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erp Dark Angel of Curruption [lVergill x cugork]

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Main Character

@lVergill [Ishtar
@cugork [Ahrea]


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"It has been some time since I last visited the world below... Perhaps I should go down for a while?"

I say to myself as I reside in the heavens, as doing nothing up here had become rather dull. I summoned up a list of the temples on the ground and went through it.

"Oh, I've been here last century... No, not here..."

As I went through the list, I also looked at the recent achievements of the temple. One temple stood out, where a new high priestess had just been appointed. It had outstanding performance, doing the jobs that would take multiple temples alone. Since I haven't been down to this temple recently, I decided that I would be descending upon there, both to thank her of the hard work and to look around the human world.

I sent down a message to the temple, notifying them of my visit. I then made all the lists disappear and made preparation to go down. I had to create a mortal body for me to take control of, in order to mostly hide my godly presence. While this can be dangerous as any harm done to it would damage my being as a goddess, I trusted the humans to be kind, so I did not worry too much. Besides, I was only going to stay at the temple so there's hardly any danger to it.

"Ah, there we go! One body ready for me. Now, since I said I'd come down tomorrow morning, I should rest for now!"

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I remain in my quarter setting on my throne as I see one of my messengers that I corrupt coming through the main door and bowing down to deliver me a letter from the goddess Ahrea and finally bestowing her presence here. A small smirk appears on my face while I chuckle amused by the hard work I put in into this temple hiding my presence as a queen succubus to allure the goddess herself into me so I can fully tame that pesky girl living above us. Such a perfect being need to be taught a lesson and there is only one way to fully make me happy which does require a few changes on her. The letter is about her meeting with me so I quickly snap my fingers to let the girl leave my room as I have some preparation I need to do first before the goddess come here and work my magic on her. 

"Ufufufu~ I do wonder how a goddess body taste like~" I spoke, lustfully. 

My tongue slide across my lips eager to have such a divine body to plow soon enough and to test how much she can handle my powerful aphrodisiac that reek from my body which will be tested tomorrow. As for right now, I waited for the goddess to arrive into the temple while hiding my presence and look for the time being since the reward will surely come dropping by. Unaware that one of her strong followers is a powerful queen succubus pretending to be a follower and only seeking to dominate that slut. 

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Once it was morning, I made my descent towards the temple. I summoned up a portal to the temple and appeared before an altar. I notified the nearby priestess of my arrival and requested to meet you. I was guided to your chambers where I entered to greet you. As I made my way inside, I was greeted with a strange smell that stirred my insides. I wondered what kind of perfume you was using, and thought that maybe I should try some.

"Ah! My child, how are you doing? I came down to congratulate on your recent successes!"

As I looked at you, I was amazed at your beauty. Even though you were human, your beauty rivaled those of many goddesses. I could say with confidence that you were the most beautiful of my priestesses. I thought of my appearence and made note of the changes I could make based on you. As I planned, I would be mostly spending my time with you talking about the human world, and maybe going down to the town for a walk. As I stood near you, I had a weird feeling I had never felt before. Thinking that it must be because I wasn't used to this body, I decided to rest for now.

"Ishtar, was it? Could you take me to my room? We could talk there."

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Morning came as I quickly made my followers prepare for your arrival by guiding you toward me and then I saw your cute reaction to my weak presence still lingering in my room which I smile thinly but hiding away my true attention. A robe covered my true attire from your eyes as you speak of your compliment of my recent accomplished and gently bow to play my role for a little bit before pulling some punches into you. 

"I did receive your letter Ahrea, and I am humbled to be a good follower to you. May the heaven prosper with your guidance." I reply. 

As I bow, I smirk at the thought of having such erotic body as my property soon and disappointed on you for not having any bra as your large melons are exposed to me since you always trust the human too much. I look up to see you checking me out as my beautiful is rather out of this world and you approach me closer you began to feel that strong pressure of lust while you ask for your room which I chuckle playfully. 

"Of couse~ Right this way goddess~" I purr. 

My hand gently reach you to grab hold of your soft hand tightly as we slowly walk in the hallways and letting your lewd body feel even weirder as we remain close like this. Second felt like hours as we walk around the large temple until we safely reach into your room where you enter and I secretly lock the door behind me since you weren't going to leave this place for a while. I will use my powerful presence to overtake you and slowly making you do such erotics way while I remain playing my act. 

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As you took my hand I felt the warmth of yours. As I walked down the hall with you I could feel my heart beating faster than usual. Your hand was gentle yet strong, guiding me to my room. With your aroma, touch, and presence I could feel a tingling in the bottom of my stomach. Having never felt this before, I was quite confused. Once we arrived at my room I sat down on the bed and motioned you to sit down next to me.

"S-so Ishtar, I believe that I can trust you to attend to my n-needs?" I say, stuttering because of my strange feelings.

Once I saw you nod without saying anything, just smiling like an angel, I decided that I could let you know of my condition. I hold your hands with mine and got close to you as I talked to you.

"Ishtar, I have a strange feeling in my stomach... Would you happen to know anything about it?"

I took you hand and put it on my stomach. As our skin brushed against each other, I could feeling the tingling getting stronger. Also, I didn't realize but my pussy had been soaking for a while now, now this caused my gown to stick to me eroticly and made it see-thorugh. My nipples were fully erect clearly visible poking at my clothes. 

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I chuckle softly seeing that the all mighty goddess doesn't have any sex experience from the looks of it and struggle with such foreign feelings coursing throughout her majestic body that begs to be used by someone. As you approach me wanting me to explain the reason behind your strange behavior and while also caressing your stomach you fail to realize that I am the reason for causing you to be like this in the first place. I took this opportunity to corrupt your mind with lust as I am well aware of your need and already put a trap before your arrival since I will make you mine. 

"I do actually and you can help yourself with this~" I whisper. 

I gently push aside the robe to reveal my massive, fat cock in front of you now as it leaks a powerful scent that could turn any woman into a massive whore and the intoxicating smell enter your nostril trying to allure you to my juicy dick. Of course, your mind is filled with lust by this point you couldn't think or deny your own hidden desire as your body scream to lick or even swallow my fat, throbbing member standing tall before you. 

"You can lick my cock with your tongue to calm you down~ I am the only woman with a cock here so I am sure you would enjoy this with me than a man, right?~" I spoke, lewdly. 

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"Ehhh? Ahh, it smells.... wonderful! So, I have to lick it?" I asked with a lustful gaze on my face.

When I saw you nod, I got closer to your cock and put my face in front of it. I could see precum on your tip, so I gave it a lick and felt the musky, sweet flavor further fuel my lust. Immediately wanting more of it, I started to lick the tip, then the shaft, and ended up licking the entire thing with my tounge. When doing that didn't seem to do anything, I decided the I needed to suck it out of your cock.

"Huhaa. This isn't working.... maybe I should put it in my mouth?" I said to myself.

 When I parted my lips and slowly slid your cock in my mouth, I didn't realize that my hand was moving to my pussy, which was now dripping with juice. I kept pushing your cock inside me and managed to force the entire length in my mouth and throat. I didn't gag, thanks to a minor perk of being a goddess. After I hit your base, I sucked on it to create a vacuum and pulled back. 

"Puuahh! It tastes so good~ But nothing came out of it... Maybe I should do it multiple times?"

I then proceeded to suck on your cock sloppily, with saliva dripping all over my face. Even while sucking on your cock, my hand was rubbing my pussy causing more juice to come out.

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Posted (edited)

I remain still as I see you licking my entire shaft like a whore in heat and feeling your saliva coating my entire shaft as your tongue lick every inch of my cock. Without a single word spoke from me, you quickly began to swallow my entire thick cock down your throat as it bulges from the massive size and began to fully stuff you to feel even better than ever before. My hands slowly reach for your head to quickly grip it tightly since you have fallen for my trap of letting you have a bit of free will before thrusting my hips forcefully into your tight throat of yours.

"What's wrong Goddess? If you want my milk to cure you, you need to relax and let me pound you to give you my milk~" I instructs 

The rough pounding into your lips resumes as I force your head to match my hip's rhythm to reach your deepest while I mold your throat to become my cock sleeves. Just seeing your face going up and down my dick made me slowly reveal myself to you but I refuse until I have you under my command as my sex slave.

Edited by lVergill

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When I heard that I need to relax, I gave up control and let you do your thing with my mouth. When I felt your cock pound my throat nothing could've felt any better. The way your cock pushed on my mouth and throat.... Surely this is much better than staying up in the heavens. I worked hard to fit your cock and my hard work was rewarded when I felt your cock bulge up and dumped your cum in my throat. I could barely take it all, but I managed to swallow it like a good girl.

"Mmmhhhh, that felt pretty good.... Your milk tasted amazing too! I'm very surprised at the various pleasure a human body can bring. Are there any more treatments? I still don't feel cured after that..."

I say this with some cum on my cheeks and my eyes were losing the shine of a goddess and becoming those of a slut. I began to wish for more and more pleasure and you were the only person that could give me it. I was willing to do more and more for you to get the pleasures you could give me. 

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The sight of you swallowing my cock made my eyes glow pink as my patient is slowly coming to an end with my acting charade but I manage to contain my excitement and seeing your eyes fill with lust for me. The eyes of a bitch will surely fit you the best as I smile widely as my tongue slide across my lower lips at my food being so happy to provide me with lust and happy to return the favor. A soft hit on her cheek with my cock became know as I try to make you submit to my desire and letting my scent smear into your face to let you know who is your mistress right now. An idea came to mind seeing as you still wanted more and your last chance to fully back away from this heavenly pleasure that neither hell or heaven can provide you seeing how your body reacted so joyfully with my cum swimming inside of you. 

"Ufufufu~ Why don't you undress yourself and bend over so I can feed your lower mouth~" I order. 

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"Ehh? U-undress? O-okay....."

I was surprised at the sudden offer but I was somehow unable to refuse. I remove my clothes which was pretty much soaking with my sweat, pussy juice, and your cum. I grab my arms feeling embarrassed as I could feel your gaze going through my naked body. You look at my slutty body and with my pussy leaking and cum on my face, I was no longer a goddess to you, just a plaything. I look around for a place to bend over and decided to use your bed. I slowly walked over to it and got down on my knees, obeying your orders. I looked back to you and saw you grinning approvingly. I was happy that you enjoyed doing this to me, what a wonderful high priestess, who knew how to take care of humans! 

"Here I am~ I hope this is going to feel even better!"

Completely forgotten about the original purpose of this, I shake my ass in an attempt to be more inviting. I sought the earthly pleasures you are able to give, and slowly I became dependent on you. I would gladly trade my position as a goddess to enjoy this with you forever. 

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I see you undress to watch every inch of your godly body that reek of sexual desire and my eyes scan around already trying to own you. My cock twitches slightly just from the sight of it alone with you glancing around to find a suitable spot to bend over which made me so hungry as you kneel down to let met see your drooling cunt. Seeing such an exposed, virgin pussy will make any succubus turn on especially a goddess that doesn't know her place in the world. As you shake your ass, I quickly approach you from behind to caress your naked butt while I slide my large penis into your pussy and teasing you by only rubbing the wet entrance. It could drive any slut mad being tease by your favorite cock and only moving in between your wet fold.

"Oh~ It will get better my goddess~ Also begging for it will make it so enjoyable that you will probably will never stop wanting my dick." I purr

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