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Heroes Locations


H.H. Main Building


  • Classroom 1-A


  • Classroom 1-B


  • Development Studio: a workshop dedicated to Costume adjustments. There are multi-tool robotic arms and computer with three monitors. There is also a plethora of materials neatly organized in four separate cabinets and lockers. Whereas the majority of the campus has a warm, earthy tone to its aesthetic, this room is silver and blue with florescent lights hanging down over the three work benches. This studio is Technomancer's personal workshop where he dedicates a large portion of his time to creating and designing tools and costumes for himself and the students.  It is located on the first floor an open to teachers and students alike. But, there is a sign on the windowless door that says "Please Knock".
  • Cafeteria: A large food court with many venues for students to buy their food at low prices. There is a number of tables, both round or rectangular in shape, with plenty of seating for student. There is also a handful of decorative pieces hanging on the walls and doors with a multi-cultural theme.
  • Student Library: A room moderate in size, furnished with desks and tables for students to work at together or separately. It has a wide variety of subjects, ranging from humanities to sciences or rhetoric as well as history textbooks.  On the furthest side of the room is where the shelves of books are held while on the adjacent side there is a row of computers for students to use. Behind the receptionist desk is the archive room, were old and new books or scholarly articles are kept. This is also where all of the digital files are filed into analog folders, in the event that the school database is somehow attacked.


  • The Nurse's Office: The interior of the office has a work desk for the resident doctor , including a computer and a drawer with unspecified medicine next to it. It also has six beds as well as six chairs. The whole room is decorated with medicinal posters on the walls. It is located on the second floor.)


  • Other Department Classrooms


  • Conference Room: The Conference Room is a room located in The U.S. High School of Heroes where the school faculty can gather to discuss important topics in private. The Conference Room is a spacious area with egg-shell white paint an in the center is a large conference table with a number of plush chairs. It is located on the uppermost floor and has no windows but instead a very nice chandelier hanging in the middle of the room.

H.H. Campus

  • Ground Omega: One of the training areas located in H.H. High School. Ground Omega is a training course that emulates a standard urban area, with streets and buildings. Several of its buildings also contain monitoring rooms in their basements, where indoor exercises can be observed. Ground Beta will be the main setting of the Battle Trial Arc, where the trials take place inside the course's buildings. The exercise will consist of two opposing teams of two going against each other, simulating a confrontation between heroes and villains. The "heroes" are tasked to infiltrate the building and recover a randomly selected objective, which is defended by the "villain" team.
  • Ground Alpha: Ground Gamma consists of an both industrial and natural sites compiled by many factories that form a labyrinth. The labyrinth contains tons of heavy machinery including cranes and pipelines as well as small pockets of forests to simulate the robust landscape of the U.S.. After the Heroes class participates in their internships with Pro Heroes, Ground Alpha will be used by one of H.H.'s Alumni for a basic search and rescue training class. Here, the students will split into groups and race towards a distress beacon somewhere within the maze. The environment favors vertical movement, giving those with high mobility the biggest advantage.
  • Delta Gym: A training area in H.H. Delta Gym consists of a large, empty, enclosed space. It is entirely made of concrete with reinforced steel beams an advanced technology that Technomancer can manipulate to suit the students needs. The gym was created by Technomancer as a place for students to develop new techniques that could be applied on the Hero License Exam, under the supervision of any one or more of the Alumni.
  • School Housing: A group of several co-ed dormitories inside H.H. campus where students are housed. The building was designed and furnished by Technomancer over the course of H.H. development. It is both designed to offer protection to students in the event of a Villain attack and to provide close surveillance on the students. There is a pad at the entrance that requires an ascribed student, teacher or visitor ID card as well as motion sensors around its perimeter. Trespassing without verified credentials will not only notify Technomancer but will also activate rubber-bullet loaded sentry turrets hidden under the shrubs. Trespassers will receive an automated warning to vacate the premises within 10 seconds or they will be fired upon until incapacitated. There is no curfew as students are permitted a significant amount of autonomy.


  • School Pool: An indoor school pool of Technomancer's design. It features temperature controlled water, a whirlpool simulator and comes a number of supplies or obstacles for search & rescue simulations. Here, students are tested not only on their endurance and stamina, but also their ability to think under pressure. The skylights can be tinted via a control panel or nexus point for night time simulations while a set of raised bleachers provide a point of observation for students and teachers.


  • P.E. Grounds:   The H.H. P.E. Grounds are an exercise field where Hero Course students can train their Quirks and participate in fitness tests. It will be the main setting for the Quirk Apprehension Test Arc. The P.E. Grounds consist of various locations for various fitness tests. This includes a running track for the 50 meter dash, a sandpit for the long jump, and a pitching circle for the softball throw. These locations are each equipped with a robotic proctor that measure a students success in each test. As opposed to middle schools, who prohibited the use of Quirks in physical education, Quirks are not only allowed, but required on the H.H. P.E. Grounds.)


  • Sports Celebration Stadium: Located on H.H. Campus, the stadium is an oval-shaped, open air building that features a stand with seven floors, noes-bleeds, and several screens for the celebration. The arena of the stadium itself consists of a circular space with a flat square of concrete in the center, surrounded by grass. It also has many gates that lead in and out of the field. During the fight tournament, a concrete platform reinforced with wires is constructed by  Technomancer in the middle of the field, with torches located in each of the platform's corners and a techno-throne from where Technomancer observes the fights during the festival. The stadium also features a branch nurse's office, as well as waiting rooms for the participants. The competitions vary year to year except for the last match, where the remaining contestants fight until K.O., surrender or intervention by one of the observing Alumni. It is here that Hero Students are scouted out by prospecting Heroes, Hero and Government Agencies, as well as corporations and business. Those who fail will have the next year to try again.
  • Calculated Simulation Rotunda: Or, C.S.R. for short, is a training facility located in H.H.. The facility consists of a dome-shaped building composed of eight main sections, with six of them emulating a particular environmental factors;
  • Entrance: The entrance to the building, consisting of a large red gate. Located to the north.
  • Central Plaza: The central area that connects to the simulation rooms as well as the main entrance.
  • Ruins Zone: Located in the northeast, this zone simulates a destroyed urban environment, with buildings found in precarious conditions.
  • Landslide Zone: Located to the east, this zone simulates sloped terrain with building remains.
  • Mountain Zone: Located to the south, this zone simulates a rocky, mountainous area filled with cliffs.
  • Conflagration Zone: Located to the southwest, this zone simulates a urban environment that is constantly on fire.
  • Flood Zone: Located to the northwest, this zone simulates an urban environment that is constantly hit by heavy rainfall and strong winds.

H.H. Alumni

  • Technomancer



Villains Locations

- The Villains Syndicate is an illegal and literally underground conglomerate of Villains that inhabit a system of abandoned tunnels and facilities that spread throughout the U.S.A. The Proving Grounds is the V.S.'s equivalent of H.H. where the next generation of villains are nurtured.

P.G. Main Network

  • Classroom 00
  • Classroom 01
  • Workshop: A concrete chamber dedicated to contraband costume creation. It has been decorated with schematics and is littered with different tools and materials.
  • Mess Hall: A small, concrete square that one housed foods and supplies. It has now been retrofitted by the V.S. to accommodate the Teachers and Students with food. Of course, at a price.
  • Clinic: A rectangular concrete chamber with three beds and three chairs. The walls are remarkably clean for an underground concrete clinic and well lit, although there is little privacy for the patients there.
  • Other Underground Chambers: The abandoned underground network that the V.S. has retrofitted is massive in scale. It is quite easy to get lost in those chambers if one does not have a map or a guide. It is probably for the best to stick to what is known and used.
  • Syndicate Observatory: The V.S. Syndicate Observatory is both a surveillance room and a meeting room. From here, the V.S. Pros and Teachers can both monitor the V.S. underground network, the Proving Grounds as well as the surface. Here, they may receive protected outside calls as well as hold meetings to discuss or debate. This room is locked by a genetic scan and is banned to Students.
  • The Sandbox: This is the V.S.'s equivalent of a P.E. field. The floors are made of dirt, sand and grass, where Students participate in fitness tests as well as the V.S.'s quirk analysis tests. Most chambers in the V.S. Network are heavily monitored and so too is The Sandbox. This allows for accurate data collection an analysis of the Students.

P.G. "Campus"

  • Testament Grounds:  Similar to the H.H.'s Delta Gym, Ground Omega, Ground Alpha & the C.S.R.. The Testament Grounds  is a mindbogglingly advanced chamber with a myriad of intersecting and connected mechanisms. The true scope of the Testament Grounds is unknown by most except for a handful of Villains and its operator, TV Head. It can be changed at the will of TV Head to meet a number of training needs; 
  • Central Square: The central area that connects to the simulation chambers as well as its main entrance.
  • Ruins Zone: This zone simulates a destroyed urban environment, with buildings found in precarious conditions.
  • Landslide Zone: This zone simulates sloped terrain with building remains.
  • Mountain Zone: This zone simulates a rocky, mountainous area filled with cliffs.
  • Conflagration Zone: This zone simulates a urban environment that is constantly on fire.
  • Flood Zone: This zone simulates an urban environment that is constantly hit by heavy rainfall and strong winds.


  • Student Chambers: Abandoned underground barracks made of concrete that were once used to house U.S. military and covert personnel. These have been retrofitted by Villains but the accommodations have been largely provided by the Students. The chambers are numerous although few are occupied. Usually villain Students take a chamber to themselves because of their low numbers but, there is plenty room to bed several students at a time.
  • Strife Arena: The only known circular portion of the V.S. underground network. Here, grudge matches are held for Students, Pros and Teachers to settle their differences. It is here that the Students compete against one another in a no-holding-back competition of skill and brutality. This is also where Students may be scouted by prospecting Villains, black-market criminals and Pros interested in side-kicks or apprentices. Those who fail will either be kicked out to fend for themselves or given a second chance, depending on their pull and favor with the current Teachers.

On-Site V.S. Teachers & Pros:

  • TV Head
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