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abandoned The Art of Corruption [Neptune x Wonderlandess]

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Blood red eyes peered up into the sky, observing the startling blue colour of the summer afternoon. There were only a few clouds dotted here and there, fluffy and cheerful looking but doing nothing to stop the merciless heat from beating down onto the grass that had long since turned to hay from the lack of rain. Despite this, birds flitted across the sky in quick, darting movements as they seemed to dance with one another as they searched for food for their young. Even though the grass was mainly dead, there were a few flowers and weeds that persistent, valiantly defying the hot sun. It was around these that small butterflies congregated, their delicate wings fluttering as they seemed to hover anxiously above the wilting flowers, as if they could bring them back to life with deft kisses.
The sight made a sneer of contempt curve on Zelru’s lips. Their little struggles in life meant nothing to him. He only concerned himself with his own desires and wants, even if they deliberately walked all over other people. He didn’t care who he hurt, as long as he got what he wanted, he was happy. And it was for that reason he was hanging around this stupid school, hidden behind one of the buildings where no security cameras were and the teachers rarely ventured. He was further hidden by the shade of the overhang, which in the bright sun made it difficult to make him out. It was just as well that the heat didn’t bother him, as he was wearing a thick, well built three-piece suit with a white shirt with a black tie. His appearance was immaculate, without a single scuff or even spec of dust to marr it. He would not stand for it. A faint wind stirred the dead air for a few moments before it died down again, making the heat feel even more oppressive.
The moment Zelru was waiting for arrived when he heard the faint ringing of the bell that signified the end of the school day. A few moments later, the air seemed to ring with the chatter and laughter of young adults as they began to spill out and head in their way home. Zelru remained where he was, waiting. It didn’t take long before he could sense someone coming. He turned his head to the left, watching the corner of the building as he could also sense someone else trailing them. The presence felt feminine, and it was clear that they were trailing the first person. Perhaps wanting to get them into trouble or something. Well. Zelru would take care of them later. 
He watched as a rather scruffy looking young man turned the corner. His clothes looked as if they had seen better days, but it was more from being worn out than dirty. They were also slightly too small for him, as if he had them for years and had simply grown too tall for them. He was the perfect target for Zelru. Alone, and vulnerable. Easy to manipulate. The young man glanced over his shoulder as if he was aware that he was being followed and yet unable to see who was actually trailing him. He turned back, squinting his eyes as he had trouble seeing Zelru, who said in his aristocratic British accent, an accent he had cultivated long ago, “I’m here.” 
The boys expression cleared, “Oh. Oh good.” He said as he came even closer, looking even more uneasy than before, “So… do you have it? Are you going to keep your side of the bargain?” He asked. Zelru almost told the boy that his question was exceptionally stupid. Of course Zelru kept his end of a bargain. When it came to bargains like this, he always kept his end of the deal. Not only did it instill trust in his target, but these deals were always heavily geared in Zelru’s favour. Humans were as foolish now as they were back when he had been a pathetic little ant, crawling on the surface of this world.
“Of course I am, Ryan.” Zelru responded, before reaching into his suit jacket and pulling out a vial. It was made from some kind of darkened glass, but something moved around inside of it, glowing softly. He handed it over to Ryan, who took it with an awed expression. He stared into its depths, mesmerised by it. He then glanced around them to see if there was anyone watching before he slipped it into his pocket. He then looked back at Zelru with a grin, “Thanks, man…” He said. “Just make sure that you don’t lose it.” Zelru responded.

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      In regards to that as well, I have no preference on the gender of the roleplayer, but am generally seeking to play against male characters.
      I am also very kinky! Please see my preferences for more detail, especially about what I won't play, but there are many, many other things I enjoy that did not make it on that list.
      Also in regards to my preferences, the posting length is more of a suggestion. I tend to match what I am given, so I can go shorter and longer.
      The Harem
      A new slave is brought in, and trained to please the prince. This can be more fleshed out as we wish it to be, or kept real simple. Seeking 1 Male Character, with possible additions
      On the Hunt
      The full moon is a bad time to be out alone in the woods, especially with shifters about. Who knows what packs would find you? Seeking at least 3 Male Characters
      Scion of Fertility
      Once a year, one person capable of bearing children is chosen by the fertility spirits, and on the night of their festival, receives the blessings of all the seed-bearing members of town. Seeking Multiple Characters, either Male or Futanari
    • Valadrass
      By Valadrass
      I don’t know where to go with all of this. I don’t know who would even care, but I need to get this out there before I tear myself apart, probably literally.
      I always hear about how common depression and anxiety are. ‘Everyone goes through some depression at some point’ ‘it’s a natural part of life’ ‘anxiety is just your body’s natural reaction from back in our prehistoric days’. If all of that is true, I think my existence is a genetic defect. A failed experiment in evolution. I don’t deserve to exist.
      I’ve talked about having anxiety on here before, but it goes beyond some social awkwardness and nervousness about other people not liking what I put up. I fight constantly to convince my brain I’m not going to die, that some unlikely tragedy completely out of my control isn’t going to kill me or someone I depend on, or something else just as devastating, or that one of my small thoughtless actions isn’t going to cause a chain reaction that leads to some horrific accident. I don’t leave the house, I don’t work, I can’t keep any friendships except for the person who’s spent five years promising to spend the rest of his life with me and his best friend, who I barely feel able to talk to. And the depression stops me from distracting myself. I love writing, I love drawing, I love reading and watching anime and films and TV series and playing video games. But my mind and body will tell me that I hate it all because I’m not good enough at writing or drawing to make anything of myself and the rest are just pointless distractions that waste my life away. When I’m with my fiancé, it gets a little easier. He can motivate me to do the little things I enjoy like watching or playing something, but I can’t function without him most of the time. I do have rare moods where I feel empowered, like I’m capable of achieving anything I want and fuck my broken mind and the people who think I’m unlovable, I am the queen of my own destiny. But those moods don’t last long enough, and whatever I might create during that time becomes worthless to me after that high fades and it becomes more proof that I’m not actually capable. I am myself worthless and stupid and arrogant for ever thinking otherwise.
      I’m trapped in my own mind and the air’s running out. I don’t know what to do. I know I need help, but I feel like what’s wrong with me is beyond any help anyone can give. But I need to keep trying.
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