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The occupations that heroes and villains participate in are generally the same but differ in the finer details. In the U.S.A. humans with "quirks", or "metas", are registered at birth. As they grow older, they will participate in "Quirk Counseling", where they are taught moral and ethical applications of their quirks while delinquents who do not take well to learning this are generally handled strictly. Once they graduate from The U.S. Highschool of Heroes or from one of its many branches across the U.S., they must either enter the Public or Private sectors. The choice is theirs. Most who make it into the "Hero" department go on to become full time heroes, either as "crime-fighters" or as "support". This is what it means to go "Pro" in the U.S., to finally put that first foot through the door and into the hero business. The occupations available for this roleplay are as follows. Student, Teacher, or Pro while being categorized as either Combat or Support. However, if a character is a teacher, it is assumed that they were once a Pro as the experience and credentials are absolutely necessary for becoming a teacher.


There are two kinds of Heroes and Villains; Combat-Heroes/Villains or Support Heroes/Villains. The kind of quirk they have effects whether they may be one or the other, but the manner of which they use their quirk determines their categorization. This is not to say that a Combat character cannot support other characters, just that they are best suited for a Combat role. Same goes for Support characters.


Teachers, for both heroes and villains, will have the responsibility of teaching the student players. These players will have the most interaction with the GM's character and will likely be contacted time to time by the GM for narrative/plot purposes. If a player character is a teacher then they will either teach at the U.S. Highschool of Heroes or at the Villains Syndicate's Proving Grounds.


Pros are almost always over the age of 21 and have the most freedom as a character but at the risk of having little interaction with those inside the school. Pros can hold one of many different kinds of jobs but can only be in either the Public Sector of the Private Sector. Public Sector Heroes are legally public servants an are on a government paycheck while their Private Sector counterparts are on a private business paycheck. Private Sector Pros have a harder time garnishing fame and popularity with the public as they are seen as less altruistic and selfless than the Public Sector Pros. The inability to gain fame or popularity with the general public can hurt a Pros opportunities, both in the Public and Private Sectors. However, Private Sector Pros earn a larger paycheck and have more freedom, depending on the business they work for. The Private Sector Pros can sometimes take up government contracts by themselves or through their employer. Likewise, Public Sector Pros may also take private contracts time to time for extra cash on the side. Both Public and Private Sector Pros may have their own Hero Agency, but these are government owned and government regulated. This does not mean that the Hero running their own Hero Agency is denied any autonomy, only that they must observe and obey the laws placed on heroes. This means not using unnecessary force, although the government tends to be rather lukewarm on what it considers "unnecessary force", depending on the current politics or agenda.

Meanwhile, Pro Villains either hide in the underground, avoiding the public and the government or they do their best to hide in plain sight. Rarely does it happen that a villain can make it into the Public Sector without being found out, so any villains that are not hiding out of sight do so within the Private Sector. Still, to do this is extremely difficult, as every person is registered at birth as either having or not having a quirk. This means most villains are hiding underground an under the protection of the Villains Syndicate. However, Pro villains do not observe and obey the law so they are afforded greater freedom in that regard compared to their Hero counterparts.


Students for both Heroes or Villains are almost always 14 or over and under the age of 21. These characters may attend either the U.S. High school of Heroes or the Villains Syndicate's Proving Grounds. Student player characters will start with their entrance exams to determine which department of education they will be placed in as well as to see if they can make it into their respective Hero or Villain courses. This will also be where it is determined if they are best suited for a Combat or Support role. Student heroes not only have to abide the law but must also follow their Teachers instructions, although there are extenuating circumstances that sometimes circumvent the latter necessity. The Student villains, on the other hand, do not acknowledge the law and have much more freedom than their student hero counterparts since they are encouraged to surpass their teachers rules or guidelines, if it means yielding greater results for themselves.

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