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Just found this on the internet. Can't help but to think it'd be better as a "Western Hentai" or something, although I don't think anything quite comes close to WTF as this did. Spoungebobknob anything.


Theme: A for Effort.

Porn: Fail.


May contain upsetting and downright weird scenes. Viewer Discretion is Advised.




Not exactly the best porno in the world, and if it wasn't cartoon based, or rather based of a cartoon I wouldn't have posted it.

Edited by Tripp
Added #Fail
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We'll that was weird.

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Mm, exactly.

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That is...


Wow. this was seriously a thing?



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That... Was disturbing. I'd imagine that it wouldn't be too cold down there considering if they really are on the ocean floor more heat would come up from the center of the Earth. So in theory Spongebob could get a hard on.. Now, on to Sandy. She would die. Given they are supposed to be under the sea. She would drown after taking her helmet off. I'd also like to point out, childhood ruined. I'll never be able to un-hear that voice.

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I pride myself in being one of the oddest and not many things are apt to make me question myself. But this... this... I can't... WHAT IS MY LIFE?!?!!?

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I still can't get this out of my head. I mean, who would even make this. Was there really such a demand? The sad thing is that they actually did alright impersonations of the characters. I'm into some kinky stuff, but nothing like that.

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Can't even find my witticisms.  :blink:

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      So I'm looking for a guy who would be interested in doing a smutty RP with me. I'm quite a vanilla person, so I don't want someone who only RPs with extreme fetishes/kinks.
      I don't mind the scenario, my age, my appearance, etc. It's up to you to decide. Before we RP we can decide on this, then get right in on the loving!
      My descriptions during messages will be quite long - I don't mind the length of yours but I don't want supershort ones.
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      CAUTION: Following audio contains loud, harsh noise, and might be disturbing to some.
      So~...What ~is~ the weirdest thing you have ever heard, personally?
    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      [I'm not a professional reviewer just decided to make a post in here. Might make it a regular occurrence... I do have plenty of Hentai, who knows? I don't expect everyone to agree with my views or opinions, and if yours differs please feel free to reply/leave a comment. But lets keep this rational.]
      I watched this the only way I could and would ever watch a Hentai; English Subbed (Because the only other language I remotely know is Russian even then... It's pretty much "Hello" and "Can I use the toilet?") and Japanese Dubbed (Because English Dubbing sends to sound shallow, flat, uninspiring and worst of all- Juvenile. In my opinion). 

      Kuro Ai: Hitoyozumakan Inkou Rannyuuroku A.K.A Dark Love is a very strange Hentai indeed; it starts off with a tentacle rape/tentacle fucking that should give the viewer some indication of what's to come, yet in Episode 1 this is the last time we see a good ol' fashioned Tentacle Scene. I watch this the only way I could and would ever watch a Hentai; English Subbed (Because the only other language I remotely know is Russian even then... It's pretty much "Hello" and "Can I use the toilet?") and Japanese Dubbed (Because English Dubbing sends to sound shallow, flat, uninspiring and worst of all- Juvenile. In my opinion).
      The Sex Scenes are on Crack and the Characters are quite possibly on Cocaine and Speed. Welcome to Dark Love.
      When I first saw this in 2010; it was immediately hailed as my favourite Hentai of all time, so it's interesting now in 2013 (nearly 2014) that I'd review it again nearly four months on and almost 9 years after episode one was released. Since 2005 the world of Hentai has changed, perhaps forever. So a lot has happened since this was released and I definitely don't think it'd be released today. To say it's "Absolutely Not For Children" would be perhaps the biggest understatement ever; some adults can't even cope with the stuff that goes on in this Hentai. But I'm a little older now, and I believe I can analyse it at least somewhat objectively with hardly any bias. Fingers crossed.
      The plot according to ANN states "Tetsuya's investigation into a luxurious hotel turns over a nest of yakuza and a bizarre orgy cult. On rich silk sheets and velvet chairs, the rich and powerful participate in sex acts so depraved that just witnessing them is likely to turn a man into a monster. But the true purpose of this cult is a pact with evil energies that can literally turn Tetsuya into an inhuman demon." Well I'm glad someone has an idea what's going on; I've watched this Hentai about six times already and each time I learn more, I pick more up from it in terms of trying to follow the plot. Perhaps its because I have to read it all (Which no doubt things probably got lost in translation in) but that's not the only thing, as I said earlier the characters seem to be on some kind of speed enhancing narcotic, blink and you probably missed a key part of the story, and if that wasn't bad enough it seems the sex scenes are placed in just the correct format to completely distract you from the Story Line.

      Did anyone else find it a little bit strange that Tetsuya Gojou's work can be helped by standing outside of a school for (what I assume is for) girls? Come on... I'm the first to say there are ligitmate reasons why grown men might be around a school (Teacher, Parent, etc) but even in context that's strange.
      Now usually this isn't such a bad thing, distraction with some kinky pleasure, and on that regard it works. But the problem is, that's not the only thing that's distracting. The Sex Scenes contain a lot of flashing, and quite frankly high quality GIF like pictures on a 1ms transitional or something (Hence the Crack comment.) Now whilst I see what the producers were trying to do with this, I feel that it was just simply too fast with lacking frames, it was like watching a computer game lag. Then there's the fucking dialogue during the sex scenes, I find it hard to take any of them seriously anymore, even taken out of context it's annoyingly, humorously distracting at best and not in the good way.
      So yeah...
      On the topic of distractions during the sex if the above wasn't enough, something rather strange happened in the first sex scene. Without giving too many spoilers away (if you haven't watched it already) Miyabi came into the bedroom of Tetsuya Gojou, a phone tucked half in her thigh high as she crawled her way up Tetsuya Gojou's bed. The Phone was connected to a phone call with Ayaka Utsumi (From what I can tell; she's Tetsuya Gojou's girlfriend.) Where she could hear her lover climaxing because Miyabi was giving him a weird blowjob/titjob. Obvious Ayaka Utsumi heard this and was deeply upset that her beloved would cheat on her. So far, so good. Then the music changed, and things started getting weird. They were being watched by Hazuki Sogawa who at this point is masturbating furiously, I think pretending that that Tetsuya Gojou was doing this to her, but then strangely so was his now Ex-Girlfriend (She dumped him apparently). The sex scene jumped back and forward from this rape scene to these two women jiffing themselves off. That was confusing and I'm not entirely certain that upon hearing that news and reacting like that the first thing anyone would do is furiously masturbate over the cheating partner fucking them like this. So yeah that was a little confusing to be honest.

      Apparently duc, his well-being doesn't seem to be his biggest priority at the moment.
      The more I tried analysing this Hentai the more I got quite cynical about it and I didn't really know what it was. As I said previously the more times I watched it the more it appeared to change my perspective into what exactly I just watched. I love that they crammed so many fetishes into one bag but the scene were we had wiggly worms being inserted up the anus of Hazuki Sogawa... Personally not thing, and I personally don't know who on Earth would find that sexually pleasing. (But apparently it's a real thing, so I withhold my judgement on it, each to their own.)
      There is a plot to this porn, but the problem with it is it's both brilliant and hard to follow mainly because of the distractions. If the plot was easier to follow, and less distractions through the whole 'Adult Cartoon' then perhaps it would have made it perfect. I also get we're trying to train 'dirty sluts' here, but I don't quite understand why a "Slut" should have to look up at the man they're blowing off. Really; from my perspective I find it awkward (That could just be me though) if anyone did it. Slut or not. But throughout the series one's not sure if they're berating or complimenting "Sluts" further adding to the confusion.

      I feel Dark Love somewhat shares what I personally believe in. Although they probably push the boundaries for me a little bit further than that. It's not often in a Hentai you see a Pregnant Woman simultaneously giving a bunch of men some sexual service, but it was nice to see. Everything about it was tolerable, and even enjoyable (Save the faults listed above) then at the end she was pissed on by all of them. Well there's another boner killer right there.
      I have to keep in mind that some people out there do love having a Golden Shower (Again not my thing, I do RP it though.) AND it's with (As far as we're aware) consenting adults. (Okay it's a Hentai, it's fictional. That's not what I meant.)
      Episode two; starts off with Rikka Koujin blowing off Tetsuya, somewhat explaining a mission involving the Magic Potion, which was somewhat touched on in the first Episode. We can deduce that this potion fuels some kind of change to tentacle monster from Human in this Episode. I think these are filled with what ever woman he's "Courrupted"'s collection of male jizz. (I've heard that before...) This potion keeps people youthful, slutty and irresistible to- I've watched this six times and honestly I have no fucking idea what's going on. It explains a few things leaves a lot open for interpretation, moving on...
      After the titles we're pretty much introduced to Honoka Houjou's sister, Kaori Mizuno, she's a married woman. Except we don't know that bit yet, she's in debt possibly because her business isn't doing so well and she has to pay the money back to what I would assume is either Yukuza or some kind of Non-Tentacle-Monster-Owning-Loan-Shark, there's a shocker. Honoka Houjou brings Hazuki Sogawa and Tetsuya Gojou in with her, at this point Honoka and Kaori are revealed to be sisters and Hazuki and Tetsuya are "Customers" After some whoopsie-daisy I dropped the drink and broke something we enter the closure of the scene after a quick comedy sibling-teasing bit. We seem to jump forward in time, and we come back to the Cafe/Shop thing only to find that now she has to pay by noon not days she was promised before. Tetsuya conveniently makes a re-appearance after the phone call, from what we can assume this is out of the blue. He apparently wants to help her, there's a short cut and he's sitting down, ordering a warm drink. Apparently big breasts means Titty Milk, whilst I won't pick on a hentai for this kind of logic, I will say that her not questioning this did ring as little odd, but perhaps she's desperate.
      Kaori returns with the milk in a sippy cup, I dread to think how much that'll set him back. When she brings it over to him we have another typical "Whoopsie-daisy" moment in which her breast milk spills all over his groin.

      That's some fascinating stuff. I know some people will say this Hentai is derogatory to women. I'd be happy with that statement, if on the same logic, when applying a faulty premise on a fictional cartoon that it's also derogatory to men too. I don't think I've heard Sperm and Semen reduced to dirty "Cock Juice" and said more times in any Hentai in my life. Seriously it could be turned into a drinking game. If you're one of those people (and whatever -- its your life) that finds and complains about these types of problems then perhaps Dark Love isn't for you. In fact most Hentai probably isn't either.
      It seems his luck didn't get the shit end of the stick as well, as within seconds she agreed to clean him all up with her mouth. How nice... Then he got a boner and you know where that's going next. Infact the first time I saw this episode I distinctly remember when I first heard about the Coffee shop saying "HURR! You know where that's going!" Well unsurprisingly it went there, and then some.
      After the blowjob we're left with Tetsuya telling her how she was going to pay back her debt, assumingly it involved selling them off. We also get a nice squiggly line away from her mouth from what I assume is a pube. I know I wanted realism but really?

      Yes. Really.
      As I went through the plot, I felt it was rushed when she just started handing out sexual favours so willingly, but then I don't consider myself part of the society that's around me... So I have no idea if a married woman would do this so quickly, I doubt it. Then within ten minutes she sold herself and her sister off to pay her debts. Then less than ten minutes after all this started there was a free for all, fuck and cum inside party between her and her sister with a room full of men (apparently). To which they were berated and fucked and then pissed all over again. (This time they made the mentioning of drinking it all down. What ever rocks your boat?) The sex scenes were hilarious in dialogue, animation, and content. I'm also pretty sure that this DVD should contain an Epilepsy Warning, because it just wasn't fun. As fictional (IE. Not real, as in they're not real people) storylines go, it'd probably be alot better if the dialogue was cleaned up, if I could edit Subs in the video I'd probably do it just so I could stop complaining about it. But if the scenes weren't so distracting. There's also a lot of "I'm going to Climax"... I mean repeatedly. I thought this may have been Translation issues but later it was "I'm coming" which to be honest reads better.

      I feel if I were wanking off to this, I'd end up like this guy...
      I feel this Hentai is supposed to be a boundary pusher, and that's pretty much mission accomplished. In terms of Fetishes, I feel it hits a niche market, so I have to say that's quite daring. We have Pregnancy, Impregnation, Cheating, Bondage, Golden Showers, Inserting Wiggly-Worms up the butt, Tentacle, Dominance, A little Girl on Girl and a dash of romance (I suppose, in the second episode) and it mixes them quite well. It's pretty good at combining these to make a sex scene. Not all of them appealed to me but then it wasn't made just for me. All of this I felt was let down by the extremely low-quality rapid GIF like animations for the sex scenes, the plot was hard to follow and after watching a total of six times in my life, I still have no fucking clue what's REALLY going on. It didn't help that the distractions, distracted from it. Yet you'd be hard pressed to find the fetishes the series covered so it's a tough call. I do feel there maybe capacity for a third and last episode if anything it could tie up a few things and end the story completely but perhaps leaving it on a cliff hanger was intentional. Either way this Hentai IS inspiring particularly if you're Roleplaying something similar. It definitely could have been an actual season (say containing four to six episodes) if the time was taken to properly explain the plot and to spread it out across. That's the main problem with this Hentai; it's on crack; it's just cramming everything into two 30 minute videos and I feel that is ultimately Dark Love's downfall. Perhaps with it spread like that they wouldn't have needed to make the sex scenes look rushed (not just fast but rushed too). Considering this was my favourate hentai I don't say that lightly.
      There are a lot of good elements in there, but then a lot of it is ruined by the faults and ultimately; this Unique Hentai could have done really well. But it's a shame. The dialogue is cheesy and lame although the story telling is pretty good, if you can keep up. Overall not the worst hentai I've ever watched... It's awkward, jutty and just simply... It's not the best hentai I've ever seen. But it's still my favourate for now, which proves you don't have to be perfect to be liked.
      I don't mean to sound big headed and righteous, hell I don't think I could do better personally. It's worth watching if you're into a lot of things it does and if you Roleplay and need ideas it's perhaps perfect if you're looking for that sort of thing.
      Of course I probably have better and worst ones with this kind of collection:

      Please note that this article was originally posted up on November 24th 2013; we have since redone our articles system and moved the review - which has given it a new "Published Date". Apologies for the inconvenience. 
    • Sunstone
      By Sunstone
      Plain and simple~! We just type in whatever the last thing was that we searched for in our web browser, and add 'Rule 34' to the end of it. Who knows? Could be ~fun~! ;D

      For starters:


      "Ganache recipe Rule 34"

      Go for it~! ^///^
    • Noblesse Oblige
      By Noblesse Oblige
      Yo, Noblesse here! <3 Thank you for clicking on my request thread. What I am looking for is very simple,  a very detailed female RPer that enjoys sex-driven stories with plenty of romance sprinkled in! Should you find yourself interested, please feel free to send me a PM as I only RP through private messages <3 I do want to add that I do not do non-con, scat or vore just so I can get that out of the way~
      If you scroll further passed my original plot ideas, I have a somewhat extensive list of Fandoms I'm looking to play. I'm looking for mostly prominently sexualized versions of these shows/comics/anime etc. Every single on of these ideas are absolutely free for you to edit, change or flip around as you see fit. Aaaaaaaaaaaand, Without further ado, my ideas:
      1.) Desires of the flesh and all things lewd or deemed "sexy" has become taboo in a utopia that felt the need to enforce censorship to the extreme. Of course, carnal desires cannot so easily be ignored! A resistance group dedicated for the eradication of these obsurd laws known as "Ardor" have taken it upon themselves to re-ignite the innate lust that lies dormant within the people of the seemingly "perfect" city. Perhaps even to the one behind all this in the process. Either one of our protagonists could be the leader of Ardor whilst the other one is living with these rules and begin to realize how absurdly backed up their lust is after being unable to vent it for so long.
      2.) A college graduate has just secretly invented a pheromone that makes any woman incredibly horny at the simple touch or feel of this substance. Using that material, he makes a fake I.D card to roam around and plow women left and right all over the city. This RP could technically be never ending as he would wake up ready to find another girl or the roles could be switched. Your character could be the scientist and so on.
      3.) Being an erotic manga artist, my protagonist is having severe writer's block and can't seem to get any new work done for his publishers as of late since moving to his new apartment in Osaka. Luckily, he finds his new roommate to be the most curvaceous woman ever conceived. Your protagonist could either be a fan of his works and find out who he is and help him with his dilemma etc.
      4.) The incubus prince of the Carnal Luxuria netherworld has descended onto Earth after a battle against a group of heroines that desire to drain him of his life force via sexual intercourse, the demon lord now looking to regain his power and create an army to reclaim all that he had lost. Your protagonist could be a succubus from his netherworld that wishes to find him again or be a human with special abilities etc.
      5.) Your protagonist gets onto a subway that is infamous for a groper that sexually harasses voluptuous young women and comes into contact with him, the man actually being an incredibly handsome young man. Your character could become addicted to the rush of him ravaging her in the midst of many people, simply be infatuated with the man himself etc.
      6.) A young athlete becomes physically wounded after almost obtaining first place in a national competition and is placed in a hospital where he meets a certain nurse that seems to be incredibly seductive. Her "treatments" become more alluring and provocative with every time they see each other until it leads to a secret relationship they hide from others but enjoy the danger of getting caught.
      7.) Think of the most inviting and warm tropical island within the middle of nowhere far from any modern city and fill it with multiple tribes of different types of outrageously attractive anthros that were taught to only mingle with their own race and only observe the others from afar. Our protagonists, however, could ultimately break that cycle with a painfully obvious attraction towards one another by innocent glances turning into sex-crazed seductions which leads to many passionate poundings in secret whilst the moon is full. This could spearhead a force of separation of our lovers where more main characters from other clans are introduced and begin following their example, starting a trend that eventually unifies the clans into one. I'm leaving what type of anthros since I think it would be fun to discuss which ones we would love to place on the island.
      8.) A high elf whom yearned to become a teacher has been casted out of his cathedral due to giving all the women within the church sinful thoughts from how attractive he is, the poor virgin leaving to continue his studies within a lonely shack outside the village. Going out to gather the local flora and fauna for his research, he finds a young woman that possesses a body that could not be rivaled and completely naked within the forest with a chain leash around her neck and looking completely exhausted. Taking her in, he learns that she has escaped from a brothel within the lands mostly consistent of dark elves and, in fact, being one herself. You could have her test his chastity with her constant offerings of her body in the most raunchy of ways to thank him as the two fall in love or she could be more tsundere like and act like he's meddling while being just as obsessed with him as he is with her, etc.
      9.) Everything's a drag...work is a drag, divorce is a drag and simply breathing and blinking at the same time seemed like a chore. This is the mentality of my heart broken protagonist that is going through hard times in his life, always living by a mental schedule of thought out daily rituals that now seemed mundane after finding himself alone in his small studio apartment. Wanting to try something impulsive for once, he decides to click on a random pop up that advertised a site consisting of "Hot and Dirty Babes" and turning on his webcam to find your protagonist whom could have any sort of reason to have tried the site as well (Maybe she collects tips from the site to strip and tease people to keep them returning to the site or perhaps simply wanted to try something new as well, and so on) where the two start to hit it off and make seeing each other on the website an almost daily thing with idle chat always ending with them furiously masturbating on camera which only edges on their desires more. The twist could be that she lives right next door and always just miss each other or she could actually be his touch and seemingly cold-hearted boss at his job which could make for great drama~
      10.) A young man from a previously destroyed ship and crew is looking to start his life anew and become a Captain of his own vessel! The idea seems far-fetched after having very little possessions on him after the wreckage but, favor being rather fortuitous to the bold, the handsome lad encounters an impossibly alluring Siren whom offers him an old yet powerful ship in exchange for a night of passionate love making. Feeling like this was a "win/win" situation, he gladly accepts only to have a bomb dropped on him after the two are panting and sweating atop the very same ship she promised him. The ship is owned by a vengeful spirit and is looking to shackle as many people to it as possible, purposely only going after very attractive people to further entice more to join. After getting over the fact that she had tricked him, the two could hatch a plan to seduce enough people onto the ship for a lewd act of mutiny against the phantom! This RP could simply end after they thwart the specter or we could continue the shenanigans across the seas <3
      11.) Years of perfecting the art of war has risen into the progression of science and technology till now those enlisted into warfare are trained and suited up in armored mechs known as "Arma"s. Many people now live not only on Earth but in space colonies known as "Habitable Orbiting Microcosmic Ecosystems", or HOMEs for short. My protagonist is a child soldier whom has grown into a young man practically born inside his specialized Arma named "Calamity Mk.I". We could either have your protagonist be a high ranking new pilot that my protagonist is tasked to train and the two have VERY lewd ideas of training or perhaps our protagonists could be rival pilots in different factions but when the fighting is over, the two secretly meet up for a raunchy forbidden love making where drama could ensue should they get caught, etc.
      12.) One of our protagonists' lives has been on a roller-coaster ride that they desperately needed to get off of. With that in mind, they decided to use their savings to buy a big RV and simply go traveling from country to country to do a little soul searching. From there, the next protagonist could be found recently homeless and after quite the naughty encounter, could end up joining for the vacation filled adventure. For this idea, I would like for us to develop a number of people for them to meet and even choose to go with them for all sorts of characterization and smutty opportunities~
      13.) What does obsession look like? Your protagonist takes the same route from work/school/etc. every day and are used to the same billboards and buildings until one day she finds a big graffiti tag with her exact likeness with an insignia of a particular graffiti artist. More and more of these flattering and vastly different murals appear all over the place, making it clear that she had a talented secret admirer. Going home late one night, she could finally find my protagonist tagging a spot and begin chasing him down only to find that he wasn't some creepy stalker that liked painting lewd images of her but a handsome visionary tired of the usual images other artists conform to.
      14.) Being at the pinnacle of stardom, your protagonist and her band (Whether it be pop idol, rockstar etc.) has topped the charts consistently in recent years and thus, obviously gained a fanbase that could form a small army and invade a country. Their skills don't stop there as your protagonist does a number of gravure magazines and videos to further solidify that she wasn't just a pretty voice but a body that didn't seem feasible! My protagonist is a star of his own but on the other end of the spectrum, being known as a hard hitting UFC fighter and local hunk but not nearly as famous. Secretly (Not really), he is a huge fan of your protagonist and tends to go to all of her concerts and buy a number of her videos/magazines which is a common bud of many jokes amongst his friends and peers. We could go about this in many different angles! Perhaps he moves into an apartment that is secretly home to your protagonist or maybe she gets into trouble from a creepy fan and he saves her etc. The story would have them date in secret and try to relinquish the heavy amount of lust for one another without getting caught~
      15.) The planet of Iratio, home of the most beautiful and well-endowed alien women in the galaxy, have a vast shortage of men which ends up sending your protagonist down onto the most peculiar looking planet near by...Earth! Landing (Or Crashing) her ship next to a massive city has her aimlessly walking around the expansive planet that differs so greatly from her own, my protagonist, whom is currently down on his luck and barely supporting himself with a dead-end job, living in this very same city. We could go about this in a number of ways! One, we could have the atmosphere act as a pheromone that heightens her already large sexual appetite which could garner plenty of smutty scenes with other detailed characters before making her way to my protagonist where romance could ensue and she learns about saving such acts for someone she loves or perhaps have her crash land into his house and start the two developing feelings from the get go!
      16.) Throughout history, there has been a special style of martial arts only known to few in the entire world and only one man is public with that legendary fighting style. Your Protagonist is now on her way to train under my protagonist to learn that prophetic style...even if his methods are quite lewd~ This will involve a mixture of combat choreography and romance progression to go along with the smutty goodness <3
      Note: I would be totally okay with an Original Character with ANY couple in these fandoms! Simply message or any more info~
      Pokemon (FAR too many pairings to list, PM for details!) (Anthros or strictly just trainers is fine with me~)
      Ranma 1/2 (Plenty of sexiness possibilities) (Male Ranma x Akane/Shampoo/Nibiki/Kasumi/Ukyo, Moose x Shampoo, Kyoga x Akane)
      Berserk (Guts x Casca)
      .hack//G.U (Haseo x Alkaid/Tabby/Pi/Atoli/Shino/Bordeux/Kaede, Kuno x Pi, Ovan x Shino.)
      InFAMOUS Second Son (Delsin x Fetch)
      NieR: Replicant/Gestalt (Young or Older NieR x Kaine)
      Blade and Soul (Preferably with Original Characters)
      Devil May Cry (Excluding DMC) (Dante x Lady/Trish, Vergil x OC)
      Final Fantasy IX (Zidane x Dagger, Steiner x Beatrix)
      Cowboy Bebop (Spike x Fae, Spike x Julia, Vicious x Julia)
      Space Dandy (Dandy x Honey/Scarlett)
      Zelda (Any Series, even an original one) (Link x Any Major Female)
      Naruto (Sasuke x Sakura/Karin/Tsunade, Naruto x Hinata/Sakura/Tsunade)
      Persona 3/Persona 4/Persona 5 (Far too many to list, PM for info)
      Catherine (Vincent x Catherine/Katherine)
      Tomb Raider (Would absolutely be willing to do an Uncharted crossover.) (Lara Croft x Nathan Drake/OC)
      Street Fighter (Too many to list, Pm for info!)
      The Darkness (Jackie x Jenny/Witchblade)
      Dragon Ball Z (Vegeta/Trunks/Goku/Ultimate Gohan/OC x Bulma/Launch/Chi-chi/Android 18/Videl/OC)
      Dragon's Crown (Any pairing, really!)
      Batman (Too many to list! PM for info~)
      Saints Row (The Third or IV) (Any pairing, really)
      Killer is Dead (Mondo/David x Scarlett/Vivienne/Mika/Moon River/Alice/Betty/OC)
      Jak and Daxter (Jak x Keira/Ashelin/OC, Human Daxter x Tess/Keira/OC)
      Megaman Zero (Zero x Ciel/OC only)
      Megaman Legends (Megaman x Roll/Tron Bonne)
      Metal Gear Solid (Any Entry) (Too many to list, ask for details!)
      Shantae (Would love ANYTHING with Shantae)
      Teen Titans (REALLY wanting to do a sexy Teen Titans RP) (Pairings are too vast, PM for info!)
      Inuyasha (Inuyasha x Kagome/Kikyo, Miroku x Sango, Sesshomaru x Older Rin/OC)
      Tenchu (Preferably Wrath of Heaven and up) (Rikimaru x Ayame)
      G Gundam (Domon x Rain)
      Castlevania (Any aside from Lords of Shadow) (Too many to list!)
      Lupin III (Lupin/Goemon/Daisuke x Fujiko)
      Tekken (3 and up preferably) (Too many to list! I prefer to play Jin, Kazuya or Lars)
      Disgaea (1-4, would love to do this <3) (Too many to list but would love you if we could do an Adell x Rozalin RP)
      Bayonetta (Would be willing to do a Devil May Cry crossover) (Bayonetta x Dante/Luca)
      Attack on Titan (Eren x Mikasa or Levi x Any Female)
      Metroid (Samus is love) (Samus x OC)
      NieR: Automata (2B x 9S, 2B x OC, A2 x OC)