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Lets start a new one (looking for a male, pref a Dom

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Hi, im ashlyn and im looking for an rp partner (male) who is a good dom. My main kinks are s&m and pregnancy so you can guess where it goes from there

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    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex, dress up, seduction. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read.
      Participants: Rowan and Natia
      Description: Upon reaching Ryn'tur, Rowan and Natia visited Glenda's shop, where Natia bought a surprise for Rowan, despite encountering a problem with a slave owner. They went to the local inn, sat down and had a meal before Natia requested to go to their private room.
      Rowan remained patiently waiting as Natia seemed to stare blankly up at him. The corner of his lips twitched a little, finding it very endearing. It made him want to draw her into his arms and to kiss those perfect little lips of hers. But he resisted the urge and contented himself with waiting to see what she wanted. When she demanded that he turn around and cover his eyes, he raised an eyebrow at her, “This again?” He asked, his tone light and teasing. He could see that she was looking rather nervous and he hoped his rather lighthearted tone helped put her at ease. He gave her an encouraging smile before he turned around so that he was no longer looking at him. He then reached up and covered his eyes with his hands to ensure that he wasn’t able to peak, even if he was facing her.
      That said, that didn’t stop his ears to twitch a little as he listened out for her movements. It was cheating a little, since he could hear very well, but he was curious as to what she was wanting to show him. The only thing he could think of, was what she had bought from Glenda’s, but he had not expected her to show him that so soon. He was certainly curious to know what she had gotten, and how she would look in it. Admittedly, he was rather excited, and found himself waiting rather impatiently for her to get changed. One thing was for sure, though, she was undoubtedly going to make it hard for him to leave that evening to look into her potential friend. If she looked anywhere near how she looked in his imagination, it was going to be hard not to spend all night fucking her into the bed. 
      He also had to make a mental note to not break the bed in the process, either. 
    • Aura
      By Aura
      Character Identity Information
      Name: Sophia Hayashi
      Age: 19
      Gender: Female
      Religion: None
      Species: Human
      Origin/Nationality: American; half Hispanic, half Japanese
      Occupation: Actress/Singer
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 5'2"
      Weight: 110 lbs
      Eye Colour: Brown
      Hair Colour: Black
      Physical Description: Sophie's hair is usually kept short, though she might occasionally let it grow out for special occasions. She has a light, milk-chocolate skin tone and a slender, athletic build. If she doesn't have a specific costume to wear when performing, she will dye a part of her hair purple and wear a dark blue dress with a short skirt. She is rarely seen without makeup and her casual outfits are often notably revealing, especially around her breasts, which she believes to be her most attractive feature.

      Standard outfit for performances
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Despite her seemingly charming, and outgoing appearance, Sophie is extremely self-conscious. She tries to hide her insecurities by pretending to be a confident, successful woman in the big world when, in reality, she's constantly blaming herself for everything that goes wrong in her life, so much so at times that she often feels depressed and even suicidal in extreme cases. She often keeps to herself but won't go out of her way to avoid conversation. While she will rarely initiate a conversation, she is very friendly, understanding, and empathetic, so being persistent enough to continually seek out conversation with her is often enough for her to consider that person a close friend. This is part of the reason she often dresses in revealing clothing, though the main reason is that she loves the idea of being able to please others with just her appearance. Over the years, she has become somewhat of a tease, loving to show off her body despite never actually putting out. Though the more heads she turns the more increasingly worried she becomes that someone might not be willing to ask for it...
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities: 
      Obedient; when given a task, either by request or demand, she does everything she can, within reason, to make it happen. Flexibility; she can bend all of her limbs far more than the average human, she is also capable of adjusting her schedule, a skill necessary to adapt to the demands of her superiors. Modesty; she finds it much easier to swallow her pride and perform embarrassing or humiliating tasks that others would be more likely to hesitate over, again, within reason. Acting; as an actress, Sophia finds it very easy to play any role, however, this is mostly useful for performances as she is more used to stage acting which requires a lot of exaggeration, meaning she's not quite capable of using it for practical purposes offstage. Improvisation; from her experience with stage acting in particular, improv is an important skill she had to master. She is able to think on the spot in a smooth and convincing manner in order to make up for any mistakes by other actors or technical mistakes. This helps her to handle stressful situations more easily than most and even prevent disasters from occurring. If necessary, she can also tell a fairly convincing lie or bluff, though anyone with experience dealing with liars would likely see through her ruse, especially those with supernatural abilities, so she doesn't make lying a habit. Weaknesses: 
      Weak-spirited; her illusion of confidence can be very easily shattered when faced with harsh criticism or insults. Rather than fight back, she often just takes verbal abuse and responds with an apology. Untrusting; while she has a number of people whom she calls friends, very few of those friends does she truly feel she can trust.  Self-conscious Guilty conscience; despite being capable of lying, she can be very easily guilted into confessing the truth, especially if her lies have adverse effects on unintended victims.  Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Sophie dreams of one day becoming a big-name celebrity in hopes that she can touch the hearts of millions with her story and performances. She also hopes to one day put her past behind her and forgive herself for her mistakes.
      Hobbies and Interests: Sophie loves to jog and swim regularly. Not only does it help her to keep her body in shape, but it also gives her a chance to relax in times where she feels anxious or depressed. In the privacy of her apartment, she often watches porn or experiments with self bondage to relieve sexual tension. She might even be considered addicted, but she supposes it's better to be addicted to porn than drugs or alcohol.
      Personal Sexual Information
      Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
      Turn ons: Neck biting, ear whispering, costumes, bondage, public humiliation, S&M, rape
      Turn offs: Submissive men, cold skin
      Penis Length: N/A
      Breast Size: 46DD
      Sensitivity: Very high
      Additional Sexual Information: Despite her obsession with bondage and porn, Sophie is still a virgin. As a result, her turn ons and offs are pure speculation and subject to change with experience. She treasures her virginity, although she wouldn't necessarily be opposed to giving it up to someone she felt a true connection with. Due to past trauma, she finds it especially difficult to trust men. She is extremely submissive.
      STD History: None
      Extra Information
      Father: Eiji Hayashi (deceased)
      Mother: Isabella Hayashi (deceased)
      Siblings: Ariana Hayashi - Younger Sister (deceased)
      Grandparents: Unknown
      House: A small, run-down apartment in the slums of Blackberry Falls. 
      Car: None, relies on walking and public transport only.
      Pet: None.
      Awards/Commendations: She frequently gets praised for her good acting in street plays, but is often completely overshadowed by the lead actress, roles she rarely gets casted for. She gets to shine more through her singing, but even then she finds that others seem much more talented than her.
      Criminal Record: Shoplifting
      Bio: Sophie grew up in the states in an urban household where she lived a peaceful, modest life with her parents, though her parents both had jobs and were usually both out of the house, so most of her early years were spent in daycare, which she didn't mind as she had plenty of toys, games, and friends to play with, and her parents would usually pick her up and bring her home in time for dinner and sing her to bed with a lullaby. When she was five, her little sister, Ariana, was born and, for a few years, she couldn't help but feel jealous of the baby as it seemed her parents had spontaneously developed more time to spare for Ariana than they ever had for herself. Of course, this was likely her 6-7 year-old imagination running wild, but she, of course, felt left out regardless. Thankfully, as the years went on and little Ari grew older, Sophie began to see her more as a friend who she could spend all her time with and she quickly grew to love her little sister more than anything in the world.
      As she grew older and went on to middle school, Sophie started to develop an interest in boys and began dating at 13. At the time, she didn't know much about sex except for the simple ideas driven into her head by all her friends that it was something boys wanted that girls weren't supposed to give. As a result of this ideology, many of the boys she dated continued to dump her after realizing she wasn't going to put out. Confused and crushed by this recurring pattern, she began to question what she was supposed to do. It was around this time that her parents had talked to her about sex and how special your first time should be. She was taught that she should always respect herself and never use her virginity just to please someone who wouldn't even appreciate her in the end. She was taught to hold onto her virginity and treasure it until she found the one she would marry. Sophia took these ideas to heart throughout middle school. During high school, however, she found it much more difficult to avoid the temptation for sex. Her parents would still work all day with Ari in school and daycare after, so the house was completely empty, and as soon word of this spread to the boys, a lot more became interested in her. On one hand, she grew to love the attention, but on the other, she was still trying to hold onto her parents' words and treasure her virginity. She began to get horny much more frequently and found it increasingly difficult to say no to boys asking for sex. It got to the point where she tried to avoid boys altogether. Eventually, the sexual tension became so great Sophie just had to seek out a release, so she turned to the internet. She was very quickly introduced to a whole world of kinks and fetishes that she had never even considered, and she soon found herself relating more and more to female characters in hentai. The shy, timid girls who are pressured, blackmailed, or even raped, and slowly begin to enjoy it. To any normal person, it seemed this kind of thing should have been an instant turn-off, but she found herself greatly interested and quickly began to develop a fetish for such dark fantasies. She would find herself fantasizing about boys pulling her into the bathroom and raping her, or tying her up in the janitor's closet, but at the end of the day, these were all just fantasies. She would never actually want any of it to happen in reality, but unfortunately, she would come to find out that that was a choice she would be unable to make herself. 
      One day, Sophia got bored of just watching hentai videos online. She wanted something more interactive. So, she began looking into anonymous chat apps where she began roleplaying with strangers to act out her fantasies. One of these strangers, however, managed to track her IP to her home and, one day, she came home from school horrified to find a strange man with a gun trained right on her, demanding that she strip. He than began reciting every horrible thing she said she wanted. "B-but that's all just fantasy!" She protested but was met with a simple shush as the man groped her bare breasts. "Welcome to your new life, sweetheart. You're gonna be my little slut. But first I think I could make some money off your family..."
      Before long, Sophia was tied up and gagged in the arms of her captor who continued to grope her naked body in spite of her whimpering and pleading. Her heart growing heavier and eventually, her parents arrived home with Ari as well. The stranger ignored Sophie's screams of protest as the man restrained her family one by one, keeping a gun trained on her the entire time. He looked her father and mother up and down with a disappointed sigh. "Unfortunately, you're both old and, obviously, neither of you are virgins. People like that are just not profitable, but I can't just let you go run off to the police, now can I?" With that, he pushed Sophie's mother onto her back and climbed on top of her screaming and flailing body, tore her clothes off and began raping her, right there in front of 16-year-old Sophie and 11-year-old Ari, both of whom were huddled tightly together and sobbing in pure horror. After what felt like hours, the man had had his fun with Sophie's mother and lifted both of Sophie's parents, carrying them out into their family vehicle, followed shortly after by Sophie and Ari. The family was driven down to a local lake, Sophie's parents tried to console them as best they could, but none of them could break free of the expertly tied knots. When they arrived at the lake, Sophie and Ari were separated from their parents and carried to a new car while they were forced to watch in horror as the man pushed their car into the lake with her parents still inside.
      Sophie and Ari were both driven for miles to a boat where they were shipped off together, presumably to be sold together as some sort of sex slaves. They were both stripped of all their clothes, their ropes replaced with much more durable chains removing any hope of breaking free, and their crude cleave gags replaced with bite gags. The two of them had been packed together into a tiny cage, Ari sobbing in absolute misery while Sophie rubbed her body up against her, humming the lullaby her mother used to sing for her in an effort to relax the poor girl. The two were shipped overseas and lined up at a slave auction, where women and some men, of varying ages, were all lined up. They were all equally broken-spirited. One by one, each victim was forced to step onto a wooden platform as a huge crowd of criminals would shout out bids. Sometimes groups would be brought up together, mother and daughter, brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, etc. The entire wait through the line, Ari had been coughing. One of the workers threatened her with a harsh grip on her arm and she began trying to suppress her coughing, still trembling with fear. Soon, the line moved forward and Sophie found herself being forced to walk forward with Ari, the two sisters standing as close together as possible. This was the end of their lives. As the men started bidding and the numbers just kept getting higher and higher, Sophie's tears grew. She collapsed to her knees before being hauled back to her feet and finally, she heard some foreign word, which she assumed to mean "Sold." She and her sister were owned now and there was nothing she could do.
      After the auction, Sophie and Ari were brought to their new owner who then brought them to his home. To the sisters' surprise, the man wasn't cruel at all and simply unlocked their chains and handed Sophie a stack of cash. "You need it more than me," He explained. "Get that girl treated." Moved to tears by this man's generosity, Sophie hugged him tightly and swore that she would come back to repay the favor however she could. She had no idea what his motivation was, but she couldn't have been more thankful. Ari soon collapsed, Sophie caught her and knew she had to get going, quickly. In the past, she had heard of the greatest hospital in the world in the UFF and considering Ari's rapidly worsening condition, she had to get there ASAP, so she quickly made way for the harbor, carrying her sister in her arms, and pleading for a ride to the UFF. It was hear that the cruel reality of the Federation's immigration laws came to surface. She begged and pleaded to be let in, but had no such luck. Finally, she was suggested to go to Blackberry Falls instead as they had a hospital that was almost as advanced and that the UFF hospital likely wouldn't be able to treat humans very well. Knowing she had no time to protest, she accepted the ticket to Blackberry and desperately cradled her dying sister in her arms. 
      When she finally arrived at the island, she wasted no time in rushing straight to the hospital, where her worst fears were found to have come true. Ari was pronounced dead. Sophie was overwhelmed with guilt at this point. Her parents were dead, and now her sister, too, all because of her. And the worst part was she had a chance to save her sister. Maybe she could have saved Ari if she brought her to a smaller hospital and got her treated faster, maybe she should have fought harder to be allowed into the UFF. All of this was because she wanted 15 minutes of pleasure on a stupid app!
      Despite her self-loathing, Sophie forced herself to carry on. She knew her parents and her sister would want her to, and she had to repay the man who had saved her life. Furthermore, she had to talk to the police and make sure that the criminals responsible for this crime get put behind bars and no one ever had to face crimes like these again. Even now, Sophia knew she was lucky. She shouldn't have even had the luxury to seek out a hospital. If there had been one less bid, she and her sister would probably be sucking off some perverted old man by now. She had to be thankful for the opportunity she had been given and she had an obligation to take action against those criminals. Unfortunately, after talking to the police, she discovered that the man who rescued her had been found dead. She knew immediately that he had been murdered in order to cover up the slave market. With that knowledge, Sophie knew she could never leave the island. Due to the immigration policies, this was the safest place she could be, it's likely those criminals wouldn't be able to pursue her here. It also meant that they could be watching for her. She could be killed or abducted and tortured if she so much as set foot on the mainland again.
      Her first few months in the town were tough. She had used the large stack of cash almost in its entirety just to purchase an apartment, only to realize that she had been conned into purchasing a cheap, run-down apartment in the slums of the city. With barely enough money left over for food, Sophie took to the streets and began to sing her mother's lullaby while begging for donations. Her physique had attracted a few men interested in hiring her for shady prostitution services, but Sophie just couldn't accept those offers. The idea of having sex was already terrifying enough, but being forced to on a daily basis would be impossible. Besides, she was still a virgin and, with her experiences now, more than ever, she wanted to hold true to her parents' advice. One day, however, she was hired by the manager of a street performance group who recognized her talent as a singer. But as time went on, it seemed the man had completely forgotten about any idea that she was talented as he quickly began treating her like she was disposable. Sophie had no choice but to continue working for him, however, as, despite having millions of job opportunities in the city, there was also a very high population and it was difficult for a girl like her to get a job with no work experience or even a high school degree. She considered going back to school and finishing her degree here in Blackberry, but her manager is very demanding and requires a flexible schedule. 
      As Sophie continued to perform in street plays and sing for increasingly large crowds, she couldn't help but smile at times. It seemed that people really enjoyed seeing her and listening to her voice, but as busy-minded as people in the city are, she often found herself being overshadowed or forgotten by the end of any performance. Sophie soon found that wearing sexier outfits attracted far more success to her and her performances, so she began to dress more seductively in public despite still wanting to hold onto her virginity. Her new, more sexualized look, attracted the attention of more prostitution companies for her to turn down, but it also led to local pubs and diners requesting her to perform, and she finally began to make a decent living.
      Now, Sophie still regularly struggles with finances, but she has found some level of happiness in her actions. She's become good friends with her fellow performers and she regularly visits the gym. She's developed a much more flirty attitude over the years to go along with her sexy demeanor but still refuses to give up her virginity, often resulting in her being labeled a tease. The title hurts but isn't too far from the truth, but in reality, she just wants to find someone who would take care of her. At the end of the day, she's hardly changed from the distressed teenage girl she was when she first arrived.
    • Mr.X
      By Mr.X
      Note: This will likely to be a single RP(No extra characters inside unless NPCs or I allowed to(Via Ecchi text if desired and must connect to the logic why you can meet him, also it is not likely for him to have a friend and reply to the said character), a side story that happens after Leon leaves Cassandra and Dezrin
      Leon is walking through the forest right now and he just walk to any direction that he desires with his own feet that covered by a pair of black military rubber shoes, it helps him on walking this annoying piece of land that is filled with a bunch of dirt and carcass. He just walked with do care and since no one is around based on his clones' intel, he just keep killing mosquitos, bees, and any annoying insects with a small but always hit fire magic and the fire magic burns the insect till the ashes not remain in the place. He just walked to a certain point of interest, which is a Lighthouse that he saw upon back when he is stranded in this island. But he doesn't care and walk away again. According to the said clone, that elf woman didn't wear a dress and just laying on the dirt. He doesn't flinch and care about that fact, it is useless for him to talk to someone like her. He won't even came to her again and pray that he doesn't need to see a nuisance called woman and IF they are in heat, he will be in serious trouble.
      He is thinking of finding a place to cultivate his mana back to his original state once more. Maybe he will cultivate while using gravity magic and time acceleration magic(He can't control the world's time but he can control his own "time") which will consumes his mana a lot based on his own calculation. He will die soon after IF he does dare to do so.
      (Will continued later)
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, and first times. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread.
      Participants: Wolfe and Hanako
      Description: After settling in a somewhat safe house, Wolfe and Hanako planned on having a bath with the houses supply of water. Before they could, Cole stumbled onto their doorstep where he begged entrance. They patched him up and sent him on his way, before moving to enjoy their much needed bath.
      State changes for all participants: -20 Hunger points, -30 Thirst points, +20 Sanity points.
      Wolfe’s blue eyes shifted to look at Cole before he gave a slightly strained smile, “A little tired, perhaps. Who isn’t these days?” He asked back, skirting around the question that he really didn’t want to answer. Besides, it wasn’t entirely untrue. He was tired. He had been tired for about a year now. One had always sleep lightly in these times. If one didn’t, one might get caught off-guard by zombies sneaking up on them. He then looked over at Hanako when she spoke and he gave her one his charming smiles, “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He said, watching as she walked out of the garage. After a moment, he turned back and said, "Now that you're patched up, I'll see you out." He doubted Cole would blame him, as he wanted to protect both his little sister and Hanako, and while Penny seemed to like the man, he didn't want to allow the man to hang around. Perhaps in the future, but not now. Not when the man wished to be on his own, now that the wound was dealt with.
      He then stood up, stroking along Penny’s face as she whined in disappointed, “Come on, Penny.” He said, his fingers tickling behind her ear before he looked at Cole and jerked his head towards the door. He then turned and left the garage, holding the door open for Penny to slip past him as well as for Cole, “Just lock the door behind you.” He said to the other man, pointing with his good hand towards the lock of the garage door into the study which had a key in it. He waited until Cole had done that before leading him out into the main hallway. He then peered out of the peephole of the front door, seeing that it was completely clear. He then carefully unlocked the door, making as little noise as possible before opening it up to allow Cole to leave, "Take care." He said softly as he watched the man leave. Once he was gone, Wolfe closed the door and locked it back up. He then Penny then moved to the stairs. He carefully stepped over Hanako’s noise trap while Penny slipped underneath it. He moved up the curved stairs to the landing, where the ladder was still down from the attic. He looked down at Penny and indicated with his arm for her to go up, “Up you go, Penny.” He said.
      She tilted her head at him, whining softly. She nuzzled his leg before gingerly placing her front legs on the steps of the ladder. As it was one that was angled, rather than straight up, he was able to then scramble up. He watched carefully, ready to help her up if he needed to, but she disappeared from view into the dark attic. He nodded in satisfaction before bending and grabbing onto the ladder and pushing it up so that the attic was locked. It would keep the two of them safe while he and Hanako were bathing. He checked the attic door before moving into the master bedroom. He could hear splashing from the bathroom, which could only be Hanako. 
      He reached up and undid the zip of his leather jacket before he frowned as he realised it was going to be awkward undressing with his broken wrist. He tried to think for a few moments before realising that there was no helping for it. With a little grimace he went to the bathroom, gently tapping his finger against it to announce his presence before he opened the door and peered inside, "I've got a problem. It's going to be really awkward getting undressed with only one good hand." He said, sounding a little embarrassed. He then took note of her sitting in the bathtub. He wasn't able to see much, as she was crouching low in the tub, hidden by the side as well as covering up the more interesting features with her arms. The only thing he could see clearly was the glorious red hair that clung to her pale skin, almost looking like tendrils of fire moving across her skin. He really liked her hair; such an unusual colour. 
    • LanaLayne
      By LanaLayne
      Hello there, I'm Lana! I'm an overworked, slightly crazed woman looking for another FEMALE to play with! I have been role playing for about 10 years now and I know what I like. I want detail! Detail and emotion. I crave the push and pull that characters can have in RP and the intense need the writers can feel when giving a scene all they have.
      I'm the kind of person that can get caught up in a story with someone for days, weeks, months. If you're good and we connect then we can do endless plays and change up the characters and scenes whenever we want to. I also write in first person and usually first person, present tense. 
      Now... I may not be as 'crazy' put together as some of the people on here that have scenes and characters already picked out but I do know what I like and I'm open to so much stuff. From normal everyday stuff to taboo and even some fantasy thrown in. All you have to do is ask.
      I like to get all the little details established before starting the story so we both know what the other one is expecting or thinking going in.
      Also... Even though I love detail that doesn't mean that I need six paragraphs of writing to keep me interested. I prefer back and forth communication with 3-4 sentences of story, including talk, emotion, action, thoughts, ect. I'm a busy girl but when I do have play time I like to get into it and shorter (no one liners though) more frequent messages are always fun!
      Message me and let me know what you're into and what gets you going!
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