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Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, threesomes, first times. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread.

8 hours ago, Kalvoras Vertal said:

Health: 70
Hunger: 93
Hydration: 93
Sanity: 70

Customizable Rifle
Half a pack of Paracetamol
Duct Tape

Screwdriver Set + Monkey Wrench
Box of Aspirin (15 Tablets/7.5 Doses)
Hot Chocolate


Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Ashaea, Taiom
Time: 19:17, Wednesday 5th August, 2020

Cole immediately notices Wolfe's hesitation to let him come that close to him. It is as clear as daylight and makes Cole ponder moving away, but he continues to pet Penny as he notices Wolfe calming himself. He focuses on Penny for a bit, enjoying the feeling of being in the presence of a dog. Well... A living one, at least. He scratches behind her ears before rubbing her back gently

Cole turns his head as he hears the sound of wood being broken. He watches for a bit as Hanako swings her machete, cutting the wood into smaller, usable pieces for a few moments. He examines her as she removes her sweater, noticing that she looked a bit smaller than her sweater had allowed her to. He notices the scars on her arms, but decides not to ask any questions as he turns his attention back to Wolfe.

Cole's face takes on a look of confusion as he notices Wolfe clenching his jaws as if trying not to say something. He stares into Wolfe's eyes as if trying to see if he was alright as the man glances between him and Hanako.

"Er... You alright, man?"

Cole Stat Changes

Health: N/A
Hunger: -1
Hydration: -1
Sanity: N/A


8 hours ago, Chiyako said:


Health: 100
Hunger: 95
Hydration: 95
Sanity: 85

  • AA Batteries (4)
  • Blanket
  • Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses)
  • Box of Co-Codamol (14 Tablets, 7 Doses)
  • Box of Crackers
  • Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses)
  • Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses)
  • Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses)
  • Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item)
  • Machete
  • Map
  • Small Knife
  • Small Knife (Dull)
  • Vitamins (3 Doses)

Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea.
Time: 19:17, Wednesday 5th August, 2020.

There really wasn't any reason for her to cover herself back up. After all it wasn't going to be too long before she'd be fully exposed to the two of them. Her scars were certainly going to be noticed then if they hadn't been already. And so the little red-headed girl simply slung the wool clothing over a shoulder.

For a few moments she looked over the other two. Perhaps they were waiting for the bathroom? Might as well take the first step then, right? Somebody had to. Besides, if she went up first then she could at least slip into the water before they arrived! Maybe! It'd offer a moment of privacy.

Not that it matters. We're all going to be naked in there. They're going to see everything regardless. Although it'd be less embarrassing if they weren't watching me undress, right?

Heck, she could even watch them undress! A faint pink crawled over her cheeks at the thought. After clearing her throat she spoke up once more, doing her best to hide her nervous tone. "I'll be in the bathroom. Feel free to join when you are both ready."

And with that she moved out of the garage and up the stairs for the master bathroom, hustling once she was out of view of the other two. On reflex the door was shut behind her once she arrived, although she didn't lock it up. The tub was actually fairly impressive: she could probably lay down in it with one of the others and they'd have plenty of space! Although with three of them it'd be a little more intimate. She didn't really mind too much.

Having arrived first Hanako went about removing her clothes as quickly as possible. The t-shirt was dragged off her body. Next went her boots. They were a little heavier than normal ones, quite rugged but also very durable, perfect for trekking through the outdoors. Thigh-high socks were carefully dragged off her legs and briefly inspected for holes. She could spot a few places where they might develop in the near future, especially if she weren't careful. Hopefully she could find replacements. Her wool skirt was unbuttoned and dropped to the floor. The removal of her black spats left her completely naked.

After bundling her clothes in a little pile Hanako carefully stepped into the tub, shivering at the slightly chilled water. But at least it was clean. Besides, once the other two were in it'd warm up a bit! With haste she took a seat, hugging her knees close to her chest! It meant her tiny breasts were covered up, as was her crotch and even her rump! Not that she'd be like this for too long. It was impractical for cleaning herself off. She'd planned on helping the other two as well. For a moment she leaned to the side, dunking her head underwater in order to rinse off her great mane of messy red hair. When she sat back up she found much of it sticking to her shoulders and arms and neck, other portions floating along the top of the water. Fingers moved up, clearing bangs from her eyes. As she settled in she turned her gaze towards the door, awaiting the arrival of the other two.

I wonder what'll end up happening. I mean its two guys and, well, me. Like, maybe I'm not much to look at, but I'm still a girl, right? And I'm sure they've been lonely. I know I have.

Cheeks warmed up further, glowing with a soft red. Regardless of everything this was going to be interesting! At least she'd get to see some cute boys naked. Even someone as timid as her was getting excited about that!

Hanako Stat Changes:

Health: N/A
Hunger: -1
Hydration: -1
Sanity: N/A

Items Consumed: N/A

Participants: Wolfe, Cole and Hanako
Description: After settling in a somewhat safe house, Wolfe and Hanako planned on having a bath with the houses supply of water. Before they could, Cole stumbled onto their doorstep where he begged entrance. As they have yet to put their trust in Cole, they had decided to take Cole with them for their bath where they hope to release some pent up tension.

State changes for all participants: -20 Hunger points, -30 Thirst points, +20 Sanity points.


Wolfe’s blue eyes shifted to look at Cole before he gave a slightly strained smile, “A little tired, perhaps. Who isn’t these days?” He asked back, skirting around the question that he really didn’t want to answer. Besides, it wasn’t entirely untrue. He was tired. He had been tired for about a year now. One had always sleep lightly in these times. If one didn’t, one might get caught off-guard by zombies sneaking up on them. He then looked over at Hanako when she spoke and he gave her one his charming smiles, “We’ll be there in a few minutes.” He said, watching as she walked out of the garage. After a moment, he turned back and said, “We’ll give her a couple of minutes to settle. Besides; I want to get Penny up into the attic so that she can sit with Zoe while we’re in the bathroom. I trust her judgement of you but… I don’t quite trust you alone with my little sister. Not yet, anyway.” He didn’t bother apologising for it, because he had the feeling that Cole would understand. Personality-wise, Cole seemed quite a good man. Someone that could be dependable. But Wolfe was cautious of putting him with that level of trust just yet.

He then stood up, stroking along Penny’s face as she whined in disappointed, “Come on, Penny.” He said, his fingers tickling behind her ear before he looked at Cole and jerked his head towards the door. He then turned and left the garage, holding the door open for Penny to slip past him as well as for Cole, “Just lock the door behind you.” He said to the other man, pointing with his good hand towards the lock of the garage door into the study which had a key in it. He waited until Cole had done that before leading him out into the main hallway and to the stairs. He carefully stepped over Hanako’s noise trap while Penny slipped underneath it. He moved up the curved stairs to the landing, where the ladder was still down from the attic. He looked down at Penny and indicated with his arm for her to go up, “Up you go, Penny.” He said.

She tilted her head at him, whining softly. She nuzzled his leg before gingerly placing her front legs on the steps of the ladder. As it was one that was angled, rather than straight up, he was able to then scramble up. He watched carefully, ready to help her up if he needed to, but she disappeared from view into the dark attic. He nodded in satisfaction before bending and grabbing onto the ladder and pushing it up so that the attic was locked. It would keep the two of them safe while the three of them were having their bath. He then grinned at Cole before moving into the master bedroom. He could hear splashing from the bathroom, which could only be Hanako. 

He reached up and undid the zip of his leather jacket before he frowned as he realised it was going to be awkward undressing with his broken wrist. He looked at Cole and asked, “Do you mind helping me undress? At least, if you’re not too shy to?” He hoped Cole wasn’t the shy type. He would really appreciate the help undressing because otherwise it would take longer than he liked to get out of his clothes. 

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Kalvoras Vertal

Cole's mind eases a bit as Wolfe gives him a reasonable explanation before thinking back to how little sleep he'd been getting since the apocalypse had started. Not very much, to be honest. He nods and looks up at Hanako as she announces that she'll go and wait for them in the bathroom, presumably for the bath that had been mentioned earlier. He gives her a kind smile before watching her leave and listening to the plan that Wolfe layed out for the next moments. He simply gives another kind smile to Wolfe when he tells him that he still isn't going to be given such a level of trust yet.

"I understand. She's your little sister, and you seem like you take really good care of her. Kudos to you, man!"

Cole chuckles softly before following Wolfe out of the garage and her turns to lock the garage door behind him. He takes the keys and sets them on the desk in the study, making sure to not their exact position before continuing to follow Wolfe. He stops with the white-haired male and watches as he pulls down the stairs for the attic and urges Penny up the stairs before closing it and continuing on, listening to the faint sound of splashing from the bathroom

"I don't mind at all. Quite used to it, actually"

Cole rolls his eyes and stops before watching Wolfe trying to remove his clothes and he nods and moves in to help when he is asked. He makes sure to get it so far that Wolfe would be able to finish taking the article of clothing off by himself before stripping himself. He takes off his shirt and folds it up before laying it on the floor, doing the same with his jeans and his boxers afterwards. He looks at Wolfe before waiting to for him to lead the way forth.

"Ready when you are, Wolfe"

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Drip. Drip. Drip.

Golden eyes peered off towards the faucet to her left. It was the only noise made within the bathroom while she awaited the arrival of the other two. This was going to be entirely new for her. She'd never really seen a guy naked. Or, at least, not in person! And they were going to be close too! Intimately close!

I don't think they'll take advantage. I think I can trust Wolfe. I doubt the other guy would try something, right? I mean, without my permission? But it might be kind of nice to do stuff too. What if I die tomorrow? What if this is my only chance to do this stuff? What if someone worse shows up and forces this stuff on me? Would it be better to do it now? I mean, it could be a good experience, right?

Beneath the surface of the water her thumbs nervously fiddled together. At least she could get started with the washing. That would provide a welcome distraction until they arrived. When that happened she could indulge in as much eye candy as she wished! After all they were certainly going to be doing the same.

So her hands worked, brushing off dirt and debris from her arms. She guided them down, working along her midsection, even briefly washing up her legs! If one of them offered to help then, she'd already decided, she'd allow it. Why not? It'd be nice.

For the most part the water, especially with her incredibly long red hair, covered a good portion of her pale dainty form. She even made certain to push some over her shoulders, not only to cover her crotch but moreso to cover her breasts! Was it fair? Not really. But if they wished to peek she would allow it. If they decided to help wash her then it'd happen naturally. And if Wolfe wanted to check on her wound then that too would expose her.


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Wolfe had to hold back the hiss of pain as the leather taken was pulled down his injured arm. Once it was loosened, he shrugged it off and threw it onto the bed before, with Cole’s help, removed his top. He paused then, tilting his arm and looking at it to see the exposed cut. He could see that it was deep enough to require stitches, although it was not bleeding at the moment. But he could see the dried blood that cling to the flesh around the wound. It would need cleaning before it could be stitched up. He kicked off his shoes before, with Cole’s help, he was able to get his trousers off. When he finally kicked the trousers away, he could see that blood from the wound in his thigh had run down his leg. The flesh around it was red and swollen. He lightly touched it, feeling how warm it was to the touch. It meant that he had been putting too much weight on his leg, and been using it too much. Not that he had much of a choice, but it did hamper the healing. The final piece to go was his boxers, which joined his trousers. 

Once done, he looked up at Cole and took a moment to appraise him. As he had seen earlier, he was well muscled on his torso. That muscling was true in his legs as well, letting Wolfe know that he was quite strong physically speaking. He was also well packed, Wolfe was rather pleased to note. Perhaps slightly larger than himself. Not that he was intimidated by that fact. He had never been shy, self conscious or even jealous when it came to his partners. If he did indeed have a girlfriend, he wouldn’t bat an eye if she decided to have sex with Cole. At least Wolfe would know that Cole could please her. Shaking himself from those thoughts, Wolfe moved to the bathroom, opening the door and stepping inside. When he did, his eyes immediately moved to where Hanako was, where he could see that she was in the bathtub, her glorious red hair covering most of her body. He gave her a reassuring smile, “We’re here.” He said.

He came closer to the bathtub, looking at the inviting water. He had not seen so much water in one place in so long. It was almost surreal. What was even more surreal, was that more than a year ago he would have never imagined that seen a bathtub full of water was a luxury. Shaking those thoughts from his mind, he stepped into the water and flinched a little, “Oh. A little colder than I expected.” He commented as he sat down, feeling more of the cold water wash against his skin. He was careful to keep the splinted arm out of the water, as the last thing he wanted to do was soak Hanako’s scarf. Even though the splint was an irritation, he couldn’t risk taking it off to avoid further injuring himself. He held his breath for a moment before letting it out a little, before cupping his hand and drawing up some of the water. He looked at it for a moment before he rubbed it against his chest, “Now this is the peak of luxury. A bath.” He said, before snorting a little, before tilting his head at Hanako, “Mind if I have a peak at your cut?” He asked, wanting to get it look at now so that he could assure himself on her state of health.

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Kalvoras Vertal

Cole follows Wolfe into the bathroom, his eyes immediately locking onto the water. Clean water, and so much of it, too!! He has to hold himself back from jumping right in, instead letting Wolfe settle in before following and stepping into the water and settling in himself. He glances at Hanako, noting her petite figure and her hair that seemed positioned to cover her more intimate parts, but he doesn't let his gaze linger for long before he slowly starts to scrub off the dirt and grime from his skin.


Cole sighs contently as he washes himself, a small smile coming to his face as he cups some water in his hands and pours it into his hair in an attempt to wash some of the grease and dirt from it. He reaches behind him and tries to wash his back, but is unable to get the hard to reach areas before deciding not to go too far and rip the stitches that Wolfe had put in for him. He waits for Wolfe to finish checking on Hanako's wound before deciding to ask for help

"Er... Can someone help me wash my back? Can't really reach back there..."

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Steps approached the bathroom. Hanako's golden gaze snapped towards the door, hands halting their movements within the water. She was partially scrubbed off now. Of course her back could use more work, as could her hair. Other places could also be washed up with a proper enough excuse. But she had a nice enough head start.

As the two entered the room Hanako sunk a little further behind the lip of the tub. Her face reddened almost as vividly as her hair! First entered Wolfe. He was taller than Cole by a few inches. Also he seemed as though he were just a faint bit more muscular, although not by much. There were more wounds too which did actually give the girl some concern, however all thoughts of that washed away when her eyes fell to their intended target. Wolfe's penis was a little different than what the comics had indicated: it was a little swelled up at the base, almost like an animal's, and the tip was just a little tapered. It gave off a slightly inhuman, perhaps even menacing appearance!

Golden orbs soon drifted upon Cole's form while the two approached the tub. He didn't seem to be too injured. That was good, but also bad if he decided to betray them. While he was a little shorter than Wolfe his penis was also just a little longer! Plus it looked like something more familiar. Regardless, her eyes darted repeatedly between the two until she noticed just what she was doing! Hands shot up after that, covering her eyes.

"H-hello" she responded in a timid whisper, clearing her throat a moment later. She felt Wolfe slide into the tub next to her and, hoping to give Cole more space, she scooted closer until her hip brushed up against his body. Not a moment later and Cole too had slid into the water, leaving her surrounded by the two men. Only then did her hands finally slide away from her eyes, instead resting upon her cheeks!

R-right. The wound.

Hanako nodded once, drawing in a deep breath. With shaky legs she slowly stood herself up, glancing straight down towards the water in an attempt to avoid catching either of their gazes. Water dripped down from her hair, first as a short torrent but soon as a soft pitter pattering of occasional droplets. For the second time in her life she was standing naked before strangers.

The girl's hips were a little wider than one might imagine, although her baggy clothes generally hid that fact well. It also didn't help that her chest was almost completely flat, a fact made certain when one hand pushed away the hair covering her right side. One of her soft pink areola was, at this point exposed, topping out the faint lump of fat that was one of her breasts. Her rump wasn't anything to celebrate: there was some fat and a fair curve, but it wasn't anything extraordinary given her petite and perhaps even frail build. However her crotch was completely devoid of hair, allowing the faint cleft of her sex to remain somewhat hidden among the pale skin of her mound.

A small mostly healed up deep gash was evident along her midsection. There were also a few bruises here and there along her body, the darkest ones located along her right side and a larger one cutting across her midsection completely. Falling out of a window wasn't fun. Nor was hitting a tree limb on the way down.

Hands clasped together in front of her while she awaited the inspection, fingers playing with the faint scars on her wrists and forearms. Similar ones were present along the base of her neck and even her lower legs, a few perhaps poking out from the surface of the water. A very careful inspection of her ankles might reveal the same, although with the current level of water such a thing was impossible without contact. If she was prompted to move at all she'd do just as requested. After all Wolfe was the medic here.

"I c-can help wash either of you. Or both of you. U-um. Whatever you need."


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Wolfe shifted a little to face towards Hanako when she stood up. His eyes glanced over her, taking in her slender frame. He could see that her chest was almost completely flat, but there was a subtle roundness to it to suggest her maturity. Her hips were larger than he expected as well, giving her body a lovely curve that almost begged to be stroked. His eyes then game to the bruises on her right side, as well as one across her midsection. He frowned a little, and used his good hand to run along them, pressing a little, “I apologise if this hurts at all.” He said, probing them. To his relief, it felt like nothing more than surface bruises. As he was about to turn his attention to the cut on her side, he noticed the scars on her wrist and forearm which looked to be quite old. He was curious to know what had caused them, but decided that now was now the time. He would ask her about it later, in private.

He looked at the wound which, by this point, was covered almost completely by dried blood. Being as careful as he could, he scooped up water and washed the skin around the wound before carefully cleaning the wound itself. Now that he could see it, he inspected it carefully, seeing the the edges of the wound were quite smooth. The clotted blood had pretty much sealed the wound but he could see areas where the skin was separated one each side. He let out a gentle hum before saying, “I think it would be a good idea to stitch this up, Hanako. Otherwise it’s doing to open up again. From the looks of it, it seems to be from glass, or perhaps ceramic. I think you’re alright where that’s concerned. We’ll disinfect it as well, but you’ll make a full recovery. They’ll be a scar, but that will be the least of your worries.” 

He then switched his gaze to Cole when he asked for help, before his gaze switched back to Hanako again with a little bit of a grin, “I’m going to need help.” He said, raising his splintered wrist again before adding, “Besides, it’s not everyday that you get washed down by a pretty girl like yourself.” He then boldly winked at her before chuckling. He scooped up some water with his good hand and rubbed down the shoulder of his splintered wrist, being mindful of the wound. He then looked around, before his eyes landed on some bottles sitting close to him, “Ah-ha.” He said before reaching forwards and picking out what appeared to be a shampoo bottle. He drew it closer, feeling its weight. It still had a significant amount of shampoo inside. When he saw the label, he could see that it was a two in one shampoo and conditioner. He held it out to Hanako, “Hey, I bet this will help. I wonder if there’s somebody wash around here?” He suggested.

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      The UFF was founded by Talivana Eldyrannth, Kaylarvana Eldyrannth, Triavana Eldyrannth and a group of Coda'zotoxi, and the UFF consisted almost entirely of Coda'zotoxi people. But it had always been open to the 'Children of Epsus'. 
      The five races who entered this agreement in the 21st Century are:
      Keza'maraki - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Neko's. Mako'demeri - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Wolf Anthros. Coda'zotoxi - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Fox Anthros. Zeta'muluri - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Dragon Anthros. Xeno'vitiri - Human's have not ever seen a Xeno'vitiri. (BUT if they did, Angel/Demon). DO NOT CREATE A CHARACTER WHO IS ANY ONE OF THESE WITHOUT PERMISSION.
      This is an original creation, yes using elements of both real life and stuff already done but the people, their culture, their history, is work of the collaboration and hard work that those who are allowed to play it have put into it. Whilst it's okay to have a fox anthro for example; and I can't stop you. It's not okay to have a Coda'zotoxi unless I, or anyone authorised say's so. Also the surnames (species names) fit a certain format that can't be replicated by accident, do not attempt to make your own species that replicates the format of their names as there is a specific reason for their format. I purposefully picked specific patterns so that it couldn't be "Just by mistake". Once again; can't stop you from having something similar, but not if it conforms to all of the patterns. (Thanks.)
      Before then, the Keza'maraki and Mako'demeri were at war since the 13th century, and more recently the Zeta'muluri and Xeno'vitiri went to war. 
      The UFF did have a temporary HQ in Blackberry Falls. The location of which was classified and driving to/from had to be done blindfolded with a contracted driver. The location of this is still classified, and the driver has since been assigned another job with the UFF. What is housed there today is unknown, not many people are aware of it's existence and even then where exactly it is no one seems to know. It's not likely anyone in the UFF knows either due to the security protocols. [Not known by anyone other than SMFoxy's characters; as it's a CODA base]
      In 2010 they proven that they had military experience (thanks to the joining of the joint Keza and Mako forces) as they along with Keza Corp retook the Keza'maraki Mansion and shut down the biggest illegal prostitution ring on Blackberry Falls Island. They worked with Blackberry Falls Police and the Military bases in open ended co-operation. However they denied the transfer of the prisoner to the Police and Blackberry Falls City Magistrates Court on the grounds that he was being detained by their country's Prime Minster (Talivana Eldyrannth), who would be putting him on trial for crimes he committed against the UFF people. The trial was monitored by the Courts of the US and UK, and it was found to be extremely fair, unbiased and honest. 
      The UFF sentenced their first prisoner of war in 2011, and arrested him for 63 counts of murder, piracy, mind control, forced prostitution, and torture. He pleaded guilty but showed little to no remorse. The host of the "Corrupted Symbiote" was apparently long dead, as the Symbiote had completely taken control and deleted Aleksandr's memories and existence. A crime now illegal under UFF law, although some have said that this is simply untrue; he's just suppressing the host the same way he suppressed his victims. 
      The UFF was a small country/state that had it's own laws, and still does today. It's existed since the 1800s and was founded by Coda'zotoxi race as they were not fighting any wars. At the time the Xeno'vitiri weren't on Earth and the Zeta'muluri were fighting with other species but hadn't had a war with Human's since the early 1200s. The UFF doesn't conform to the Human Rights Act; as they are not humans. However they do have their Universal Right to Life Act, which covers everything from Human to Alien. They also have a very strict First Contact With New and Alien Lifeforms Protocols. Although todate they neither confirm nor deny any contact with Alien Lifeforms, with outside governments. 
      They have made contact with two Alien lifeforms. One in 1942; the Xeno'vitiri and in 2011; the Aymar'telshen (the Aymar). There is strong suspicion that the Aymar might have interacted with the United States Government on the same day in 1942 (Roswell Incident?). Although there are things recently come to light that have shown the Aymar as far back as the 13th century at least according to the Sin-Clan Keza'maraki Royal Family Children in Selil who described "Derrick" to be a purple changeling associated with fun and adventure. Although he was seen as some kind of imaginary friend to adults that is until he ran into King Rowan [Who was a prince at the time, although the UFF don't actually know that yet. Their history to them is pieced together from different perspectives and a lot of it is destroyed]
      The UFF have quickly become a country fuelled by the Keza Corporation it's economy is very good and provides work for construction workers who maybe otherwise out of work in Blackberry Falls. After the UFF v Aleksandr siege; what was left of the country was burning and as it had been one of the driest and hottest summers on record. Taking nearly a week to put out the fire, began the clean up work that never stopped. The full land boarder was opened up, previously fenced off, as everything across the bridge and 2 miles south of the northern lake was Tripp's private country. Tripp then sold his country to the UFF Government for just £1, (The biggest loss he's ever made) which he then gave back to the UFF Government as a 'National Party Fund' donation and Tripp gave the land to the Government of the United Federation of Families. Ever since things have progressed quickly and the UFF has... Ambitious plans. 
      This is a first draft, mistakes and errors might be abound, but it's definitely not complete yet.

      When coming from Blackberry Falls:
      Blackberry Falls City - 666 Miles (In the direction of the top of the picture, which in this case is East)
      --Blackberry Falls Boarder Patrol and Customs Outpost--
      Genitals Cross Over
      International Bridge over Blackberry River (1 Mile)
      --UFF Boarder Patrol and Customs HQ--
      Xantall'ar City - 48 Miles (In the direction of the south of the picture, which in this case would be south-south west from the bridge.)
      Genitals Cross Over:
      Blackberry Falls drives on the RIGHT. The UFF drive on the LEFT. At the Blackberry Falls end of the bridge you will be required to change lanes and starting from the bridge into the UFF, drive on the LEFT of the road.

      (Picture representation only)

      Uh no. The UFF doesn't look like this yet. It's what they envision Xantall'ar to look like in 2025.
      Location: South-west Blackberry Island (Directly west from Blackberry Falls City)
      - Capital City: Xantall'ar
      Demonym: UFFian [U-F-F-Ian]
      Government: Federal Grand Council (Libertarian)
      - Prime Minister: Talivana Eldyrannth
      Currency: The UFFian Kredit.
      Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (24 hour time)
      Drives on the: Left
      Calling Code: +666
      ISO-3166-3: UFF
      TLD: .uff
      Current Population (2016): 4.66 million (+43.82%)
      -2015 Population: 3.24 million (+166.6%)*
      -2014 Population: 1.95 million (+142%)*
      -2013 Population: 786,290 people
      - Adult Unemployment Rate: 0.09% [4194 People**]
      Language: Kezamarakian, Makodemerian, Codazotoxian, Zetamulurian, Xenovitirian, Eldyrannthian
      - Also: British, English. American, English. Kezamarakian, Russian.
      Trade Status: Open
      - Major Imports: Building Resources, Luxury Goods
      - Major Exports: Cannabis, Fish, Food and Drink, Technology, Clothing Goods and Oil.
      * Caused by Relocation and Immigration of UFFian species. 
      ** This is caused by the strict immigration policy. These people are either 'Between Jobs' or 'Reacquiring Education' (65% of the Unemployed), 'Work Outside of the UFF' (25%) 'Disabled/Unfit for Work*** (5%) or 'By choice' (5%)
      *** Disabled rates are so low because of Nanotechnology. 
      The UFF at the moment is a hive of activity, you have various companies and corporations holding up the economy and you have construction constantly going on. One of the first things started was housing which is still in progress today with two million homes built just last year. The key has been Blackberry Falls unemployed skilled construction workers which have been invaluable to the UFF, and paid generously, some now have jobs secure for at least a decade. The city of Xantall'ar the country's capital, is also being built with several buildings being worked on at once.
      The UFF had to seriously relax it's immigration policy in 2012; priority was given for people who were skilled construction workers or other skilled workers that were otherwise out of a job, but in 2015 this was restored to normal status It also allocated some for Corporations, Staff and Families so corporations could move their operations over to the UFF and start planning and building their own Headquarters in the city. 
      The population is mainly made up of Keza's, Coda's, Zeta's, Xeno's and Mako's. There are some humans living here of various ethnicities, a quarter of these humans are descendants to a 'Child of Epsus' meaning they have either Keza, Mako, Coda, Zeta or (least likely) Xeno DNA in their genetic make up that aren't found normally in humans. This usually shows up with their eyes, physical shape, sexual appetite, stamina and accommodation.
      The UFF have a simple goal at the moment; as they're in the Golden Age as it were their goal is to build Xantall'ar City (or at least the majority of it) by 2025. Whilst it's still a long way off progress can be clearly seen every month and there are; which can be seen at build-rome-in-a-day.uff a website which shows brilliant, level and accurately positioned pictures like a fade into existence-montage. The identity of the website owner is unknown. [Kim Keza'maraki]
      Major Corporations and Companies: 

      Name: Keza Corp
      Full Trading Name: The Keza Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Multi-industry, from Agriculture to Technology. 
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. | .:: Keza Corp: The Keza Corporation ::.

      Name: Xendaar Corporation
      Full Trading Name: Xendaar Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Global Consumer Goods, usually luxury items.
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Centovski Corp
      Full Trading Name: Centovski Metal and Minerals Mining Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Mining
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Aizu & Aizio
      Full Trading Name: Aizu & Aizio Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Retail Corporation
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Codaphone
      Full Trading Name: Codaphone Telecommunications Corporation
      Field of Expertise: Telecommunications, Mobile Telecommunications and Broadband/Fibre Optic
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Epsi-Dynamics
      Full Trading Name: Epsilon Dynamics
      Field of Expertise: A very classified Science Research and Space Program Corporation.
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Hax Industries
      Full Trading Name: Haxor Computer Technology Research Industries
      Field of Expertise: Again, a very classified cyber security, computer technology research, and security.
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::.

      Name: Pegasus News Corp
      Full Trading Name: Pegasus News Corporation
      Field of Expertise: News, Media, Television
      Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. | The Pegasus News Corporation
      Friendly Reminder: Respect this country's laws, I don't have to tell you that in real life if you break a country's laws you'll be punished by that country's legal system. It doesn't matter what country you come from or who you're friends are. Unlike Blackberry Falls City, Bribery will most likely get you locked up. [Government here is not corrupt, nor are the police]
    • Imouto Kanna
      By Imouto Kanna
      Pretty new to this and i just discovered this club... kind of enjoy the idea of other people watching us hehe
      Ecchitext me for more details if you're interested. I've been doing exclusively incest rps with my character as a lolicon. I'm willing to branch out from that~
      My preferences: 
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