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Well, time to sleep. :3 

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    • Kaldor
      By Kaldor
      Kaden walked into the hot spring and immediately dropped all his clothes at the small area off to the side. he was told this was a nude hot spring and he was on vacation so he thought why not. the only issue was he seemed to be alone for the moment.  deciding that it didnt matter it he could just enjoy the water on his own and he stepped into the warm water and immediately felt the tension leaving his body as he relaxed into the side of the pool.
    • TheSourestPatch
      By TheSourestPatch
      When you find out your punk ass software analyst starts a pop up event after you specifically tell her not to fucking do that.

    • Mysthero
      By Mysthero
      You did it! The man, woman, anthro, neko, futa, shota, loli of your dreams has just confessed their deepest sexual desire is YOU!
      They will fulfill your every fantasy! No kink is off the table or too taboo for them. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy you to where any sex you have in the future will be spent fantasizing about the time you spend with them!
      There is one catch, you have to bang their 'friend' first!
      Their friend is the person above you. (IE, me to start, first person to reply ect.)
      For your chance at the best sex ever, how would you have sex with their friend first? As much or as little detail as you want! Go!
      (Just a naughty game for the lols)
      For Context, I will throw out an example, as I don't have anyone above me, I will use @Temaelrin since these are his forums. 😜
      I always figured Tem to be a dominant personality so when he super hot friend told me I had to have sex with him first, I had to prepare myself! Mentally, physically... emotionally. After some liquid courage, I would put a chomp in my mouth and bend over for him to take me however he pleased, hoping and praying that I could still stand when he was done. But deep down, I know I am about to get destroyed.
    • lVergill
      By lVergill
      From the man who brought What would you do if the person above you, enters your bedroom. Comes the come back! Season 2! The return! The rerun! All star. 
      The title say it all but the rule are simple, what would you do to make him/her/that person/trap/futa/etc excited? 😃
      I actually never seeing the reply so I didn't want to spoil the surprise and I want to witness the game for myself. xD
      Of course you will have to use your RP character and think of it as a RP. =P
      He will this and that to her. You get the point. Just don't take it seriously or go too wild....please..
    • Tifa Lockhart
      By Tifa Lockhart
      Hello everyone, nice to meet you guys. I'm new to this, but if you guys ever want chat leave a message.
      If you wanna roleplay for a little, feel free. I'm very open to pretty much any type of pervy roleplay you could have in mind, so don't be shy~
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