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The Beginning of the End [lVergill x FutaPetMarc]


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I walk into you room my face red and my body trembling at the sight of you with a mix of lust and excitement to be used by my new master I fully enter your room you can tell what I want just by the look I give you i walk over to you my chain and cow bell chimed as my body becomes overwhelmed with desire 

“M-master, I need to be u-used like the slut i am please put me in my place though you already have I think i need to be told and shown where my place is in the world” i say loudly with love and longing” 

i blush and pant after I finish my sentence telling you what I want to do and I realized as my slave I shouldn’t be telling you to do what I want 



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My eyes glance to the side to see my naked cow begging to be used like the needy whore that you are and the mannerism I force you to play out from our rough training. I smirk to see you want to remind you of your place in my mansion so I get up from my bed and approach you with one thing in mind, to make you be a submissive slut. My right-hand reaches down my trouser to grab the zipper to lower down and soon my dick came out right in front of you. The aroma of my manhood reaches into your nose to make you really arouse from the scent alone and lower your body to kneel in front of me like the bitch that you are.

"Fine then, since you are here I will make use of you Mia. Lick my large cock to make me hard so I can pound you later." I order

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I look at you with want and need for cock  as I look at you take it out my eyes light up with lust and as you cock bumps out of your pants I giggle and drool and look at your massive cock hanging there soft and ready to be pleased I swiftly hop on my knees and look up at you as I pick up your cock and lick your cock from the base and balls to the tip as I toy with it in my mouth I press my tits on your let’s and cup your balls in my hands as I smile and look up and you giggling and drooling like the cock begging slut I am i take you soft cock and rap my tongue around your cock feeling your full balls in my hands I look at you with a large grin  


“Is my masters cock full with cum waiting for his slutty cow to serve him I personally can not wait! For you to break me under will”

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I could see you being very kinky today as I took a seat on my bed to let you wrap your massive tits around my warm, thick shaft. Your soft hand caressing my balls made my cock throb gently at my needy whore wanting my warm milk store inside my ball sack and seeing your eyes fill with lust to be used. Of course, I smear my massive dick into your face to let my scent and sweat imprint into your beautiful face to mark you as my property.

"Very well, then bend over on while you spread your pussy and begs for me." I command.

I gently hit you with my dick into your face make you ready for a very rough pounding to give you what you deeply desire from me. Seeing as you are slowly becoming my bitch in heat, this rough intercourse will make you understand your place and fully make you addicted to having sex unlike before.

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I blush as you realize my attempt to be kinky i smile keeping my warm tits around your cock licking the head and moving on to the shaft after.i lightly lick your throbbing cock in hope for precum as I caress your balls wanting as much cum as I possibly can get giving you a face of lust looking like I’m begging for cum 

i blush “Thank you master as you wish  I bend over and spread my cheeks my pussy dripping

i smile as I feel your cock slap my face as I get up and bend over 

“m-master please make me learn of my true meaning in life I need to to be retold and shown to me and if you would be so kind to show me I’d be very happy”

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I grin seeing you speak about your pitiful life in the farms, a simple cowgirl use as a food source for their milk but I have an alternative that ca turn your worthless life into a better one from the help of me. I raise from my bed to approach my bitch bend over to spread her soggy slit seeking only my attention and warmth to fill your deflowered pussy that I force to claim before bringing you here to submit to my will. My knees hit the floor to slide my warm shaft across your pussylips to tease you while my hands caress your soft butt and hit them hard to make you feel vulnerable to my own wish to turn you into my property. You could feel my massive, veiny rod rubbing against your wet hole to drive you mad from the longing of a rough fuck and only touching your ass to arouse you more and more. 

"Tell me Mia, who is your master and what you are to me? If you answer correctly, I will reward you nicely." I instruct. 

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      5.) We were invited to a fancy dinner party by one of my colleagues from work. We feel that this is a very important event but it's been far too long for you without us having sex. You decide in the middle of dinner, at a dimly lit long wooden table lavishly decorated by candles, fine linens, and a delicious feast, that you needed some dick tonight. You excuse yourself at dinner after I have gotten up to go to the bathroom; you wait outside the bathroom and wait to push me into the adjacent master bedroom as soon as I open the door. I'm surprised and stumble to say "o-oh I'm sorry I was actually just picking my teeth! I didn't drop anything at a random person's house!" You then ignore that and push me into the surprisingly empty but still cramped closet. Clawing at my pants and kneeling to pull them down. We hear from outside the closed closet door the sound of people looking where we had gone off to. You don't notice and finally get my cock out of my pants. From all the pulling and rubbing it had gotten quite hard. Out of joy for getting my pants down you are about to exclaim "YES I-" when I panickily grab your head and roughly shove my cock down your throat to quiet you. I turn and press you against the wall of the closet with my dick filling your mouth and my back against the locked closet doors so I couldn't pull out. You begin to moan and rub your tongue on my dick, causing me to moan a little too. I cup my mouth to quiet mine and thrust forward, forcing more of my cock into your throat to silence you.
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      Let's just say she broke your PC or xbox, and that she yells at you for not giving her attention just like you give her on ecchitext, so while she yells at you and her breasts jiggle all over while doing so, you will have enough of it and teach her that she is nothing more than a cum bucket with two cow udders.
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