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Basic Rules

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Post Length: This is designed to be a more laid back club for advanced Role Players. As such, I only ask for a minimum of one paragraph but feel free to go beyond.

Gender/Species: Think of this as more of an AU rather than historical representation. Anthros, and all variations on gender are allowed.

Violence: This is the wild west, so shooutouts are liable to happen. If you wish to engage in a violent confrontation with another player's character please consult the player FIRST. Any shootouts that occur outside the Saloon should be posted in their own idividual thread.

Sex: The Pearly Gates is a Saloon and a Brothel meaning working girls will be walking the floor looking for clients. They will even try to flirt with gamblers to distract them off the fact that they are losing money. Normally however, Sex will occur in one of the rooms above the Saloon, so to keep the club organized, unless you are having sex on the saloon floor, please create your own thread.

Player Behavior: This is more of a personal annoyance of mine. No one is obligated to RP with you. The site rules still apply but more so, I would like to add the following. You could play a billionaire and try to hire a player's Saloon Girl for a good time, but if that character's player doesn't want to RP with you, they are not obligated to do so. I would consider it good manners to discuss a plot with the player before trying to corner them in the RP and make an ugly situation. Other than that, please try to be nice and courteous to one another and have a good time!


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