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Like the rest of this club, the rules are a work in progress

First off, welcome to the Mountain Peaks Resort! We hope you enjoy your stay, but before you get settled in, there should be a couple of ground rules to help maximize everyone's enjoyment.

Rule One: Do not be rude or harass other players. If someone doesn't want to rp with you, that is the bottom line. The site doesn't tolerate it and neither does the resort.

Rule Two: Minimum Post Length on the resort should be one paragraph at least. You are not expected to write a novel with each post but try to give enough for others to work with when responding to you.

Rule Three: Simple Profiles, Personally I feel that profile templates can (sometimes) be a detriment to a player's willingness to RP. Thus I have very simple profile requirements. After posting a picture of your intended character leave a comment containing the following.




Number of visits (updated as you play)

Length of intended stay

Room # (if Guest/VIP)


Rule Four: Each area of the resort will have it's own Main Thread where multiple characters can take part and interact with one another.

Smut or partnered plots  will require their own thread. If you dont want others participating in your thread state so in your thread title.

Room #123: The Maid (Private)

If however you feel others would be able to watch or even participate in your thread, state so in the title.

A Quickie By The Waterfall (Open)

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