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Kalvoras Vertal

abandoned Innocence Lost {Kalvoras Vertal x Luscinia}

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Lulu had just come home from college, sweating ever so slightly from the long walk back. She searched her pockets as she reached her door, panicking slightly as she realised she forgot her keys. She looks either direction to verify no one was around before kneeling down to a pile of rocks and flipping one over to find her parents hidden key.

She walks through the door, leaving the door open for a second. "Mom?! Dad?!"..... No response, guess they weren't home - that would explain why the door was locked. She went back outside and put the key back for her parents before walking back in and shutting the door behind her - no point in locking the door if she was gonna be there.

She collapsed onto the couch, still in her school uniform, watching TV for a few minutes before seeing a notably sexy advert pop-up. Lulu rarely ever cared about sexual stuff - she masturbated usually monthly at best.. and it just so happened to have been a month since her last bout.. so she might as well do it while her parents weren't home.

She rushed upstairs, completely forgetting about the unlocked door and she ran into her room - a pink lucious room with a king-sized princess themed bed (she came from a pretty rich family so she had everything she could ever need).

Wasting no time, she pulled down her panties, leaving her school skirt and other uniform on as she began to get to work.

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Kalvoras Vertal

Boris and Cheshire had been planning to get some dirt on this "perfect girl" for a while now. They had broken in and placed small, hidden cameras throughout her room a few days before, but they hadn't caught anything worth using against her. She had to have something, she just had to.

A grin came to Boris' face as he watched the monitor of his desktop computer. They had just struck hold on something that they could use against her, to bend her to their will. He waves over his elder sister, Cheshire, who had been playing with her virtual pet on her laptop.

The older cat woman saunters over to him with soft purrs, her eyes now glued to the screen showing their unsuspecting target.

"Hey, Chesh~ How's this for material?~"

Boris grins up at his sister, watching her predatory reaction to her watching her prey touch herself in very intimate ways. He could see Cheshire's skirt tenting already with a throbbing, futa erection

"Ooh, Boris, it's purrrrfect~"

Cheshire purred out the word "perfect" putting emphasis to show how pleased she was with the outcome of their little escapade. They would have fun with this, both the material and the prey

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Lulu had masturbated for a good few hours - because she did it so infrequently she usually ended up going all out in the rare cases she did, eventually the day ended, and a new day began as Lulu packed her bags, applied her makeup and and hurried to school.

She went down her usual route to school, rushing a bit as her bout last night made her sleep in a bit longer than usual

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Kalvoras Vertal

Boris stopped the recording and clipped the video to where she had begun masturbating as soon as she finished. The pink haired, male uploads the file to his cloud storage before making sure that he can access it on his mobile phone. He couldn't wait to confront the poor girl, get her to do anything that they wanted her to.

When the new day dawned, he and Cheshire left, tracing the path that they knew she took. They hid in and alley, already ready to pull her in the second she passed by on the normally empty street. It was just a matter of time. 

Just as hoped, there was no one around as Lulu passed by the alley. It only took a split second for Boris to pounce on the girl and drag her deep into the alley. He pins her up against the wall either his hand over her mouth to keep her from making any noise, Cheshire purring with interest behind him.

"Hello there, mousy~"

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Lulu was startled. What was happening? She had only just woken up so it took her a few seconds to react, but before she knew it she was being pinned against a wall by a mammoth of a man.

She tried to scream out, but it was no use, the man's hand covered her mouth completely l, the only sounds she made were faint and muffled. She struggled, flailing her arms about, punching her tiny fists at the man in front of her, but he didn't seem to feel it.

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Kalvoras Vertal

Boris grins as the feisty girl begins to hit him, her fists bouncing off of his toned muscles with no damage to the recipient. He grins and takes out his phone before opening the file with the video of her masturbating on it, forcing her to watch the entire thing to the point of her climax before slipping his phone back into his pocket. With a smug grin, he strokes her cheek with the backs of his fingers on his free hand

"Hmm... I knew there was something we would find about you... Something you wouldn't want to get out, now isn't it?~"

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