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Looking for Partners [LFP]


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    • Trappy
      By Trappy
      Hey hey, i've been wondering if anyone wants to do some incest RP with me?
      Not the type where its like we aleardy had feelings for each other and wanted to do sex in the same day, but something that builds up story from a normal family to incest.
      So if anyone feels interested, lets talk it out~ I can rp as boy or girl, mom or dad, uncle or aunt, anything you find desirable and you can tell me what you wanna rp :d
      Im fine with any age as long its not the forbidden one as example (8) if ya know what i mean, unless its the looks then it might work out, as in a demon looking loli whos age is 9000 or some stuff like that xD as example.
      Im just willing to try out amazing long story rp about a family that leads into incest, it dont matter about subs or doms, just imagine yourself in that situation and what you would do :d realistical logic type of rp instead of just going and groping someone and be like "ooops" you wouldn't do that irl to your family xD but thats just example.
      If you are interested hit me up and lets talk it out who you will be and who i will be and how many characters we both gonna roleplay as or so :d
    • Chaser Red
      By Chaser Red
      I want to begin by saying simply that out of everything I enjoy good engagement in an RP. It's something that I've been missing a while on other platforms, whether because of other partners disinterest or my own. I still urge for that engaging RP, whether action or romantic or slice-of-life. Unforetunately for those who prefer as little of that as possible I tend to write most of my starters simply around smashing or getting smashed by a character or characters.
      Most of the starters I have are already pre-made, but we can tweak them all if you truly want to do them. Also keep in mind these are only a few of the many I have created in the passing years. First up!
      An Ambassador and the Eldian Whores - Based on the Anime and Manga series Attack on Titan: The story follows a divergence from the usual story in that the outside world, instead of declaring war opt to settle the dispute between them and Paradis diplomatically. And such a young Ambassador (Me) has the chance to meet the many talented soldiers of Paradis (One or more female characters of your choice) and get them to fall in love with him. Or if you're more for the degenerate side, turn them into personal playthings. 
      This one is meant to be more of a harem thing, but if you prefer we can make it more story driven. Also, in the Starter I gave little descriptions of each girl available, so if you don't know about them that well those can help you get a quick rundown, as well as possible kinks for them which are purely suggestions.
      The Mother and her VR Lover - An original work although based off of Sword Art Online: It follows a Mother (Your Character) having succumbed to the mundane everyday life of a married woman with children, until she sees and finds an interest in her child's Deep Dive VR console. From here the story is essentially whatever you want, whether it be a fantasy world where you become a hero, or a mirror image of reality where you become a fuckdoll. Or somewhere inbetween. 
      It's meant to be primarily NTR based, if not a story based around online friends blossoming into VR lovers. And within said Virtual reality almost nothing is off the table, so if you have an idea or kink you wanna try out this is the one you wanna do. 
      Sucking Futa Cock for Love - Another original work: This one revolves around a college kid (My character) wanting to get in a relationship with a college girl. However she can't become his girlfriend without him coming home to dinner with her family, which spirals into a series of constant sex between the family.
      Main component here is of course Futanari, Futadom and slight humiliation. Specifically you can choose to be one Futa or multiple, such as the mother, a sister, an Aunt or niece to the College girl, who I also ask you to play as. 
      Jaeger Pilot Imprinting - Based off of the Pacific Rim Movie series: This is a small multi-route series that follows a Jaeger Pilot between different points of her life, between a Cadet doing her first neural drift, a certified Jaeger pilot and her partner, or an older experienced Jaeger Pilot training her newest young partner. All of which each drift connects her and her partner closer and closer together, even imprinting a few things off of one another.
      Though this is more story and romance based it can also be more considered to mind alteration or even mind control, should we come to an agreement on such a thing. 
      These are only the surface of what I have at my disposal, and the amount of said starters may only get bigger. If you see a starter you like, and wanna do, simply EcchiText me.
    • LexiIsBabe
      By LexiIsBabe
      This is my first time here, so I'll gladly accept any type of roleplay idea sent until I figure out the site. I like F/F, F/ M so about anything is ok.
    • SaiyanSubmissive
      By SaiyanSubmissive
      Uh ive been lookin for a place kinda like this? 
      So uh-
      Imma just put this out there 
      i really wanna rp with someone rps as dragonball characters-
      Maybe some erp? 
    • OctoCrow
      By OctoCrow
      Looking for milfy characters for one of the following plots! IRL gender doesn't matter and I am open to tweaking and changing plots as needed.
      A) Mom used to be a pornstar but thanks to some very successful productions and smart decisions with her money she was able to retire early and focus on raising her son. All is normal in their cozy home until her son discovers her past. But don't worry, mom isn't ashamed. She actually finds it quite liberating that he knows the truth!
      B) A big, soft, milfy monster girl or furry discovers a poor little human lost near her home. The wilderness is dangerous and fearing for the human's safety she takes him home and makes it her personal mission to care for him.
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