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character creatation BT Form

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(60 points/50 if you lack mana)

HP -


(20 points)

Str -

Mag -

Skl -

Spd -

Lck -

Def -

Res -


HP- Your Health

MP- Your Mana

Str- Strength, buffs your non-magical attacks

Mag- Magic, buffs magical attacks

Skl- Skill, Buffs your CRIT and HIT chances

Spd- Speed, allows you to attack twice if you have 5 or more than your opponent, also allows you to escape fights while also increasing your Avo

Lck- Luck, buffs your DODGE and increase other factors Def- Defense, reduces incoming damage from basic attacks

Res- Resistance, reduces incoming damage from magical attacks




Poison -

Burn -

Stun -

Paralyze -

Bleed -

Charm -

Silence -

Blindness -


Poison - Every three turn you will lose 10% of your total health

Burn - You will lose 5% of your total health for 6 turns

Stun - You will lose an action and can't attack, move, heal, or do anything

Paralyze - You will always attack last and can't dodge Bleed - You will lose health by 2%, loss -2 Def/Res for Three turns and can stack up to four-time

Charm - The enemy will control you for two turn and hit your own partner while not using any special skill

Silence - You can't use any move, mana, or magic for three turns Blindness - You will have - 50 hit for three turns 


[Defense] Pick a Null for one of this element available and a Weakness

Agi - Fire element

Bufu - Ice element

Zio - Electricity element

Garu - Wind element

Psy - Psychokinetic element

Nuclear - Nuclear element

Aqua - Water element

Magma - Rock element

Force - Force element

Curse - ark element

Bless - light element


Weak - If you get hit by your weakness, you will be immediately knock out and suffer 1.5x damage. Knock out making you unable to attack during or next turn prior to the damage.
Resistance - You will suffer half the damage if you resist that element

Null - You will suffer no damage from that specific element and block it.

Drain - You will be able to drain that element to heal yourself from it and blocking that attack.

Reflect - You will reflect a specific elemental attack and return it back to the user.

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