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One does not simply go on a journey without preparation. At least that’s the lesson a traveler learned years ago. 

Before his trip around the world modern enchanter and hexer, Tenhel Gotth, had won a lottery prize of fifty million dollars. Using said money he travelled the world to learn more, more about life and how far he could take magic. Granted laws restricted it’s usage greatly he wanted to expand hexing in other countries where there aren’t any silly laws against it. Granted enchanting and hexing weren’t actual jobs, an actual job Tenhel once had was a paranormal investigator. It sounded quite false, however fir those willing to delve into it’s dark depths it paid quite a lot.

No, no, not silly things like Ghost Hunters, but actually hunting down ghouls and investigating illegal ritual sacrifices, that sort of thing. It hadn’t been easy either since he lived in a much larger city like New York. However since his long vacation Tenhel hadn’t seen any real action for perhaps… ten years? Perhaps a little longer like thirteen. But since his journey was over he felt he needed a new job, something with work but not dealing in murder or more. The traveler spent a week looking, trying little shops and even delivery services. 

However none needed more employee’s than what the owners already have. Tenhel would move on to another city or town if he didn’t find one here. Already he was ready to leave until he stumbled upon a building, well, a hot spring to be exact. The traveler has heard some of the weirdest and raunchiest stories about a place of relaxation this, and how he should stray from such things. Then again, money was money, it looked like the place was desolate of customers and Tenhel wasn’t desperate, however he wanted to end his search on at least some note. He imagined how messy the springs get and how “rowdy” the customers become, but the hexer also pictured being able to relax more due to the call nature of the hot springs. 

“Leap of faith, Mr. Gotth.” Tenhel said after staring at the building for five minutes. He then drew an imaginary cross across his chest and strode into the building tightening the , a large chest on wheels in tow. To anyone he was dressed in a simple attire: white shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes. No features like tattoos existed upon his arms or neck, however he wore three rings, one being gold on his first finger, the middle being silver, and the third finger possessed a ring composed of nothing but sapphire. He had long blue hair, the unfortunate colorization as a side effect of the magic Tenhel used however it did match his deep blue eyes which seemed like a bonus. He was more or less well built, not in the weight lifting or athletic sense, but the hexer knew how to stay fit and take care of himself. 

The only thing the hexer had hoped for was landing this job. If not, then he’d move onto the next town.

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