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[1] Forest of Life


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    • lVergill
      By lVergill
      [Level 1~10]
      The report from recent scouts has reported sight of a powerful Demon lurking in this area of the forest and located north of Alteria and a place full of nature along with demons lurking around. The scout has notice strange looking needles mark across the trees from an unknown demon which people suggest it could be the one of the Demon Lord that follow the Demon King and is now taking over that territory for its own. The Demons of this area look Grunt level demons so this is a place for young hunters to start off and avoid pushing their luck if they want to survive this forest by their lonesome.
      [Normal Mode]
      -Enemy will attack randomly at you and allies
      -Enemy's status is listed here
      [Champion Mode]
      -Enemy will be controlled by a GM
      -Enemy will have move/magic and a large stats gain without seeing it but gain 2x exp/B.C. boost
      #1 Dark Forest
      -Only enemy [1] & [2] can spawn
      -It takes 3 battles to reach the end
      #2 Farmland
      -Only enemy [1] through [4] can spawn
      -It takes 3 battles to reach the end
      #3 Barracks
      -Only enemy [4] through [6] can spawn
      -It takes 4 battles to reach the end
      #4 Cave
      -Only enemy [5] & [6] can spawn
      -There is a rare monster here
      -It takes 5 battles to reach the end
      #⚠[boss] Crater
      -Boss encounter
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