of the sunlight, the cool trickle of rain (with the server's sophisticated "living environment" program), if you wish, in your settings you can even toggle on/off the sensations of pain when your character takes damage in combat. Don't worry, it's completely safe! 
      How it's Possible
      Altered Online is a collaboration between the leading designers of the gaming industry, top digital artists, engineers, programmers and neuro-scientists under the name NexTech, to bring you an experience like no other!

      It may not look like much, but there is a ton of revolutionary tech packed into the NexTech VR headset with 1x1 sensory motion controls. Inside it are sophisticated neuro sensors, designed to pick up brain activity, analyze it and translate it into the datascape. That's not all, it also is designed to give nearly perfect feedback, sending safe, low frequency signals to your brain in order to "fool" it into thinking your body is feeling whatever your character is feeling.
      This is all thanks to the breakthrough in neuroscience in 20XX, where scientists were successful in simulating physical stimulation in humans using nothing but a computer and a few sticky pads connected to a person. The technology was further researched, advanced and finally, perfected in our proprietary hardware, approved by the UN after years of testing and trials to be completely safe and dependable! You won't just believe you're there, you will BE there!
      The World of Alteria

      Alteria is the name given to the in-game environment, a truly massive, nearly endlessly expansive fantasy world with forests, both haunted and peaceful, running rivers, vast oceans, bustling cities, hazy and snow-capped mountains, anything you have ever dreamed of.
      Despite essentially removing the "fiction" from "science fiction" with the NexTech VR headset, our greatest achievement has to be Alteria's sophisticated "Living Environment" programming. This advanced program allows the game world to have realistic weather patterns, which develop and disperse all on their own based on the in-game conditions. Rain, sleet, snow or shine, it's all up to the simulated nature of Alteria! 
      The Living Environment technology also allows for intelligent AI programming in enemies and monsters, as well as NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that can be interacted with in the game world for shopping, quests or just for pleasure!
      The inhabitants of Alteria are so vastly varied it would be impossible to list them all. While there is no game or experience that offers customization paralleled to Altered Online's options, there are several creatures and inhabitants in Alteria that will not be available to play as, such as sand golems in the desert, monsterous creatures of the deep, dragons dwelling within active volcanoes and anything else that could be considered a boss-level encounter.
      In the following sections, we will go into more detail about characters, skills and the namesake of our project, "Alters"!
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Character Identity Information
      Name: Dean Anderson, however he will introduce himself as “Blade” He will only tell people he trusts, his real name.
      Age: 40
      Date of Birth: 26th September 1980
      Gender: Male
      Religion: None
      Species: Human
      Origin: Blackberry Falls, Ashaea
      Nationality: Ashaean
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 193cm (6’4”)
      Weight: 76.2kg (12st)
      Eye Colour: Grey
      Hair Colour: Black
      Physical Description: He is quite tall, with an athletic frame. His torso is quite muscular, with muscles across his chest and his arms, showing that he has considerably strength. He has a slim waist that go into long, lithe legs. So physically, he is very fit and healthy looking. He has pale skin, with a slight hint of a fading tan. His hair is cut short, and is quite close to the scalp. He has well shaped eyes and a strong looking nose with well shaped lips beneath them. However he has a scar on his right cheek that extends from the corner to his lip, to the lobe of his ear, with a branch that goes down to his jaw, close to his throat. He always wears clothes that cover up most of his body, with long black trousers with fashioned shin guards and steel cap boots. He wears a form fitting shirt, with a jacket over that, with a lot of buckles. Over that, he wears a leather coat, with a secondary layer on the top half of the torso. He wears black gloves, along with makeshift metal guard on his lower arm. He has a piece of leather wrapped around his neck to protect it. To hide the scar from sight, he wears a mask on his lower face, and a tattered hat. His clothes are intended to help protect him from a wide range of injuries, including zombie bites. 
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Dean is the quiet and withdrawn type. He doesn’t tend to talk that much, except for those that he feels close to, or respects. While he seems quite emotionless, and even apathetic at times, he is a deeply compassionate, kind and caring man. He shows his care towards his loved ones by protecting and providing for them. He would willingly sacrifice what he has if it means his loved ones are comfortable and able to survive. Thus he is highly protective of those with him, especially those he cares about. He will not hesitate to throw himself in harm's way for them even if it costs him his life. 
      He is quite introspective, sometimes spending hours at a time silently pondering things on a vast range of subjects, and thus he may sometimes come out with a philosophical comment or statement. He quite introverted, and is uncomfortable in large groups especially for a prolonged period of time. He will often need to spend some time to himself to centre himself and to calm down after extended social interaction. He is quite resourceful, and tends to make use of anything that he gets his hands on. He also tends to use things until they literally fall apart, as he will fix them up as best as he can when they break down. 
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Dean is a trained marksman, and is able to easily pick up a variety of guns and use them quite proficiently. He also has hand to hand combat skills, allowing him to take down his opponents without the use of any weapons. He can also use numerous melee weapons such as knives, baseball bats, etc. He has tracking skills honed from hunting, as well as basic survival skills that allows him to be able to live off of the land. Physically, he is quite strong, stronger than the average human male. Due to his quiet and withdrawn nature, he is quite good at sneaking around and avoiding detection.
      Weaknesses: He is mortal, like most humans. He can be killed in any number of ways, and there are numerous weaknesses in human physiology that can be exploited. His seeming emotionless and apathetic attitude towards most people, tends to prevent him from making friends or having people that would watch his back in a crisis.
      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get off Ashaea island
      Hobbies and Interests: Before the apocalypse, he used to love woodcarving. In his old house, he had a workshop in his garage where he had the means to do all kinds of wood carving. Nowadays, he’s lucky to find a nice to do carving with a little bit of scrap wood. He also used to go hunting with his friends in the woods, setting up camp and hunting deer and other wildlife. 
      Personal Sexual Information
      Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
      Turn ons:
      Making love with someone he cares deeply about Being in a close, intimate relationship with someone Pleasuring someone, and having his partner showing that they feel good Giving and receiving oral sex Turn offs: 
      Being in pain Gore Vore Necrophilia Scat Golden showers Penis Length: 9” and fairly thick
      Breast Size: N/A
      Sensitivity: Average
      Additional Sexual Information: When having sex, he prefers to be the more dominant partner. His cock shape is what one would expect from a human.
      STD History: Clean
      Extra Information
      Spouse: Danielle Anderson (Deceased)
      Father: Liam Anderson (Deceased)
      Mother: Amy Anderson (Deceased)
      Siblings: James Anderson (Deceased) and Olivia Carter (Deceased)
      Grandparents: Fred Anderson and Lily Anderson on his father’s side. Elliot Layer and Jane Layer on his mother’s side.
      Children: Peter Anderson (Decreased, 10 years old) and Rebecca Anderson (Missing, 8 years old)
      Grand-children: None
      Pet: None
      Additional information: He used to be a smoker before the apocalypse, but cigarettes can be hard to come by these days.
      Rebecca image:

      Awards/Commendations: None
      Criminal Record: Clean
      Medical Record: He has been healthy for most of his life. He had a broken arm when he was younger and had been shot when he was older. He also has recently recovered from several injuries prior to this roleplay.
      Bio: Dean was originally born in Blackberry Falls, in Ashaea. His parents lived in the suburbs, both with a good job that paid well enough to allow them to live in the main city. He was the oldest of three children, growing up in a middle-class house. He was a good child, not getting into trouble at school or authority figures. He did well at school, getting above average grades but he was no genius. He was quite into sports and other athletic activities. He especially loved running, and later in life he would go running in various places, even in the forests and mountains away from any meaningful civilisation. 
      He cared for his younger siblings and was always close to them, bar the typical arguments between siblings. He helped them at school, looking out for them and making sure that they weren’t getting bullied and were staying ahead in their grades. He had one or two good friends, but were never really that popular and he had his fair share of problems at school with other students and the usual kind of drama one may find in such places. He graduated from school with good grades, and went on to enter the Police Academy. He had wanted to become a police officer since he was young, as he had always admired them and he wanted to help people. 
      However, when he graduated and started work, he discovered that the job of a policeman was not as glamorous as he once thought but he never regretted signing on. Despite the gruesome cases that came along, he really enjoyed helping the community and protecting them from harm. When he was twenty five, he met his wife to be, Danielle. She was introduced to him by one of his work colleagues, as she was the sister of one of Dean’s friends. The two quickly became friends and began dating when he was twenty six. They became married when he was twenty-eight and they settled in Delwore, where he joined the local police department. 
      When he was thirty, the two celebrated the birth of their first child, Peter. They absolutely loved him, and lavished him with love. Two years later, their daughter Rebecca was born and Dean absolutely adored her. While raising the two with his wife, he continued working and getting promotions, although he refused a desk job as he liked working on the streets. Unfortunately, this caused him to be on a call about a domestic incident. It had come in as a simple loud argument with potential physical violence. He attended the call however he was met with an armed suspect who shot him in the stomach in a surprise quickdraw. Dean managed to kill the suspect before he could get in a second shot, but he spent some time in the hospital before being released and was able to get back to his work.
      When the apocalypse happened, he was one of the first responders to have to deal with this situation. He was having to help quarantine people but it wasn’t long before they were overwhelmed and had to back down. The lines broke and they eventually had to flee. Dean returned home to try and find his family, but found Danielle and Peter dead, killed by zombies. Rebecca was hiding in her room, locked in the wardrobe. She was terrified, and cried when she saw him. He grabbed her and fled from the house, but ended up trapped in Delwore due to the chaos created. He was not able to safely get out of Delwore. His first priority was keeping Rebecca safe.
      But he wasn’t able to. Two months before the start of his roleplay, he and his daughter were ambushed by a raiding gang, stealing all of their supplies and severely beating Dean. They kidnapped Rebecca, leaving Dean for dead. He had numerous cuts and bruises that took a while to heal up, including broken ribs. They cut up his face, giving him the scar that he has now, when they tortured him for even trying to protect Rebecca from them. He has only just managed to scrape together some basic supplies and he has every intention of trying to find his young daughter.
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