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Blank Character Profile and Some of My Characters

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I might not play all of these characters and might make others, but I decided to repost my old characters as they were in previous places I tried this (just adjusting the age on a few, since I kept them all at least 18 due to the rules on those sites, though I think it is more realistic for them to start a little younger under these circumstances).




Human/Monster (the hybrid girls count as human for this):

*Times Mated with Monster:

Monster Ancestry




Inhuman Characteristics:

Other Powers:

Sexual Orientation:

Short Bio:

*Might be an interesting extra line to include with all the girls, but not required.



Name: Mariko Tsubasa

Gender: Female

Human/Monster (the girls count as human for this): Human

*Times Mated with Monster: 2 or 3, no children.

Age: 17

Hair: Long black

Height: 5’9

Inhuman Characteristics: She has fangs capable of delivering a venom that would kill a human almost immediately. It is fatal to many monsters and incredibly painful to most who would survive it. Her body from the hips down is snake like. Instead of fingernails, she has claws.

Other Powers:

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Short Bio: One of the more solitary warriors. If another woman passes by she may chooses to work with her for a while, but she does not seek out companionship. If she is not in fact cold blooded, she doesn’t act like it. She spends significant time outside rested, unexposed portions of her upper body tend to be a dark tan (and depending on her mood that upper body dress varies between essentially a tank top, bra or nothing at all). She lives in a rather barren and warm area. Only showing much activity if she needs to hunt or kill monsters. Sometimes those are the same thing (The degree of humans feeding on monsters varies. The wilder ones are often seen as little different than very dangerous animals, especially since old animals have become rather rare. The intelligent ones usually aren’t eaten though some of the women are more carnivorous than others).

*Might be an interesting extra line to include with all the girls, but not required.

Name: Citlali Saqui Isi Tamaya (used a random name generator), sometimes goes by 'Lali' or just 'Li'

Gender: Female

Human/Monster (the girls count as human for this): Human

Age: 21

Times With Monsters: 6 - She has a ritual of going out to do it once a year, usually around her birthday. Picks a different kind each time, unless she can't find something new. She prefers monsters, if only because it is less awkward for her (she is also one of the ones who likes it a little more each time).

Monster Ancestry: Troll (father), golem, giant scorpion

Hair: Short brown

Height: 11'6

Inhuman Characteristics: Some patches of skin are rock like. Two small horns on top of her forehead. A large scorpion tail, the stinger kept covered if she isn't expecting a fight. She has a wider build, but still rather feminine figure.

Other Powers: Super human strength.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Short Bio: A city girl. She splits her time between being a proper soldier and local muscle for city leaders. The current cities are hectic places. Certain areas are nice enough but others are wild and someone like her is the closest thing to 'law enforcement'. She is devoted enough to the monster hunting side, on the law enforcement/hired muscle side she is rather mercenary though, and is often more comparable to a gangster or thug. She is just as capable of doing good, it mostly depends on who is she is working for the moment. She cares more about having something do and the pay than about the morality of her jobs.

Extra Note:

She is about as close to a proper giant as the group can probably get. Most likely her father was not full grown when she was conceived.




Name: Lin Hui Yong Xiu Yu

Gender: Female

Human/Monster (the girls count as human for this): Human

Age: 27

Times With Monsters: 20 (she tries a little more than the expected minimum). A soldier understands her duties. A few were ordered too.

Monster Ancestry: Slime, fire elemental (father), fairy

Hair: Long red, known to ignite when angry

Height: 6’9

Inhuman Characteristics: Wings, hair and other part of her body sometimes ignite. It takes concentration to look human. Her skin is naturally a pale blue. She does not actually have a skeleton, or many other human organs, or a natural ‘shape’ for that matter. She does not bleed when wounded, but can ‘leak’ a bit.

Other Powers: Flight, fire manipulation, shape/form changing.

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian*

Short Bio: One of the privileged sergeants who get to show the new little girls what it means not just to be a woman, but a soldier too. Training only goes so far: Some help mastering your body/abilities, some practice fighting with other hybrids. But nothing especially dangerous. She has to show them how to really fight, to use their power, to know when to kill monsters, when to fall back, and when to offer themselves to the enemy. While not total control, the army has a good deal of discretion over how and when its soldiers breed for understandable reasons. They are living weapons after all. Despite the power they have over the monsters, it is a war and many of their kind die as well. Lin is too low ranked to normally have that kind of control, but she is usually expected to watch over the recruits’ first time; to give them an idea of what to expect, how to make the monster interested and to help them if they mess up and get into danger. Things can only be learned by doing them.

Her job is more of a continuation of their training, but with much higher stakes. While she does keep a few older hybrids around to help, she mostly works with the brand new soldiers. Takes them through up to a year or so of fighting, usually one or two successful (in that they have sex, but not necessarily children) breeding attempts, and then sends to join more experienced units.

Considering lives are in her hands, usually ones who barely understand what they are getting into, she can be rather strict. But those who follow her advice and don't do stupid things will earn her respect quickly enough.

*Lesbian hybrids get no enjoyment from sex with men of any type. They will avoid it completely with humans, but almost universally still feel obligated to have at least one or two daughters with monsters. Those who never have daughters are seen as avoiding a crucial duty, unless they can prove themselves to be infertile, and if they aren’t solitary they will be looked down upon by both the humans they protect and their fellow hybrids. Those in the army can be severely punished. The expectation is to try at least once a year, preferably more often, and to choose times they have a higher chance of pregnancy. When it comes to bisexual/lesbian hybrids choice of female lovers, they will usually choose other hybrids, though hybrid/normal woman couples do occasionally happen.


Name: Nuo Bai Zhong Jin Chan

Gender: Female

Human/Monster (the girls count as human for this): Human.

Age: 42, but ages considerably slower.  In look/shape she is probably closer to mid-20s.

Times Mated with Monster: Hundreds (at least a few times a month, possibly taking breaks for pregnancies).

Monster Ancestry: Sphinx, succubus.

Hair: Long blond.

Height: 5'11.

Inhuman Characteristics: Golden fur.  She mostly has the look a standard winged variety sphinx, she upper torso lacks fur though, and she has small, but clearly human, breasts.  

Other Powers: Pheromones that can fill a man, human or monster, with lust.  Sometimes she can control them, but there are times she unintentionally lets them out too.  She uses it to both breed and kill.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Short Bio: A semi-solitary creature.  She is one who will go from place to place, looking for settlements lacking in enough of her kind to protect them.  Her preference is to stay a while, preferably leave a daughter or two behind and move on.  She has been in relationships with local human men as well, but she makes it clear they understand that she will eventually leave, by herself.  If a man is insistent enough to propose, she may accept, but it would still not be enough to tie her down.  She is the sort who can, at least sometimes, enjoy the duty of breeding.  She does prefer to kill though.


Name:  Yu Shi Zheng An Tang

Gender:  Female

Human/Monster (the girls count as human for this):  Human

Monster Ancestry:  Dragon

Times with monsters:  None

Age:  16

Hair:  Long red.

Eyes:  Green

Height:  6’3

 Inhuman Characteristics:  Clawed and scaly hands and feet, and a few other patches.  A tail.  Several horns on her forehead.  Long pointy ears.  Her “draconic” skin is red.

Other Powers:  Fire breathing.  Moderately superhuman strength and agility.

Sexual Orientation:  Bi-curious

Short Bio:  An average hybrid city girl.  She has grown up hearing about how she is the future of humanity; the slayer of monsters, the mother of the next generation.  It was all said half as praise, half as demand.   This was her fate, her duty that came with the privileges and power of her birth.  It is enough to make a girl a little cocky.  It was balanced out to a degree of course.  That was what the men and occasional ordinary girl said.  Her older fellow hybrids had more mixed opinions.  Some said the same sort of thing.  Others said it was nothing worth praising over.  Some spoke of the hell of a war that waited just outside the city and sometimes approached its borders.

Despite being a first generation hybrid, she was well bred for battle.  There was no real surprise that she went into the army.  Fighting was in her blood.  She had spent sometime in the teenage hybrid fighting leagues that were organized in the arenas.  She has never been in a real battle, but she has seen a good deal of what her kind is capable of and has been indoctrinated as many are to seek a true battle in wastelands outside the city.

She is not a particularly outstanding recruit so far.  There has been a little trouble adjusting to the discipline and structure of army life, but despite the occasional punishments, she has plenty of potential.


Name: Miren Arantxa Itxaso Irune Azarola

Gender: Female

Human/Monster (the girls count as human for this): Human

Age: 16

Hair: Short black

Height: 5'10

Inhuman Characteristics: Pure human

Other Powers: None

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Short Bio: One of the shrinking number of normal woman.  Living outside of the city she has been protected, locked up, for most of her life.  It is only now that she is old enough for that protection to have paid off.  She will eventually be expected to marry a local man and have at least a son or two, but the priority is for to help give the settlement proper protectors.  It was something she has been told will be necessary since she was fairly young.  A young woman such as her does not have much freedom or power, but she is one of the most valuable members of the community.  It is not something she is looking forward to, it is both dangerous and very unpleasant, but she understands how important it is.



Minor Characters:


Name:  Sasithorn Ubon Siriporn Lawan

Mutations: Minotaur

Social Situation: Small village, one of several monster girls.

Appearance:  Black fur on lower body, hoofed legs, long horn but otherwise human head, short brown hair.


Name:  Yong Gi Eun Hye

Mutations: Centaur

Social Situation: City

Appearance:  Brown horse torso, short red hair.


Name:  Shila Vasundhara Chanda

Mutations:  ‘Spider-girl’

Social Situation:  Solitary, subterranean (see below).

Appearance:  Black torso of a spider, human upper body, long black hair. 


Name:  Nayeli Nuka Tupaarnaq Millaray

Mutations:  Rat-girl

Social Situation:  City, sewers and other less pleasant sections.  Solitary, but occasionally teams up with locals.

Appearance:  Tail, brown fur covering everything but her face and front torso, claws and rat like feet.


Name: Keahi Hokulani Apikalia

Mutations:  Sea-Creature – Mermaid with squid like tentacles and shark like teeth.

Social Situation:  Solitary, coastal.

Appearance:  Light blue fins and tentacles, long blond hair


Name:  Narcisse Blanche Lara

Mutations:  Plant based

Social Situation: She is rooted into the ground and cannot move on her own.  She is kept near the far end of a village farm.

Appearance:  Human upper body, thin, barbed movable vines for hair.  Some branches grow out of her too.  Arms are a smooth light brown wood.


Name:  Batari Cahaya Sari

Mutations:  Long bird-like legs, thick black scaled tail, black bat-like wings.

Social Situation:  Soldier

Appearance:  Long black hair


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